Sunday, October 6, 2013

Growing up Dad

It's going to be a year since I became a dad. Parenthood is a fun and exciting journey, and no matter how much planning I did, something ought to catch me unprepared.

Now that "me time" is almost non existent, and the lack of blogging and reading has taken a toll on my vocabulary, not to mention grammar and spelling (thank programers for spell check). And blogging now is as difficult as writing form 3 essays for the first time.

It's funny that whenever I've thought of a new post, the content, ideas, presentation, it just disappeared whenever I log into blogger.

Anyways what I REALLY wanted to blog about is how my baby changed me. Funny as it seems that I've vowed not to have children, thanks to public display of tantrums in shopping malls and fast food restaurant.
When I have my baby girl, those public display of tantrums is no longer annoying. I no longer give the "evil eye" for their lack of parenting, but rather "I feel you bro", and give them some space to calm their child. My girl has yet to turn 1, so that gives me some time to prepare for the terrible two.

I also owe it all to my sister for parenting tips, as I was not caught flat footed not knowing what to do when my baby girl is out. I used to be the trial and error during childhood days since I'm the eldest of the pack. Like the time I was the first to experiment with the online university enrollment system. All my peers, and I do mean ALL, choose the traditional way of postal enrollment some even asked me why not use postal as backup instead of putting all eggs in one basket. Blind faith worked back then, and also because the big M was still boss of the country.

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  1. We should be thanking Mr A. Had he not been a threat to Big M, we wouldn't be accepted into UM.

    Anyway, your sister says "you're welcome!"