Friday, August 27, 2010

Fine Dining is Not for Everyone

We celebrated sweetheart's birthday at Le Bouchon which serves authentic French cuisine. It was our first try at french food other then the usual croissant and french fries (pun intended).

For the first time I was seated on a table with more then a pair of fork and knives.

the interior of the restaurant was nicely decorated, and the dim lighting really sets the mood. it was a Tuesday evening, and we had the entire non smoking section to ourselves. we sat face to face and the 3'x3' table kept us apart. personally i prefer a side by side seating for intimacy and its helluva easier sharing food, then to reach out with a fork full of salad and thrust it across the table.

reservation was made that morning itself which was hustle free. just call the mobile number on their website and its done. the land line will forward you to an answering machine. since i had questions to ask, i call the mobile number instead. the person who answered Wan, if i'm not mistaken was courteous and quick to respond to my questions. Ive experienced with receptionist who umms.. and ahhs.. when i ask them about their menu. birthday patrons will be given a slice of cake with candle and will be sung by the waiters. or so i was told.

anyways, we had two four course meal, the Rm88 gourmet menu. picture and descriptions as follows.

Salade Niçoise du Bouchon
Nicoise salade with seared Maguro tuna, quail’s eggs, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, baby potatoes and roasted vegetable-lemon vinaigrette

the best part of this salad is the tuna, which i had a hard time identifying. it doesn't taste like tuna and the texture feels like venison but taste like beef/lamb.

Escargots de Bourgogne
Burgundy Snails baked with fresh herbs, garlic and Pastis butter.

not my first time with mollusk but its definitely the first time i had it like this. there's a fancy gripping tool to grab the snails too and i was given a tiny fork with it. as nice as it looks with all the spices and oil, it doesn't taste that good as the meat was soft instead of springy. i like snails springy.

Terrine de légumes Provençale au basilic
Provencal vegetables terrine scented with basil, served with a roasted tomato vinaigrette

another salad not as nice as the first.
Soupe de tomates légèrement fumées, crème de pistou
Lightly smoked tomato soup with pesto cream

taste good, atleast it doesn't disappoint like the snails.
Poulet grillé aux morilles, risotto aux herbes fraiches et carottes caramélisées
Grilled chicken breast with morels mushroom sauce, fresh herbs risotto and caramelized carrots

probably the best thing in the menu. chicken breast nicely done, tough enough to eat like a steak and not too tough when chewing on it. but the sauce is rather bland. caramelized carrots tasted good, no idea you can make vegetable that fun to eat.
Saumon rôti aux poivrons doux, haricots verts fins aux graines de sésame et sauce au Bourgogne
Roasted salmon fillet with bell peppers, sesame Kenya beans and Burgundy wine sauce

Another awesome dish. nicely done salmon and the sauce still tasted bland.

Assiette de fromages de France non pasteurisés, pain et crackers
Assorted non pasteurized French cheeses, bread and crackers

My first try at french cheese. it'd tasted helluva better with wine. but since i was driving and i'm not a wine person, i had to wash down the aftertaste with pain water as the earlier bottled carbonated water finished. there are four types of cheese and one of them is most foul. i've no idea what it was but it looks like it had green mold in it and it gives the most awful bitter aftertaste when eaten alone. with a cracker, it was quite pleasant. mixing with fruits gives different fusion of taste. it was a fun experience, though they could've given more fruits and crackers. taking huge chunks of cheese triggers my gag reflex.

Tarte aux fraises et glace à la cannelle
Fresh strawberry tart with cinnamon ice cream

the best way to end the meal, with something sweet.

each dish takes about 30 to 45 minutes to be served which gives allot of time to talk and stare at each others eyes. the ambiance is quiet with some soft french music, mostly instrumental being played. if it was a diners with comfortable leather cushion where we sit side by side, and play thumb sumo, then it wouldn't be that boring, and it wouldn't be half as romantic as well.

so, about the cake. as we sat through the 3over hours, i requested for the bill and reminded the waiter for the cake. the bill came but not the cake. we waited a little longer and he was no where to be found. I'm not the type of person who bangs on table yelling 'the cake is a lie'. instead i'll go home and blog that the cake was a lie.