Thursday, September 29, 2011


Seriously Facebook. Top stories is probably the stupidest thing ever since 'news feed'. In fact, coming to think of it, top stories lame post is exactly as lame as news feed. At least news feed was interchangeable to live feed, so the latest updates stays on top. But nooooo..... you've just got to put a rebranded news feed into the main page with no option to turn it off.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Unifi VS Astro B.yond IPTV

Recently Astro has been promoting its B.yond IPTV service, powered by Time Dot Com. At first I wasn't bothered much as I'm not a TV person and almost all the media that I watched came form the internet, weather it's youtube, downloaded HD movies or failblog. Today, the apartment office received a proposal letter from Astro to bring it's B.yond IPTV service to the residents. I most welcome this move as there's already a small demand for B.yond form the residents which they are being deprived of at the moment as the common satellite dish is not compatible with B.yond and upgrading it will cost the management a fortune, AND not to mention that other existing apartments who are using the upgraded service from subcontractors are not satisfied with service rendered. This B.yond IPTV service offered directly from Astro/Time which is a savior. If JMC approves it that is.

First Looks
Anyways, in a nutshell, from my point of view, Unifi and B.yond IPTV is basically the same thing, they are both apples, but marketed in a different way. Unifi sells high speed broadband (HSBB) as its main course and the IPTV, VOD, voice line as value added service. B.yond IPTV markets its IPTV first. Either way you get both the same thing weather Unifi or B.yond IPTV with an additional extra from Astro is the PVR recorder.

Installation however is quite different, and also the main point of this blogpost. Observe the installation method of Time HSBB from the image below. Do take note that I'm talking about installation of HSBB in a high rise residence (apartment/condo) I'm not sure if this encompass flats.
Article 1.5.1 states that a two core fiber optic cable will be truncated into the subscriber's unit. Compare that to Unifi which fiber optic cable ends at the MDF rizer (image below).

 Meaning to say that if you are a Unifi customer at your high rise home, you'll be sharing your fiber optic connection with other units via copper line. For a B.yond IPTV that comes with Time Dot Com HSBB customer, you get the fiber optic cable direct into your home, no sharing with your neighbors.

Think of it this way:
Astro B.yond IPTV (powered by time HSBB) = highway straight into your house.
Unifi = highway ends at residential area, shared common narrow road with neighbors

They say that sharing is caring, but not when coming to bandwidth, it's everyone for themselves.

It's clear who's the obvious winner here.

packages offered by B.yond IPTV
I've merged the offered HSBB packages by both providers for easier comprehension. The cheapest HSBB is offered by time which is just Rm128/month for a 3Mbps line.

But I'm not going to look into this, rather focus on TF6, which is the closest competition to Unifi's 5Mbps line. Firstly TF6 is RM1/month cheaper then Unifi VIP 5 and also 1Mbps faster. Then there's the bonus of speed boost that boost your internet speed to 10Mbps for 30 hours, which means for 30 hours your connection will be as fast as Unifi VIP10 package (as claimed by Time Dot Com). Even if we ignore the speed boost bonus, TF6 has the best value.
The other packages are priced accordingly to their offered speed.

Unfortunately I've signed up a 2 year contract with Unifi.

Grow a Pair

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sprouts in the Sink

Some weeks ago (yes, i'm aging) I can't remember exactly which Sunday, sweetheart made green bean soup. Part of the preparation was soaking the beans in water and then washing them in running water. I've noticed some beans in the sink trap but ignored it as I told myself "beans won't rot". And they didn't. Instead they germinate. What's odd though was within those days, I didn't notice the sprouts growing in the sink.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why Would You Do That?

Why, oh, Facebook, Why do you have to change the way we look at our home screen? All top stories are not 'top' at all. Sure the motoring journo posted pictures of cars that I can't afford and there's over 50 comments on it, but I don't find it top. But I do find it amusing that a buddy's post on facebook new home look being rated as top, that's something I'll let slide. On the plus side though is the constantly updated activities on the top right, or like my friend will call it, stalker's update.

Normally whenever anyone post a comment, it will not be shown immediately on the wall, but rather summarized and buried along with other status updates and minor activities. This time I get live feed of friends adding friends, and liking photos of people I don't know. This stalker update is obviously good for stalkers, catching their prey in the act. Good for bosses to keep watch of their employee's activities. Not good for the people being stalked. Personally I'm torn between liking it and disliking it. I don't mind having the ability to stalk people, but definitely not being stalked.

Even with the negative feedback, Facebook being Facebook will not cave in to these small protest. If you've been on Facebook long enough you'll know that whenever there's a change, it's there to stay. Facebook is the only entity that I can think of that does what it likes and the users are forced to swallow it whole, even if it's turd.

This post is now about first world problems

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sammy Clean

Picture related to previous post. I could really use a Sammy Clean. But then again, it sounds like semi-clean. worth spending 19k yen on it?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Living on the 17th Floor

It's been twelve weeks, add minus a day or two since I've moved in. The first thing that I realized is how I've took house keeping for granted. A sparkling clean floor no longer awaits me when I get back home. If I leave it for a week, dust bunnies will appear from under the TV shelf. The house gets dusty, fast. On the bright side, since it's less then a thousand square feet, cleaning isn't much a chore. Vacuum and mopped the place in an hour tops. Doing my own house chore does teach me a few things, like not all off the shelf cleaning detergent is the same. The first floor cleaner I used was Dettol, which I believe having antiseptic floor cleaner was a good enough to kill germs and keep the floor clean. It did feel clean immediately, but after two days, it felt sticky again. Then I tried some unheard of floor cleaner which the hardware shop that I frequent has on sale. It worked wonders, a week since the first use and the floor doesn't feel sticky. There is a catch however. This floor cleaner has wax which eliminates the sticky feel, however it doesn't have special dust repellent of any hocuspocus to keep the floor clean for a week. Dust still settles, and the regular once every two days housework remains.

The other immediate realization living in a high density high rise is the smell. I got to smell what my neighbor cooks. Every weekend some neighbor at the lower floor will boil herbal soup. Almost every night there will be smell of fried fish, a smell that I cannot forget as it's imprinted during my childhood years having the Filipino maid frying ikan kembong for lunch 2-3 times weekly. I grew sick of it then, but crave for it now. And then there's the smell of cigarettes from 2-3 floors directly below who always puffs at the balcony which I always leave open. So, an advice to those of you who think of living in a high rise and are sensitive to smell, get a unit installed with climate control and be prepared to spend a bomb on electricity.

There are some perks though. Firstly, being on the highest floor, I will never have to experience heavy stomping. Also, there's no plumbing on the ceiling. Double plus, don't have to hear the unit above flush the toilet, especially in the wee hours of morning. And in the event of any leaks from the ceiling, it's borne by management. Getting unit owners to pay for repairs which doesn't directly affects them can be a bitch sometimes, knowing malaysian attitude. Dealing with management is somewhat less of a pain.


note to self:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

It's been a while since I last blogged about my ride. In fact there's nothing much to blog about it as it's been in a state of neglect for many many months. The paint job is in a state of despair, no thanks to the workshop that work on my neo during the October 08 accident. And there's a roach infestation inside the car. Other then that, I've removed the poser gauges as it's utterly useless daytime. I had the back light on during ignition, meaning the back light is on whenever the key is in the ignition and yet I still can't read the gauges. Whoever had the great idea of having smoked lens on black face gauges. And no one is smart enough to make black face gauges with clear lens other then Omori that's demanding for your first born for one measly 52mm gauge. On the bright side, it's a full electronic gauge with 7 color EL back light.

Lately it's at the workshop again, this time it's at my regular mechanic for tire change. I can't remember how long I kept the front sets and it's badly worn on the passenger side but still has enough thread left on the driver side. Probably I'm not making enough left turns. And I've also forgotten how brand new tires felt. Regardless the sissy camber settings (my neo now is no longer as nippy as I first drove it out the showroom) the ride feels more planted during corners. Over time, I've changed driving style to suit the less-traction-worn-out-tires. Actually I drove the neo like how I'd drive a savvy or viva, be leaving lots of room for under steer slide on the exits, and braking early putting more weight to the front tires on entry for better traction. Also, keeping a safe distance from the car in front. Now, with new tires, I can be reckless again.

Or maybe not. This is my 4th set of dampers and its dying. Or it's rather dead by this evening as the knocking got severe. And the best part is, this set of dampers has never seen any track or touge activity, well maybe a mini touge at Tropicana, but not a full uphill-downhill Bukit Tinggi. I'm not going to fork out another RM600 to have it die again 6 or 12 months later. And kayaba is now in my shit list of shitty products. I've thought of getting the entire suspension reworked with full adjustables including the pillowball mount. But I like the current ride height, and the spring rate of the R3 springs is just right. I'll probably get an original replacement from Proton, but first I'll need the part number.

Last but not least had a fender bender on the start of work. Picture related, since a police report is made with no incidents, I'll save the public humility and leave out the details. All I can say is, she bangs.