Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

Winning Isn't Everything

So, I was on Facebook, like I always do and there's this famous picture of a biker dude riding his super bike with his land whale female companion at the back with sparks flying out the wheel arch. Obviously the sparks were shopped as I've seen the non spark version eons ago. Secondly it's against the law of physics for the spark to be the way it was shown.

So, the person who posted that picture into FB ask if that was possible, and her motor head fiance said, "yes", with every reply back and forth explaining how (friction, tires having wire reinforcements, etc) but he missed the point of the spark trajectory and also sparks from tire wires don't produce sparks the size of fireworks. They are barely noticeable unless the cameraman is paying attention. For example, a drifting Lamborghini

So, being a smart ass I gave my explanation on the sparks being shopped. After all, you can't really debate against laws of physics. Then the motorhead gave another explanation of the sparks being fireworks instead. Totally running off topic of his earlier 3 post reply on friction and reinforced wires in tires. And that was my cue to stop.

I've already proven him wrong, there's no point humiliating him in front of his girl.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Last breath

The title is more dramatic than it actually is.

Just 2 days ago I finally had my last wisdom tooth removed. The extraction was long overdue and I was actually hoping that it'll fall out on its own since there's nothing at the opposite side to stop it, until the gums started growing over the empty space where the opposing wisdom tooth suppose to be. Hence I was chewing on my gums for the past week or so. I had my other wisdom tooth removed many years ago, at about 1 year interval from each other. This final one is the last and was one of the smoothest. Though there was a small mishap where one of the root broke in the cavity. No biggie as the dentist was very experienced.

Now to the main point. The following day after the extraction, I got a little feverish. In fact I was slightly feverish the night before but recorded a healthy 36.5 degrees Celsius. At work giddy, light headed and flu like aches at the hips, my mind started playing tricks. I felt the desire to be close to my daughter and wife. Then this thought came through, how will the living be affected by their loved ones dying in their arms? Sure It's a nice way to say goodbye, but I bet it might be traumatic for the living who have to carry on living for the rest of their lives with that incident tattooed into their memory.

I've never been in those situation before so I can't tell how it'll be like or how long it'll take to live it out. But it's a point to ponder none to less.

Monday, April 8, 2013

As Seen on TV

Lets face it, we have our own TV heroes, weather is it a movie or soap opera, there will always be one fictional character that we are fond of, and hence which is why those shows quickly become our favourites. But what if that fictional character materializes? How fond of them are we then?

For starters, all of us like a cynical character, weather Dr House, David Brent and even Simon Cowell. We find them amusing and looking forward in seeing them again week after week because they are the person that we can't be.
Sure you can cynical in real life, just see how far it'll get you, like when Ricky Gervais (the office) did the opening at the Golden Globes 2011, his peers weren't laughing that loud, some none at all. He was in character, a character whose realm is within the confines of the TV screen (or laptop if you are watching it on the laptop).

On the side note, some people are gullible enough to think that there is such thing as the lucrative world of hitman and assassins. Some would think that it'll take thousands to end ones life. Shockingly, no. Not in this country as far as I know of. Labour is cheap, income gap is wide, foreigners a plenty and tinted full face motorcycle helmets is not illegal. Almost all hit jobs were carried out by gunmen on motorcycles. No high calibre rifle, no piano rope, no car bombs. It's the matter of finding someone desperate enough for cash. Can't afford someone with a gun? there's always muscle for hire armed with machetes.

Furthermore, you can't run away from the tax office. If there's such thing as a full time contact killer that's handsomely paid like in Looper or Mr47, the tax department will be the first to question how was the tailored suit paid for.

Lastly movies and TV shows are just there to entertain. Its made of 1% story and 99% movie magic.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Government that spends your money to promote itself is one we can afford to let go

Seriously BN, fuck you. You spam the airways with your theme song, that I can take. You littered the streets with your flags since mid 2012, that I can take. But when you spam my cellphone with your rubbish, that I cannot and will not tolerate.

Want my vote?

I'd like to see your corrupt party members hung drawn and quartered. Only then I'll vote for you.

When things in motion

It's inevitable. A month ago I was like all gong-ho trying to get the blogging habit back, but it was rather short lived. I've even began posting short post that interest me, but after clicking that post button, it did not feel right. Felt like I've cheated in an exam. Hindsight, the feeling of cheating in exam is not guilt, but rather the cheap thrill of pulling off a small crime. For a 17 year old that is. At 31, it's guilt.

Very much like exercising after years of couch surfing, youtube on bed and late nights at Kayu. Taking my daughter for evening walk around the pool already made me sweat. Those crunches and chin ups will have to wait.