Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My First Raid at Big Bad Wolf Sale

So my daughter has turned one, and I'm finally preparing for the next big step of parenthood, teaching.

I got a heads up from my sister, the Big Bad Wolf sale expert on this coming event. I woud've missed it simply because the sale is held at Mines Convention Center, a whooping 27km from where I live and for some reason, driving to and from there always seems daunting. Unlike the baby expo at Madvalley Megamall which is almost becoming a biannual pilgrimage for me.

After getting many tips and dos and don'ts from my sister, I finally made the journey to the Big Bad Wolf sale on 8 December.
My first haul
Ironically I did all the don'ts

1) I went on a peak hour
About 3pm on a Sunday. There was already a beeline from the highway into Mines. Spent more than 30 minutes just to get from the highway into the convention center.

2) I park at the convention center
I parked there, lucky me I got a spot not too far from the stairway. The entire place is packed with cars, many were not as lucky as me to get a parking that quickly

3) I browse before deciding if it need/want it
I was told of horror kiasu story of kiasu patrons snatching everything in sight. On the contrary it was rather peaceful and organized. Browsed many books before deciding to pick one up into the box. Mainly because many of the good books were already sold out on the first preview day.

The only reason of going there is because of cheap books. I got a Bart Simpson comic book ISBN 978-0-06-145022-8 for RM3 with the recommended price of USD14.95 The price is that crazy. However many of the books have poor content quality, especially children books. There is one Hestle & Gretel book where towards the end, after killing the witch, Hestle & Gretel looted the Witch's gold and give it to their stepmother to appease her. Personally I find that unacceptable both morally and for any children. Heck even Show White is about vanity, jealousy, attempted murder and cohabitation with 7 men. The evil queen in Snow White was not punished for her crimes and poor Snow White has be to rescued by a stranger's kiss. So much for empowering woman.

The only thing that are worth getting is from the reference section such as picture encyclopedia of world firearms. The history section too has good quality picture books on world war 1 and 2 priced at a ridiculous RM20 each. I would get them for my own personal library, but then again, I do most of my reading online. Almost all my light reading comes from Wikipedia.

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