Sunday, March 3, 2013

Reinventing the Wheel

Every once in a while some random thought on mods would just creep into my mind. Lately it's about centrifugal supercharger which I read about in Option. It's the HKS centrifugal supercharger for the CRZ and I was immediately interested. It's small, compared to roots type, and runs cooler than a turbocharger. Furthermore installing a roots type supercharger (Sprintex) would always require a manifold swap, something that I'm not that keen about, and Sprintex is already doing it for the Neo for a whooping RM10 000. HKS centrifugal supercharger complete kit for the CRZ is RM15k.

So I went to Alibaba to find out the price for a centrifugal supercharger (picture above), and it's USD900 (about RM 3k) for a brand-less prototype. It's still expensive compared to locally sourced turbochargers which are refurbished units. But with the Neo, turbochargers isn't a wise choice due to its cramp engine space where the hot turbine will smoulder with radiator return hose if the turbine mounted on an upward manifold, or the radiator fan if mounted on a downward manifold. Furthermore I've already have a super limited Formworks 4-2-1 headers which I'm not willing to let go.

Then the idea came, why not make my own centrifugal supercharger?

When I say "make", I do not mean the whole thing. It'll most probably be getting a refurbished turbo charger, remove the turbine, and replace it with a pulley system. And the whole thing need to be less than RM2000. The cost of the project should not be more than 2/3 of what's readily available or it won't be cost effective, furthermore I'll be spending lots of time on this, and time is money.

So, here's the plan,
1) Research
Identify the right compressor, internal parts of the gear/pulley system
2) Tabulate cost
Price of parts, machining cost. RM2000 or less, project carry on. More than that no go.