Monday, March 28, 2011

Kinect Prologue

I risk my reputation for being an Xbox fanboy by posting the following content.
SOURCE: Penny Arcade <== Click for more awesome comics

Also, what the Eff is sony thinking by naming their controller the wand? Not only is it named as one, it looks like one too. I'm not surprised that it won't belong before it'll actually be used for this [NFSW].

On the side note, I've been really lazy thinking of things to write for the kinect. and it's been weeks the kinect sits there collecting ionized dust from the 42" plasma TV. I should probably keep it back in the box until I move into my new place.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Would You Pay $2.99 for Add Free Content?

If you've been using an iphone long enough, you'll know that there are two types of free apps in the app store. Trial (lite apps) and adware (free apps). Lite apps are trial version with limited functionality. In terms of gaming, only a few levels are included and the rest have to be bought. Free apps however are full function apps which are given free, with a big catch. Advertisements.

There are some advertisement orientated apps which is easily 'bypassed' by switching onto airplane mode so the advertisement will not be downloaded. Its an issue especially for iphone users who don't have affordable data plans. And also useful to get rid of the eyesore of flashy advertisement. The best example I had in my iphone is sudoku, where the adds at the bottom are downloaded when there's internet connection. The game data is stored naively in the phone, so you can still play the game without internet connection. Of course this trick only works on single player games only.

However apps that require internet connection to get updated data like news apps, (BBC and engadget) and also multiplayer games like charadium seems to have the upper hand in advertisement harassment. Especially charadium. Whenever there's a recess between game, a full screen add will appear. What seems like a small annoyance at first can turn into a full blown rage fest when typing out the answer halfway only having the screen change to an advertisement because someone else was quicker on the answer. Like playing slap hands. The small embarrassment is funny at first, but then your face will turn as red as your hands after several consecutive losses. I bought charadium 3 days after trying the addware which I soon regret. A week into the paid game, I soon find myself in room filled with trolls. Picture speaks a thousand words.

At $2.99, it's kinda steep compared to other games like Angry Birds and Bad Company 2. And the best part of Bad Company 2 is there's no chat ability, so you won't get to hear swears from squeaky voiced preteens like over X box live, or screen full of NOOB and FUCK! chat message obstructing the view. The lousy thing about Bad Company 2 is poor multiplayer connectivity which resulted in dropped connections and kills score not registering. There are times where my kills are not updated in the scoreboard though I've fragged many players. But, since it actually prolongs game time and I'm not getting pwned, I'm ok with it.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Moore's Law

So the iPad 2 is revealed. 30% thinner, 15% lighter, 2 times faster while boasting that it still maintains the same battery life of 10 hours. In fact, the trend of smaller, more powerful gadgets shows no signs of slowing down. But one thing that still boggles my mind is why didn't they double the battery capacity to make the device last longer?

Firstly, I not an anorexic super model, so I don't need super thin, super light phones. I'm perfectly fine with the 12.3mm thick iPhone3Gs. So, instead of making the iPhone4 9.3mm thin, why can't they just retain the 12.3mm size and add more batteries in it? Same goes for the iPad2. I don't need 33% thinner. I'll be happy if it can last 33% longer. Gone were the days where you charge ol faithful nokia 3310 once a week, or once every 3 days for those snake sessions waiting for the bus, on the bus, on the loo, while watching tv, while having breakfast, during recess and even during lectures.

Also, back then I can balik kampung for days without having to bring the phone charger along as long as its fully charged before the trip. Nowadays the first thing that i pack in the luggage is the phone charger.