Saturday, August 17, 2013

Parking ramps is not meant for pedestrains

Viewer discretion advised: killing of a child

Driver held after child fatally crushed by car
By Yang Jian | August 17, 2013, Saturday | PRINT EDITION
A WOMAN is being held by police after the car she was driving crushed an 18-month-old boy to death at the entrance to an underground parking lot in southwest China.

The 40-year-old driver’s Audi struck the child’s buggy on Thursday morning at a community in Kunming City, capital of Yunnan Province.

After stopping as it emerged from the car park, the vehicle suddenly accelerated, carrying the boy, his mother and sister for 3 meters before striking a wall.

The buggy was trapped between the car and the wall as the boy’s mother and sister frantically banged on the vehicle to alert the driver.

The child was left unconscious and bleeding from his nose and ear, his mother told media yesterday.

He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital after suffering severe head injuries, a doctor there said.

Police confirmed the case as a traffic accident and said the driver was under investigation.

Surveillance camera footage showed the family taking the buggy into the parking lot at 11:41am, when a black Audi A8 emerging from the lot drove toward them.

The car stopped briefly when the pedestrians also halted to let it go first, but then suddenly accelerated and struck the mother and daughter and crushed the buggy against the wall.

Footage showed the driver remained in the car for about a minute afterward, as neighbors rushed to the scene, alerted by the mother’s cries.

The mother attempted artificial resuscitation on her son.

The boy’s father said the neighborhood’s property management company was partly responsible as there are no ramps for baby buggies to access the residential complex.

Residents have to climb 30 steps to enter the community, a resident surnamed Liu said.

Instead, some residents would go down into the parking lot and take an elevator up into the complex.

The father said the family knew that it was unsafe to take their small child into the parking lot but it was impossible for his wife to haul the buggy up the steps.

A property management worker said notices told residents not to walk in the parking lot, but these were often ignored.

“We have long warned residents not to walk into the parking lot to take elevators,” the worker said.

Everyone is to be blamed for this freak accident.
1) Parking ramps is not meant for pedestrians. See how difficult it was pushing the stroller down the ramp.

2) The driver should not be driving at all. The accident seems almost deliberate. Maybe it was.

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  1. I didn't dare to watch the video. But, something like that happened in an alley of my aunt's neighborhood. She said that it took hours to remove the child from the vehicle. I so agree to you that everyone involved lead to these kind of accidents. The parents, the driver and neighborhood authority for not providing better safety. Hopefully this can be prevented in the future. Two families were crushed at that day in my aunt's neighborhood. The one that lost a child, and the one that took the life of a neighbor's child. Both of them have moved now, because of those tragic memories.