Friday, November 5, 2010

Facebook: The Movie

I would have given it a cheesy name, but The Social Network is suffice to identify itself. Afterall, Facebook is THE social network. I don't know the real story of facebook, infact I was reluctant to hop onto the bandwagon when facebook open its doors to others outside its exclusive network, not until almost all my friends are already in facebook and I got repetitive invites only did i budge and see for myself what the hype is all about.

Anyways, the movie is entertaining from start till finish. I'm not sure if Mark Zuckerberg is like the movie Mark Zuckerberg, but knowing Hollywood, accuracy shouldn't be a priority and I left my brain in neutral and let the movie does its magic.

I'm really surprised that they made the movie seems very ordinary. There's no special transformation of character like in the movie 21. There's also no distinctive good guy or bad guy, though I would have perceived Mark starting facebook eventhough he agreed on Harvard Connection as a breach of trust, but... there's no binding contract, or it wasn't shown in the movie.

I guess I've spoiled enough, go watch the movie if you have a facebook account. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Its been a while

Yes, it HAS been a while, a real long while since I last posted. I've wanted to make a few blog post in october, mostly about backlogged stuff that happened the months before, but I guess I've to do it this month instead. Only one post in october, and that post made it seems that I'm dead, lol. Well, I'm always on facebook if anyone need to contact me.


There's LOTS to blog about, especially about some life changing moments. Okay, that's way too dramatic. What I meant was changes in lifestyle and responsibilities. I've became a committee member for the apartment that I'm going to reside in. Yes, going to, as in I've yet to move in. It's 8 months since I got the key and that place is still vacant with bucket of paint and poly filler neatly placed on top of newspapers that carpet the floor. I would've made RM6300 if I've rented out the place sooner. That's enough to cover 7 months installment and part of the maintenance fee. Or I can buy a new 42" LCD TV with that.

Anyhow, back to the committee thingy, think of it as wakil rakyat for the apartment. I know that's not the best definition, but that's what I personally feel like. Whenever there's a complaint, it goes to the JMC when the residents feel the management didn't layan them. Just like DBKL lah.

Speaking of complaints, we have our resident Lim Keat Siang. Like the real thing, he's very vocal and passionate about the welfare of the residents. He barks at the right tree, he barks at the wrong tree, any tree and anything, he barks. There is one time he even commented about how dangerous the pool area is for children with sharp edges pillars that support the gazebo. Now, since you can't see it for yourself, let me describe it. it's not shaped like an ice pick, its square and the corners is like those of a Rubik cube, nicely polished round edge. While a Rubik cube doesn't kill as its made of plastic, these concrete pillars that support the gazebo roof has potential to split a skull open if one decides to run head-on onto the 'sharp' edge like an alpha male ram trying to prove its worth. But then again, you'll need to be four feet tall and must be able to pick up speed like Usain Bolt for that to happen. Even common sense tells that running on slippery pool tiles is dangerous. This is just one of his least ridiculous rant.

Also, he isn't much a looker, so, having to layan him as he goes on and on and on, is not the most pleasant thing to do. I know its a shallow comment, but its true.

When you see a Ferrari revving its engine loudly as it passes by your house waking up your baby that just fell asleep.
You would probably say "bloody hell rich kids, nothing better to do izzit?"

When you see a Vios revving its engine loudly as it passes by your house waking up your baby that just fell asleep.
You would probably say "Typical Fucking Ahbengs"

When you see a Datsun 120Y revving its engine loudly as it passes by your house waking up your baby that just fell asleep.
You would probably say "Old junk also like that also want to bising, NIAMAH, GO DIE LAH!!"

And he also have a personal vendetta against some other tenant which is what I believe fuel his 'passion' and also at the same time the very thing that cloud his judgment. Like reading the bible, some people will interpret it differently then others. And there's this meeting minute that he misinterpret because it concerns the grudge he has against and will rant about it for a good half an hour.

The saying goes, there's little harm done for those who knows nothing, and for those who knows everything. It's those who knows little and made a full conclusion of it does the most damage. well, something like that.

Lucky for me, its only one of him who really take effort to meet up with JMCs. Others are keyboard warriors who rant online and never bother to make anything official during the AGM.

Being part of the JMC does has it perks. The service is better (always with a smile)and my complaints/request will be given priority. Exactly like whats happening now at any local municipal councils. Furthermore I also know how my maintenance fee is being spent, in great detail. The final accounts posted in the AGM barely constitute as a summary, in fact I find it way too simplified. And that's how miscommunication and misconception happens and breeds amongst the keyboard warriors and especially the local LKS.

There's more to talk about, but i'll stop here