Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brace for Impact!

Way back in June I've discovered a huge chunk of bad sectors in my laptop hard drive. ‎2752814 bad sectors. This morning it has 2883899 bad sectors.

yesterday I checked the WD MyBook and found it to contain 190 bad sectors.

This comes as no surprise as I normally unplug the power cord to the laptop whenever the OS freezes up and does not respond to any kind of inputs, be it windows or linux (yes, lunux crashes too). And it also could be due to these bad sectors that the OS load times has increased significantly.

Cheapest option would be a direct HDD swap, about less then RM170 for a 500GB notebook drive. On the other hand, I'm also keen to try SSD however the cheapest SSD is within the range of Rm500 for a 64GB drive. I'm okay with the size as my current linux partition is just 30GB and that's already plenty, provided I don't store the entire Top Gear seasons in it. Speaking of SSD, I've noticed that new netbooks are no longer equipped with SSD and reverted back to traditional platter spinning HDD. No demand perhaps.

Oh well, time to backup the laptop before it fails to book completely.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Last year I had a debate with my sister regarding which is the most efficient way of storing movies (.avi .mkv and what's not) She proposed the alphabetical system where folders are set for movies within a certain alphabet range. I opt for the year-movie-is-released system, requires less folders initially, but grows in time. There is one disadvantage, I've to remember how old was the movie.

As of late I had this nostalgia syndrome, whatever you call it. I wanted to watch the first Fast and Furious, and could not remember the year it was released. Sure I can use the search button as the magnifying glass icon sits there in the upper right taskbar is well within reach, however, being a seasoned XP user, I never use the search until I've gone through all the folders that I think where the file is kept but still can't find it. I've got to tell myself that searching in linux is much faster then XP was.

Wai Leng, you are right, alphabetical is easier. But I'm lazy to reorganize my movie folders, so I went searching for movie managers/organizers. The first place I looked is no other then Ubuntu Software center.

and lo behold, pornview. Yes, I'm very immature. I still giggle whenever someone says 'penis' aloud in the open. I'm not sure if this app is from the default repositories or from the many others that I've added for other apps, none the less the author does little to hide its true intention. It reminds me of ACDsee which I've grown to love way back in 1998. Picture very related (below)

About the movie organizer, I installed XBMC

Monday, August 15, 2011


I was going to blame it on Top Gear, but the season ended 2 weeks ago. If you know me, when I'm hooked onto a TV show, everything else is chucked one side. Even if the fire alarm ring I'll continue watching. Then again, it's all an excuse. Truth to be told, I'm lazy.

There are many draft post saved which has yet to be published. Mainly because most of which are of pathetic quality and twitter-standard-short. They are checked in cold storage until I find inspiration to finish it, which of course will never happen and I'll probably abort it with the delete button.

Until the next 3 weeks, here's a small blog bump telling you guys that I'm still alive.