Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've kept the account for a really long time although I've already migrated to facebook. Since it did not miss it at all, time to say goodbye.

Bout time

The Great Alex Reunion

First off, the so called event is obviously bogus. What caught my attention was circled in red. I LOLed really hard.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Stumbled upon this comic today, which is something that I can truly relate to. What is 'normal' anyways?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Triple Cheese Burger

another food post, noting much to blog on the days when i'm free, but when i have something to post i'll be too busy to even remember to blog about it. ~_~

Before this was the GCB, the grilled chicken burger, which i didn't like at all. so bad that it didn't deserve even negative attention. Just recently, McD introduced triple cheese burger. nothing fancy, they just add another layer of beef patty and cheese slice, so don't expect anything out of the ordinary or out of this world experience.

3 = Awesome!

not so awesome from this angle.

not awesome from this angle too. Taste just like cheese burger.

they even throw in a free mc shaker upgrade for large fries, no surprise, its cheese flavor. The seasoning used tasted exactly like Super Rings. so if you like super rings you'll like it. for me, it tasted cheap as the cheesy and salty super rings flavor is coated over tasteless fried crisp. McD french fries are salted which makes the mix extra salty and some how potato and super rings flavoring doesn't fusion well enough.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Durain Galore

Here's a little post of what happened a few weeks ago. To compensate for the lack of post, i'll fill up with pictures instead. :P

if you are south eastern Asian, or Asian I'm pretty sure that this fruit needs no introduction. Hailed as the king of fruits by Malaysians for its thorny appearance which require a wool glove and a cleaver to pry it open. and its also known for its awesomely pungent smell and flesh that looks like something that you see every day on the pavement, road, grass that was accessed by dogs.

When I have durian, I'd normally go for the best quality, like those being sold in supermarkets. The durians were liberated from the thorny shell and packed in Styrofoam tray and clink wrap where you can see the color of the flesh and also feel the texture by pressing it gently. Having these high grade durians at exorbitant price is like having french cheese. You indulge in the taste.

The buffet that I went however serves one purpose, fill up the stomach with as much durians as possible. sounds like a dream come true for durian lovers, however stuffing down creamy durians which is ridiculously high in calorific value down the throat is more torture then pleasure.

anyhow, this is the first time I had an all you can eat durian buffet. The word buffet is loosely used as being able to eat as much as you want. but the choice of the durians is limited to the fee, rm10 gives you durian kampung, rm15 offers the higher grade and most popular amongst Malaysians D24 which is what we ordered.

I'm no expert in durian quality grading and can barely tell the difference between durian kampund and D24 other then the size of the flesh. The texture and taste of the fruit that came to our table varies like the color of the rainbow. There are those that's dry and tough as leather which was later thrown, and also those that's was watery as if its been sitting in a pond for weeks also thrown away. There are also some rotten ones which was quickly removed by our 'waiters' and replaced with new ones. All the durains were opened infront of us. But all the durians that entered our month were the nice creamy flesh ones, mostly sweet, only two or three of the many fruits were bitter. I like it bitter.

The after effects of durian binge is no other then a food coma