Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy New Year

"I didn't blog much lately," is an understatement.

And yes, I hasn't been blogging mainly because I was super busy during the month of December and also for the first few weeks in January.

See, I'm in kinda of a delima here, weather or not to continue to with Bananatalk 2.0 or start a Bananatalk 3.0

Why the change?

Mainly because that I'm married now, and there's so much things that I would want to share which is sometimes way too personal. And Bananatalk 2.0 being less personal, more info based and car stuff, and even sometimes when personal stuff do get posted, its heavily censored, names changed, points of referenced was used instead of actually describing the matter. Then again, Bananatalk 1.0 (friendster blog) was personal.

And to add on to that, I'm having less time to blog nowadays. Whenever I get home it's always house chores first, THEN and only then turn on the laptop or watch youtube on the TV. One thing about youtube, it numbs out the mind, like taking vodka shots. By the time I finished an hour of youtube videos, I'm too sedated to think or to blog anything. I'd then continue for another hour before hitting the sack.