Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rated M for Mature

I'm thinking of blogging different for 2011.

This blog is now NOT safe for children

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Info

It takes 5 minutes for me to walk from my apartment to Jaya Grocer

Jaya Grocer is 450meters away from the apartment guard house

I can eat 2 hotdogs while making that trip on foot

Ayam brand tuna is cheaper in Jaya Grocer (rm4.40) then 7-11(rm5)

Jaya Grocer is always packed on weekday evenings and the entire parking lot is occupied, don't drive, walk.

There were reports of mugging and snatch theft along the 450 meter road, drive, don't walk.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

2 Weeks without Windows

Although I'm running dual boot WinXP SP2 and Ubuntu 10.10 on a freshly formatted and partitioned hard drive, I've yet to log into WinXP for the first time. I've copied the driver installation over into the XP partition through Ubuntu, somehow I never got around to prep the Winxp. In fact I'm quite comfortable with Ubuntu in just 2 weeks.

So, where has Ubuntu done right?

simplicity, like a mac.

And this is how my desktop looks right now. Very very mac-ish.

If I tell this to the 17year old version of me I'd definitely laugh at myself. Macs are for fags will definitely be the first thing out of my mouth. And then I'd probably go on and on about no games for linux. True about the game part. Though the game library has grown many folds compared to the first time I experimented with linux, it still lacks support form main stream best sellers. This is something that I can live without, not the 17year old me. The fact that I no longer game is the big contributing factor how I accustomed to ubuntu so quickly.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

To Know Your Country Better, Be a Tour Guide.

Over the past months I've been playing tour guide to Carmen, sweetheart's supervisor from the USA. Generally, being Malaysians the first thing that we can think of is shopping. What better way to stimulate our local economy to have foreigners to spend here, right? But then again, why come to Malaysia just to shop? There are other things that define this country then the over abundance of shopping malls and street peddlers.

The first place I can think of is non other then Batu Caves, one of the oldest Hindu place of worship made famous by its 272 steps up a limestone cave and the statue of Lord Murugan. And that's when the questions starts pouring out, what statue is that? how tall is it? is it made of real gold? how many steps are there? what's up there(in the cave)? how old is this place? And that's also when I realized how little I know about that place other then being the perfect place to exercise your hamstrings. Thank Jobs for the Iphone and a full bar 3G signal so I can quickly wiki all those information midway up the steps.

And also thanks to our diverse culture, we were never short of place to visit. Like the Ramadan bazaar at Shah Alam Stadium for coming up first in Google search. Speaking of Ramadan, she is a Muslim convert and is very enthusiastic about the religion and culture. This made my job easier as I was able to bring her to the Shah Alam Blue mosque. Having a Caucasian around is like having one of those multipass. I was given the one eyebrow lifted look when entering the gigantous blue mosque trying to find my way around, but when she caught up with me, the eyebrows turn to warm smiles.
Our visit to the National Mosque in down town KL was MUCH friendlier, probably because they got a steady stream of tourist daily, as compared to the Blue Mosque. And I didn't know that within the compound of the National Mosque is the resting place of 'our' forefathers.

And soon enough, I found myself start doing tourist stuff, like planning a trip to Melaca and visiting tourist hot spots, something which I've avoided all these while as I didn't want to get suckered into these tourist traps as the price of souvenirs and even refreshments are overpriced. Nevertheless, doing tourist stuff at tourist locations is fun, especially meeting other tourist and exchanging greetings.

I've got to admit that without Carmen, I wouldn't bother about sight seeing, or taking road trips to far away places I've never visited. However, going with a bunch of friends does makes things allot better. Theres better company, more people to help make decisions, and also we can order more dishes to sample, something a couple can't do without having those food go to waste.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Russians Does it Better

In a nutshell, Newsmakers is a remake of 2004 Hong Kong Movie Breaking News. It has the same plot, the same story line, same action scenes. The only main difference is, I enjoyed Newsmakers very much.

Here's what sets Newsmakers apart from Breaking News

1) Russians KNOWS how to act.
All character has their own personality and the actors portrayed it very well. This is my first Russian movie, so I don't know if i'm looking at bing time hotshots, or some really talented armatures. Most noticeable difference is how the Russian Mariya Mashkova outshines the cocked eye logo block Kelly Chen in the same role. Though there are times that I feel Mariya a bit over enthusiastic when she boss people around the command center, but at least she shows emotions, scared, excited, angry which is a farcry over the Chinese female Steven Seagal.

2) Russians are more badass.
Probably the way each actors has their own characters, even the baddies. There's this psychopathic crack head with an obsession to record everything with his cellphone which really caught my attention and adds flavor into the movie. Then theres the cool as a cucumber mastermind which is just a carbon copy of the Hong Kong version, nothing to shout about.

3) Better fireworks.
It doesn't look like cheap CGI and they are very generous with bullets, especially for a gang that robs armored trucks. Their arsenal rivals those of a small army, grenades, rpgs, and AK47 with infinite ammo.

4) Breaking News video conferencing is Windows Media Player
At first I loled, then I was put off by it.
Newsmakers uses some interface that i'm not familiar with, so i gave them the benefit of doubt. There's one thing that bugs me though, newsmakers didn't use webcam but cellphone camera.

I'm definitely rewatching Newsmakers again.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Week with Ubuntu 10.10

So, I'm finally getting the hang of it, after installing Ubuntu for the 3rd time within the span of 24 hours.
On the first installation, I messed up the desktop by copy-pasting some code in the internet that supposedly enables glscreen saver as desktop. I've already downloaded the matrix code screensaver so all I need to do was to make it run. Unfortunately it didn't work. All I got was a blank black screen as desktop, the icons are gone and I can no longer right click on desktop to change properties. Sure, the appearance option is in the system tab, but that is many clicks away, furthermore I'm rather accustomed with the convenience of right click desktop function. Since there's no system restore and I don't know how to undo whatever commands I fed into the terminal, the easiest solution was to reinstall Ubuntu.

The one thing about windows which I've never appreciated until now is the system restore and the OS repair feature when booting with an XP CD. Now I've realized how important and convenient those features are. I've always disabled system restore on XP to gain that few gigs of hard disk space, and also because I'm very sure what I was doing, so the OS rarely screw up unless I eff it up big time. Now I wish my Ubuntu has those features so I can experiment with the terminal without fear of having to reinstall all over again. One click on restore point return things back to normal.

I short-cut around the second installation by installing over the existing ext4 partition and in the end I got 2 separate linux in the same hdd. And to make matter worse, it only boot into terminal mode only. And since i'm new to linux, I didn't know how to launch the gui. And that's when I format the drive and reinstall everything. again.

After fighting the terminal temptation, I start using Ubuntu like how a Mac user would. Play dumb. And its rather rewarding. The system didn't crash, and I even manage to make Ubuntu to look like a Mac with just using mouse clicks. No terminals needed.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mid OS crisis

I'm experimenting with Ubuntu, a move forced to make when I got a warning letter from the anti-piracy enforcement agency saying that they will be dropping by for a spot check. Sure I can hide the PC but for how long? Furthermore I wouldn't have to learn Ubuntu if I can get boxed Win7 professional in PJ, but then, the PC is old, so it probably couldn't run it anyways. In the meantime I bought new PCs preloaded with genuine Win7 and Office which cost as more then the darn entry level PC. Good thing there is such thing as 0% interest easy payment.

Anyways, when the word linux is mentioned, one would think a super customized hacker's OS. In fact this is how I picture my ubuntu to look like:

This is how my ubuntu actually look like right now.

On the other hand, there is the ubuntu software center which functions very similarly to app store on the iphone. Just with a simple click and it'll download and install itself. It made life soooooo much simpler compared to the first time I tried redhat 5 eons ago.

Then again, the choice is limited. I still need to learn to compile in terminal for other software that is not in the software center.