Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gas or Electric?

How about both?

The heating element is actually fiery red. Since the camera of the G400 doesn't comes with IR filter, hence the discoloration.

There are hybrid Hi-lite ceramic tops with conventional gas stoves in the market, but after one bad review on an Elba all-in-one, I've decided to separate them both so I have better control over how far apart to place the stoves so that the heat from the gas stove doesn't melt the sensitive circuitry of the Hi-lite ceramic stove. Oh yeah, Vees is helluva overpriced. Just visit any kitchen specialist and you'll be amazed over many other alternative brands that are competitively priced.

Advertisement: Got the Teka and Lebensstil stoves from Urbanez

Monday, June 27, 2011

Unifi Installation Chronicle

6 June 2011
Subscribed to Unifi via Unifi portal (occ.unifi.my) selected date 18 July 2011 because every other earlier date is unavailable

15 June 2011 10:43am
Got a call from unifi (0322465000) to confirm installation appointment to 16 June 2011 2pm-7pm slot.
I was elated that my installation was brought forward by a month.

15 June 2011 10:47am
Received confirmation SMS form Unifi regarding installation on 16 June 2011 2pm-7pm
Was high as a stoner when I saw that confirmation sms.

16 June 2011 2:00PM
Waited for unifi technician. No other phone calls from unifi between this time.

16 June 2011 3:00PM
Called unifi hotline ( 1300881221 ext 3 as stated in SMS) - phone line engaged
le fu..

16 June 2011 3:30PM
Manage to connect to TM hotline but was put on hold for 10 minutes then got cut off. never had the chance to speak to anyone.

16 June 2011 7.00pm
Unifi NO SHOW!

17 June 2011 8.40am
Filed a complaint regarding Unifi NO SHOW at Unifi portal (occ.unifi.my)

20-ish June 2011
Complaint status changed to "Appointed"
is somebody going to call me?

27 June 2011 4.10pm
Got a call from unifi (0322465000) regarding complaint. Arranged for 'accelerated' installation, suggested date 1 July. I'm not free then so I suggested 4 July 2-7pm slot, which was then agreed upon.

lol part of the conversation
unifi: sudah kah technician unifi pasang unifi di tempat encik?
translation: did the unif unifi technician install unifi at your place, sir?

me: tidak
translation: no (in my mind: that's the whole point why I filed the complaint, duh!)

unifi: adakah technician unifi hubungi encik?
translation: did the unifi technician contact you, sir?

me: tidak
translation: no

unifi: adakah anda pasti unifi belum lagi di pasang?
translation: are you sure unifi is not installed [in your unit] yet?

me: ya, pasti belum lagi pasang.
translation: ya, not-chet install

funny thing, I didn't raged

Took them a week to call me after my case was appointed to someone. No surprise, this is Malaysia, the land of pathetic customer service. Even Maxis service center sucks balls. I just got billed 25 bucks for a phone line that I disconnected weeks ago.

30 June 2011 3.36pm
Got a call from unifi technician (0177230XXX) telling me that he's coming to my place (form old klang road) to install unifi. claim to take about 2-3 hours.

What faggoty is this? last minute notice!!! But since I'm desperate for internet connection, I oblige with the new timetable and hurried home.

30 June 2011 5.00pm
At home doing house chores while waiting for the unifi technician

30 June 2011 5.45pm
Floors vacuumed and mopped. Called Unifi technician directly. He's on the way form old klang road.

30 June 2011 7.50pm
Called unifi hotline ( 1300881221 ext 3) and waited 6 minutes for the operator to take my call.
I inquire about my installation status and also asked them to verify if the unifi technician is indeed genuine unifi technician by giving them the technician's number.

my installation status: appointment @ 4 July 2011 2-7pm slot
unifi technician verification: Was put on hold for another 15 minutes while they "check". I hung up.

my biggest mistake was not asking for her (the call center operator) name.

30 June 2011 8.52pm
Unifi technician called again. They lost their way. Requested to rendezvous at Sunway Giza.

30 June 2011 9.32pm
Many phone calls later with me increasing my volume higher each time, they finally met up. Convoyed back to my place.

I'm sure I'm not the first unifi customer at the apartment, why can't they send someone who knows the way??? RRRRAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

30 June 2011 10pm - ish
Everything finally installed. Was briefed about the internet TV and the LED indicators on the router and modem-thingamagic.
All their sins forgiven, but not forgotten.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Home Sweet Home

So I finally moved in. After 18 months of DIY home improvement, I finally got the professionals to finish the job, namely the kitchen, window panels, replacing water faucets (which required wall hacking and patch up work), and floor tiling.
Also it was a coincidence that I met with the property agent who sold me the unit. Not to my surprise that he, asked if I'm ever going to move in as he noticed my unit being vacant for more then a year. He thought that I was buying it for investment, which according to him, my unit is worth at least 250k. That's a big jump of 60k in 18 months, compared to the original buyer who only profited 30k in 4-5 years. That's a good profit margin, but then again, so is every piece of property around PJ which saw similar price hike.

I've also subscribed to Unifi.

But the technician didn't come to install even after confirming the appointment :(