Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Awesomeness is Back

Probably the only thing that I liked about KFC. Its a shame that McD has dropped its foldover, or it would've made great a competition between double grilled patties in tortilla or crispy chicken fillet with bacon and nacho in tortilla.

Friday, February 18, 2011


In the day of modern computing when hardware accelerated graphics is a standard, one would hardly find any pixelated graphics other then retro classics on the iphone, and of course, mosaic in japanese porn.

There is one game that caught on regardless its heavily pixelated look. A game where substance matters more then style. Or probably its intentionally designed that way to give it some nostalgic feel to it. The game is minecraft.

In a nutshell, Minecraft is Lego in first person mode with a twist on adventure and survival.

You can build your own house

You can grow your own crops

Or hunt

Mine for minerals (hence the name minecraft)

Explore pre generated natural wonders

Or make your own wonder, like an underwater tunnel system

One other thing that I like about Minecraft is it teaches the player about sustainable development. There is no in game tutorial like those education software. But rather makes the player to think for himself what to do when there's no trees left. Wood is an important natural resource in the game as it has many applications like construction material (which is easily replaceable with rocks), fuel, used as torches (which is very important in preventing monsters from spawning at that location) and used in tools which will degrade after several uses. Though trees are abundant at first it will run out due to uncontrolled logging. Therefore the player has to plant new trees from saplings harvested from matured trees, unless he doesn't mind traveling to different locations every time a forest is cleared out.

And, like Lego, it's all about creativity. There are tones of minecraft videos on youtube about traps, farms, and even awesome project like this starship enterprise.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Driving Like an Old man

The first I drove like an old man was when I over estimated the amount of fuel left in the tank before departing. And I was forced to cruise at 90km/h at the left most lane when the fuel level needle was at its last bar and I was only half way through the journey. I even exited two stops earlier into Sungai Buloh to fuel up at Shell, when I've already been driving with the low fuel warning since Tanjung Malim.

This time however was purely for safety reasons.

The last time I went gong ho in the dark was years ago, when my Neo was less then a year old, on the way back from Putrajaya via the NKVE which is pretty well lit. And my night vision was better. But since the Neo was stock, I only managed 170km/h.

Years passed and my night vision is not what it used to be. Furthermore there are no street lights for most part of the North South Highway. And it rained earlier that evening, so I was expecting wet roads which fortunately has already dried up. Furthermore this is the first week feeding my Neo with Ron95 after being on a strict Ron97 diet for the first 5 years of its life.

This is the second time I drove like an old man. Details as follows:

Route: Simpang Pulai - Damansara (North South Highway)
Departed: 8.40pm
Arrived: 10.25pm
Average Speed: 110km/h
Average manifold pressure: minus 20 - 15 inch mercury
Distance traveled: 190km approx
Fuel type: Petrol Ron95 (Shell)
Fuel consumption (dashboard reading): 6L/100km
Road condition: Dry
Stops: None

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Singles Awareness Day

Lets be frank. Those of you who are already attached, do you kiss your loved ones once a year? Or give a back rub only on Feb 14. We appreciate our special ones throughout the year, though we might sometime take that back rub or peck on the cheek for granted. But nonetheless, its still a sign of affection. Try kissing someone you dislike, I'm sure its impossible.

Valentines day commercialization has brought a whole new meaning now. It's not just about flowers, chocolates, expensive dinner and booking a night at a hotel for steamy sex. Its pretty much about trolling the singles.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How it should have been, How it was

Chinese New Year has come and gone with little attention paid to it in this blog. It should have been a spectacular post, or at least a picture or video of lo sang like previous years.

This CNY was most different then the previous years. We had planned for a trip to Melaka, this time to a service apartment with good housekeeping and crystal clear water form the tap (I've stayed at this apartment on the previous trip with Sweetheart, Carmen and my buddies. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we decided to cancel the trip and spend the rest of CNY at home with lunch visits to near by relatives that isn't an hour away.

It is a blessing though that this CNY is different. Usually CNY will be eat, watch TV, gossip, catching up with gossips with relatives and then eat some more until I add an inch to the waist line. But, since I'm home, and many thanks to Sweetheart's Christmas present, I had plenty of exercise on Kinect Adventure. So, my weight maintained after several sessions on the reflex ridge and rally ball.

On top of that, I've finally watched the movies what i've always wanted to watch but didn't had the time to, like inglorious basterds, takers and red.