Sunday, September 8, 2013

Signs of Aging

Not too long ago I had an unexpected departure of my Galaxy Y. Though I had been searching for new phones these past two months, I wasn't prepared for the upgrade to come so quickly. The one benefit of having done my 'homework' so early is that I already had a clear idea what phone to get next. Unlike my other phones succeeding the K750i, all of it wasn't planned, and bought at a haste resulting in years of less than satisfactory ownership.

Long story short, I bought myself a Sony Xperia SP. I wanted the L actually but Aeon Big (previously Carrefour) didn't have it in stock. It is only after I've swiped the Mastercard did I only thought of checking out Jusco instead, and earn an extra 1000 Jusco points.

So having returning to work with a new phone, I was elated like a 10 year old on Christmas morning. I installed all the useful apps that I regularly used, like BBC news, Voice recorder and Call blocker. With remaining 4Gb of space I started browsing the play store for games. And that's when Christmas was over. There's nothing that interest me anymore other than the regular SNES oldies. Unlike the days when I had the Iphone3GS for a few months playing new games every week, the sense of wanting to play has died off. Even casual games like Angry Birds was not installed. I just find it meh. During idle times, I just read the news on BBC or browse Facebook. Long gone were the days playing Charadium on the loo or multiplayer tron during lunch hours.

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