Monday, April 25, 2011

Awesomest Flashmob Ever

Most flashmobs is just about occupying space with lots of people. This one however spreads warm chrismas spirit. Totally awesome.

Internet Vices


So true indeed. I wasn't much of a youtuber until of late when I begin watching RWJ =3. He reminds me so much of Joey (Friends) but what's more fun is that I don't have to spend an entire day on youtube to catch the latest viral. He summarize the hottest 3 videos for the given day. Then, from one video leads to the next I'll be hours past bedtime. If youtube is indeed tequila I'd be dead with liver cancer.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Make Ubuntu Look Like Mac

Note to self: follow this tutorial if I ever wanted to make my Ubuntu to look like a mac

About a month ago I've formatted the entire hard drive of my laptop (C714TU) (yes, again) because I've messed up with the boot loader and messed up several partitions by installing backtrack. And since then, I've left everything vanilla for both the linux and windows. I've tried to make the XP to mimic snow leopard but rocket dock made everything runs so slow (yeah its an old laptop) before the boot loader accident. Only ubuntu manage to run smoothly with the OSX plastic surgery. But then again, vanilla is a good flavour too. So, until I get bored looking at the old ubuntu interface I'll might give this a try.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to Pissoff 28 299 998 people

RM50 million for a 1 Malaysia email service???


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Najib surely thinks that we still live on trees and Malaysians are idiots. True on the last part, I mean cmon, look at the idiots that's running this democratic country, they were voted up there by the people.

Its drawing lots of flack because even idiots like us knows that its waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy overpriced. The basic web + email hosting service that cost about rm500 a year that I subscribe to already provides unlimited email with unlimited space and bandwidth. For Rm50 million, that can last 100 000 years, and I'm sure there's bulk discount for a lifetime hosting. (this RM500/year is the shittiest service money can buy, probably double that amount for decent software and customer support)
That's just one company I subscribe to, there are dozens more companies in Malaysia that provides similar services, and when an open tender is issued allowing free for all competition, price can be lower that what I'm paying for.

Strike 2 is when he said it's not compulsory. Why spend so much for something that's totally voluntary? It's like saying: we are building an Olympic size swimming pool out of gold for RM50 million with YOUR tax money and it free for everyone to use. If you don't like it, you are free not to swim in it.

Furthermore I've filled my gmail address in countless government forms and have yet to receive a single email from them.
  • I still get my assessment rate reminder through snail mail
  • I've never been contacted by the national registration department through any communication means
  • I've to go online too check if I've accumulated any traffic summonses (also means NONE bothered to tell me I've outstanding speeding ticket since 2006)

And they are telling me that with RM50 million they can fix all those?

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Current population in Malaysia is 28.3 million people (2010 census)
go figure who's the 2 people that's not angry at this 1 Malaysia email sham

Further reading:

Monday, April 18, 2011

How to Pissoff 10 000 People

PETALING JAYA: Participants of a night marathon held at the Sepang International Circuit are dissatisfied over what they claim was poor organisation.
Andreas West, a participant of the Energizer Night Race 2011, claimed that thousands were cramped in an underground tunnel that connected the SIC pit area to the mall area because race organiser Expose Media had set up counters for participants to collect their headlamps there.
The German expatriate, who started a Facebook page on the incident, said there were “serious health and security risks” unattended to throughout the event.
“While I am thankful that nothing tragic had happened, I share the sentiments of many participants of the marathon who have said that this was a very badly organised event,” said West, who is also Celcom Bhd's customer management senior vice-president, yesterday.
The event had taken place on Saturday night.
Many race finishers said they did not receive their finisher medals and certificates.
Participants also claimed that there was a lack of signages, water stops, medical personnel and race marshals.
They are now demanding that they be compensated.
Participants had to fork out RM55 for early birds or RM75 to join the marathon.
Marketing communications manager Ashley Khoo, 32, who ran the 21km leg of the marathon said due recognition should be given to runners who had completed their run.
“Many of us went home without a finisher medal.
“We had been practising for months to prepare ourselves to be fit for the race,” she said.
It is understood that the event's main sponsor Energizer will meet Expose Media to discuss further action to be taken.
“We appreciate the comments on the race. All finishing goodie bags will be given out and an official statement from Expose and Energizer will be out soon,” an announcement on the event website said.
Expose Media also offered their apologies to all the runners on its Facebook page, saying that the outcome of the meeting would be announced today.
 Source: THE STAR

The news report is very mellow compared to the fire that's burning on the other side of the internet, especially those who experienced the blotched up marathon first hand. (I don't know this dude, I just like the way he document the event). Lucky there's no fatalities like the previous marathon. But I do think that the organizers can be sued for attempting murder with the 'tunnel of death' by forcing an insane amount of traffic into a narrow, poorly ventilated tunnel. And since its the era of social networking, its no surprise boycott pages (HERE and HERE)sprung up within hours of the incident.

Other Sources: 
or just google "energizer nightmare"

what a way to kill a brand


Finally news from the title sponsor. And look, it's a full refund. I do hope that it's not just lip service. The disgruntled runners can amass so much publicity in such short period, I'm sure Energizer would not want to provoke them again.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

App Blocker Plus

If there is one Facebook app that I'll ever want to use now, is App Blocker (if it ever exist). I wonder who gave the smart idea of allowing apps taking control of the user's wall by spamming every fight won in Mafia Wars or that one ingredient needed to complete a level 3 recipe in Restaurant City and not to mention the constant begging of getting help on their farms in Farmvile. These are just the small annoyance which is easily solved with the 'block app' option. And yes, I've blocked TONS of apps. Though there was no counter to keep track how many apps I've blocked in total, but i had to press the 'page down' button fifteen times from the start of the first blocked apps to reach the bottom of the page. And to top that off, I sometimes preemptive strike on the apps by visiting friends page who are app-a-holic and start blocking app post on their wall, so that it won't show in my feed in the event some friend decide to use that app in the future. I'm a real Nazi when coming to what gets posted on walls and news feed.

Then again this could be a sign of OCD. Strangely enough only on selected stuff like Facebook, and also I've this habit of constantly checking the car is locked at almost every traffic light and stop sign.

However, of late picture tagging apps are starting to manifest Facebook, As if photo-tagging-marketing isn't enough, there are now apps that tags random friends in "who viewed my profile" or "who likes me" or "what your name means" and many many other I-don't-give-a-fuck app. Unfortunately I've yet to find a way to overcome this mess. Blocking the app only work for the user, if that person is tagged by a friend of a friend its ineffective.

Also, I've tested the newly added unfriend function in Facebook for iPhone app. It worked.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Pussy You

Got to thank Kacang for sharing this on facebook. Rebeca Black is annoyingly bad. This girl however is bad, but with alternative captions, its so bad that it's actually hilarious.

Happy pussy you

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

You Want, You Lose

It presses vinegared rice,
Makes it nice-ity nice,
Al-so salmony slice,
For the perfect round rice,
It's so crescent fresh
Sushi tool at best

Made with bright colorful plastic, a lazyman sushi making tool. Now, only if I have a kitchen.

also obligatory:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

77777 Get

Got a good number on the odometer the other day. Normally I won't notice the odometer until the thought of servicing the car crept up my mind, which usually 2000 to 3000 km overdue. And the trip meter is at 71.7km just 6km short to hit the magic 77.7 mark. If i've just reset the trip meter 6km earlier then i'll be getting helluva lots of 7s on the odometer. Getting 7 7s out of 8 is not too bad either.

Another not so bad news, a supercharged satria neo, done properly with expert engineering and good styling to match.

I'm not going to leach anything from that site except for this small picture above to get you interested enough to check out the full details.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Free ride

So, I have this neighbor who has this habit oh leaving the keys to his car in the ignition. For a year I got a free ride, going anywhere I wanted to, after all, he paid for fuel. About a week ago i noticed the car locked, and the keys wasn't there anymore.

He finally password encrypt his wifi.

African Revolution, Angry Birds Style

The recent 3 African revolutions summarized in just under 2 minutes.
To be politically correct, the last one is still on going, but still funny none the less