Friday, August 16, 2013

Guilty until proven innocent

Many months ago I blogged about how someone contacted me on the pretext of buying china tabs from me. The email heavily resembles a Nigerian scam, stating large quantity purchases, and the reply email was different form the earlier one.

So, I did what I thought was right, posted a blog post to name and shame that would be scammer. And I still think that it was the right decision.

Having found out the public post about him with his email exposed, he asked for that post to be removed. Of course I ignored it. So, he complaint to blogger and blogger had it removed WITHOUT informing me about the removal. No emails, no messages in my google+, no comments in the blog post. Nothing.

So, that pissed me off big time.

I've deleted my google+ account that instant and uninstalled chorme and google maps form my PC. I've sent them a complaint about the blog post removal, but still no word from them.

The next decision was difficult, pulling the plug of banana talk.

I've already back up the content, ready to move anytime.

but as fate turns out, I found a good app at the play store for my daughter and I just have to leave a 5 star rating for it. It's that good (i don't normally give app reviews or ratings) To do so, I need a google+ I feel that it's not fair to punish others for the misdeed of the evil google.

yes, it's kinda oxymoron of me to condemn google by using blogger. it's like having a facebook sucks fan page in facebook itself.

anyhow, screw you google


  1. WHA???? Seriously! And so this guy can now go all over town scamming people yet AGAIN!

    1. yup, talk about corporate social responsibility....