Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That 70s Show: Enter the Dragon

Two post ago I blogged about movies being very weird back then. And by chance I had the opportunity to watch Enter The Dragon by Bruce Lee. Many thanks to the fella who uploaded it into rapidshare.

I've never completed any Bruce Lee movies before.I've watched mostly snippets of it in YouTube like the part where Bruce smash up an office and also the famous Bruce vs Chuck Norris scene. Since it was my first time with Enter the Dragon I wasn't expecting much other then being some kick ass Kung fu movie. And ogle at Bruce ripped abs.

There are a few things that by current standards and stigma that makes the movie 'weird' and there area few to take note off.

Preemptive strike is okay. The scene where the Jim Kelly was approached by two policeman and being searched. Sure the police were racist but that doesn't mean that you can strike a policeman. Even struggling during an arrest is enough to warrant a resisting arrest which makes even the innocent guilty. But then again its the 70s so they probably didn't have such laws and SOP yet.

It's okay to kill if you are the good guy. That the funny thing about old shows. Killing is okay. And Bruce lee is guilty of it. The fight scene against evil henchman Oharra, it was clearly that Oharra was incapacitated from Bruce's kick and was lying on the ground. Instead of walking away like he did many attacks ago, Bruce decided to end it once and for all by stomping on Oharra and snapping his neck as heard by the very audioble crack sound though not shown on screen. Kung fu movies nowadays discourage killing and it's called self-defense for a reason. Defense

Mirror maze was so chic back then. This was definitely not my first time watching movies with mirror maze. And what's funny is, it's actually quite easy navigating a mirror maze when you are in one by looking at the floor looking for the joints where mirror meets floor. It only gives the illusion of someone standing in front of you because of camera work and also because the lack of depth perception as cameras are monoscopic compared to stereoscopic two eyed human beings.

The main villain is always surrounded by idiots. Han was a super villain and former senior student of the Shoalin king fu which inaccurately based in Hong Kong. All his guards in white uniform are no match even for stranded drifters. In the final scene where the drifters were freed, they fought off Han's guards which outnumber them many folds. Bear in mind that Han's guards trained daily. No wonder the Chinese were stereotyped to know know Kung fu.
Speaking of Han, the ending fight scene is LOUSY!!! Han looked like an old man jumping around like a monkey with a garden fork in his left hand. Its hard to believe that Han has any sort of training form Shaolin.

The most powerful weapon is glass. There are two scenes. The first on shown right above where Lee's sister committed suicide by stabbing her abdomen with a glass shard. If she has severed her jugular then it's more believable. Also in the fight with Oharra, he used two smashed bottles, instead of folding chairs which has longer reach and smack with a loud 'pang' ala WWE style. If i were him, I'd go for the chairs.

I only manage to list out five things (in no particular order) that makes 70s show weird, or more accurately Enter the Dragon weird by my standards. I can go on about poor chirography not only in the extras but also Oharra and in that awful boss fight. But I'll let it slip since it is these mistakes that modern day movie makers take note off and make modern day shows awesome.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Heavy Gunner

This entry is bound to happen sooner or later. For a blogger with an iPhone and not blogging about favorite apps is like a blogger not talking about a movie after watching it. Er... it doesn't apply that well here now that I've stopped blogging about movies. Probably the fact that i now less frequent the cinema since getting good seats would need me to get the tickets at least a 2 days in advance. That also means I've missed lots of movies lately, Ironman 2, Shrek4, ToyStory3 in fact I also haven't watch Avatar or District 9 yet. Speaking about being left out. DX

I'm very excited about this entry because it's my fist entry on iPhone apps. And what's best is taking snapshot of the iPhone app in action is so easy as there's already a built in function for that. Just press the home and power button simultaneously and voila, a screen shot is saved in the camera roll folder.

The first app that comes to mind is Heavy Gunner which I've been playing for weeks and have yet to get bored. The graphic is sharp, loads decently fast for a 3D graphic intense game and has one of the best controls. This game utilize both the multi touch and gyro sensor of the iPhone making this game a whole lot fun. Heavy Gunner remind me of the Matrix during it's final chapter where the humans in Zion defend themselves against the onslaught of the sentinels.

The controls is easy and very fluid. There are two thumb pads for each left and right weapon and rotating the turret just simply tilt the iPhone to the direction you want to turn to. There is little depth in the game as missions only varies from killing a set number of enemies, surviving for a predetermined amount of time and killing the final boss. The game will end when health reaches zero. The is an option to upgrade weapons and the battle tank (which is stationery most of the time) that provides some motivation to complete as many levels as possible to earn credits for those upgrades. But once you got them all it pretty much reaches the end of it's shelf life. For a mindless shooter that has fluid game play, solid controls and acceptable graphics for a mobile device, it's a good game worth keeping and also available on Android.

There are other apps worth mentioning, but its time to hit the hay. Will post more about my favorite apps later.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Words that Adults Use

Till today I still do remember the first cuss word I said, and like all 10 year old innocent child, I didn't know that it was a cuss word until being scolded for using it. No it wasn't Fuck. It was son of a bitch. I came upon that remarkable discovery of explicit expression was through TV (no surprises there). Like I said I was 10 back then, and I was watching this romantic comedy on national TV. Back then there were only 4 channels, and just so happen that that is the only channel with an English medium movie. The scene was like this, a man and a woman trying to beat a yellow light only to turn red, both stomp on the brakes but the car skidded towards each other (why is it green for two incoming traffic, I don't know, shows back then are weird), just before impact they yelled son of a bitch! It's the comedic expression that really caught my attention and I thought it meant something like ohmygwad! And I didn't even know what's a bitch, and thought it was beach. Anyways I was given a long lecture about cuss words and that's all history.

Then in my teens during the era of Samuel L Jackson, Eminem, LMF and Limpbizkit, cuss words was as cool as cigarettes and having a drivers license. And that's when fuck is used excessively, like lah. Like "Dude, check this shit out, fucking sweet, dude" or "Fuck man, that shit was tha bomb" or "Fucking sorry for you bro" and my all time favorite till date, "FUCK YEAH!" Amidst the one eyebrow stares form strangers and people within audible vicinity of us fouled mouth teens, it didn't bother me much because I didn't fucking cared.

Now much older and a little wiser, cuss words is overrated, like cigarettes and a drivers license. Furthermore the over dependency on fuck as an adjective limits vocabulary growth. Its like having ketchup on anything and everything you eat, you'll be missing the countless of other mouthwatering flavors available like black pepper sauce, brown sauce and my favourite pickle and mayo dip.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oldschool or outdated?

We have this family mechanic, like a family doctor but he fixes cars, all our cars including my old red kembara, (now sold). What's great about him is that his service is great and reasonably priced. And wants more important is that he doesn't con us into replacing unbroken parts.

There are a few minor setbacks though. A fortnight ago I had my fuel filter changed in my Neo. It was a fairly quick process, jack up the car, remove fuel filter, replace fuel filter, ensure couplings are properly fasten, checked for leaks, test drove, and I was handed the bill, only RM20 labor charge.

Then I noticed something, my fuel consumption has increased dramatically to 80km/10L, or 12.5L for every 100km which is considered high as I've recorded 14L/100km during track days and on KL-Ipoh 1hour 15minute express. On average law abiding days is 10L/100km. So what went wrong? The answer lies in the ECU.

This was my first fuel filter change which was long overdue. In fact I didn't realized that my fuel filter was never changed during the major service at 20,000km. So, the aged filter gets clogged and the fuel pump have to work on overtime to push the fuel through the restrictive filter. When I had the filter replaced, the ECU still thinks that the filter was blocked and used the old mapping which resulted is excess fuel being burnt, henceforth the high fuel consumption.

So, I did what I should have done sine the day I got the fuel filter replaced, was to reset the ECU. Now fuel consumption has returned back to normal with no loss of power.

And here's the funny part, I returned to the mechanic and told him about the high fuel consumption, they jacked up the car again and didn't find any leaks. He was clueless about the high fuel consumption and blamed the traffic jams.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Up up and away

Fuel price has increase yet again, this time by 5 cents. A negligible amount considering that it only amounts to Rm2 for a full tank so I wasn't bothered to queue up for an hour or so just to fill up petrol at the old price. anyway I had about 1/2 tank left, so my savings was actually RM1.

But then, when any commodities in Malaysia goes up, it affects everything else. Cost of goods will increase as cost of transportation increases. In short its called inflation. Our country has been living a subsidized life for way too long. Our sugar is subsidized, our fuel is subsidized, flour and cooking oil too is subsidized. Anything with controlled pricing is subsidized, and this tax allot on the country revenue. And at the same time, provides and artificial comfort to its population. Its like living on antibiotics. Any ailments will be fought off with medication, although its just the common cold.

Inflation is inevitable. Every country goes through it. What makes us, the rakyat angry, is that our elected ministers are living fairly comfortably with their chauffeured Mercedes and Camrys. Appreantly Mercedes and Camrys has more reliable gearbox compared to our locally assembled Perdanas. It is easy to tell the rakyat to Ubah Gaya Hidup because talk is cheap, and that's all they do, talk.

I read this article "Stop Subsidizing Corruption" quite some time ago during the sugar price hike and I find it very good. I wish i can share it, unfortunately I can't find the article through google, nor do I even remember where I read it. It points out that reducing subsidy to ease the governments burden is not the solution to the ongoing menace in our country.

The crux of the problem is corruption.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The iSos

My younger brother entered university a week ago and I was made his official iPhone guardian till he graduates or until he thinks its safe to own an iPhone in campus. After all, its his first time living far far away from home, bunking with strangers, so having a RM2.4k iPhone is big responsibility and the risk of theft escalates when you are in an unfamiliar location.

Don't worry this will not be another iPhone review. In fact, it's kinda late for a 3Gs review when the iPhone 4 was launched weeks ago. Furthermore I'm not an apple fan and disliked their sour grape mac advertisement. Especially this one.

Ironically that's what the iPhone has become. There are just so many apps in the app store and most of them are junk. Probably the only consolation about the iPhone for having so many apps installed is that it doesn't slow down the phone and that the apps load really fast. Then again, it could be the lack of multitasking).

I do like using the iPhone not because it's an apple product, but the convenience of having Internet access on my palm and also the iPhone is really easy to use (and fast too). After all I'm already old and messing through command prompt was days of the DOS and Redhat 4.0 Nowadays it's just Facebook and Waze for me. 6 pages of apps and I only use these 2 the most.

What about surfing? Surfing is great on the iPhone, compared to OTHER PHONES that is. But when I'm within the vicinity of a computer that has internet access, then I'll be using that instead. The ease of resizing on the iPhone is awesome, but the size of the device really does limit its usage.

Which brings me to a new topic, why would anyone want to watch HD movies on their hand held device? This has become an alarming trend of uselessness for many major mobile companies, and it started from Korea. How crisp and clear can a picture get on a 4" screen? HD are meant to be big and proud, period.

Another thing I realized while using the iPhone while behind the wheel, is that I'd much prefer my navigation system separate from my in car entertainment system. Before my iPhone experience I had that thought of replacing my stock stereo with a double din 7" ICE with built in GPS, the whole shebang. But, while using Waze and ipod (which is the only thing the iPhone can multitask) I realized how in convenient it was shuffling through Waze and ipod every time I want to change track. Unless of course the ICE some with steering control for basic commands, play, forward, pause, mute, and by changing the track or volume, the GPS remains on screen. Big plus if there's song name scrolling somewhere at the bottom, small enough that it doesn't block the map, big enough to be read while going 140km/h.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Floaters are deposits of various size, shape, consistency, refractive index, and motility within the eye's vitreous humour, which is normally transparent. They may be of embryonic origin or acquired due to degenerative changes of the vitreous humour or retina. The perception of floaters is known as myodesopsia, or less commonly as myiodeopsia, myiodesopsia, or myodeopsia. Floaters are visible because of the shadows they cast on the retina or their refraction of the light that passes through them, and can appear alone or together with several others in one's field of vision. They may appear as spots, threads, or fragments of cobwebs, which float slowly before the sufferer's eyes. Since these objects exist within the eye itself, they are not optical illusions but are entoptic phenomena.

One specific type of floater is either called Muscae volitantes (from the Latin, meaning 'flying flies'), or mouches volantes (from the French), and consist of small spots. These are present in most people's eyes and are attributed to minute remnants of embryonic structures in the vitreous humour.


The last time I had one obstructing my vision was in my early teens. Then it magically went away. Just yesterday evening, it came back again. Now I have a floating tadpole in my right eye, swimming around whenever I look around. The only console is that it's not dead center on the focal point, but it's kinda annoying seeing a tadpole like floater at the corner of my vision.