Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back to School: Part2

What? there's a part 2?

This is rather unexpected. As much as my enthusiasm got fired up on the very first day learning double entry for various accounts like the cash, purchases, sales account etc, it diminished off rather quickly on the third and fourth lesson where only a single topic was thought on that one lesson, which in my humble opinion, both topics are actually subtopics which can be thought in the very same day. The delay? we spent an hour of our two hour lesson solving exercises. Solving exercises is a very normal thing to do, as it gauges a student's understanding on that subject, moreover hands on experience works best. And like math, accounts is all about practice.
I have time for spy shots

The thing is... having gone through university where the main discipline is a solid preparation before lectures, needless to say I was very well prepared for the second and third lesson. I've read through the notes in the book which is very easy to follow, and did the exercises myself, so when the teacher discuss it, I'll just have to compare answer and make any necessary corrections if needed. The thing that i wasn't prepared of was doing the exercises in class with everyone else. Yes, it feels very form 3.

Friday, March 12, 2010

CH: 25 Random Things-Miley Cyrus Parody

embedding not allowed, so here's the link instead

pretty much sums up how i feel about those inane facebook quizzes which the guys and girls at CH manage to make it sound so fun and lively.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kepong Water Quality

Following are pictures of water filter trapping dirt and sediment straight off the kitchen pipe outlet. Updated weekly

07 March, Sunday
No picture taken

Buy Phone, Free Porn

This old news, was published in The Sun March 4, 2010. Older news considering that such phenomenon will normally go unnoticed and unreported until it becomes really big, like a month later.

Back to the news, its reported as Seberang Perai, which is in Penang. And since I'm not penang lang, I can't tell you first hand of such case, in fact I don't know such thing even existed until i was reading a free copy of The Sun on March 4. On business wise, it's rather ingenious, by giving something attainable for free, and giving it away for free with every purchase. Zero additional investment cost, and yet it help boost sales. If free smut becomes the deciding factor in a cell phone purchase, then its really sad for the buyer, as videos in 3gp and mp4 format is horrendous. The pixilation is as big as a domestic JAV mosaic and I doubt that anyone will get a turn on with such low details. But then again, there are horny and desperate people who will settle for much less.

I'm not sure if phone shops in KL have adapted to this marketing gimmick, been a long time since I last went shopping for a phone.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Unlike 10 years ago, I'd spend lots of time on reading hardware review, most particularly Tom's Hardware, and also spend lots of money on computer magazines about the latest greatest computer or its supportive components to hit our shores. Though I might not know everything in detail, but at least I was quick to tell you how much memory a voodoo3 3000 card has and how much it cost, but why you should get the geforce instead.

Fast forward 10 years, and now I never free read computer mags, let alone buy one. The geek appeal has died off, along with my enthusiasms for computer hardware. And if i were to make a purchase, the latest and greatest will not be the priority. Like my current laptop, performance wasn't much a priority as long as it served as adequate surfing station and movie player. That is until I was given the task to recommend a laptop for my cousin which not only surf and play movies, but also some games as well. And that's when I stumbled upon

What I like best about this website is the sheer amount of laptop gpu it reviews, and compares it not only by 3dmark benchmarks but also through games, which also includes old games, like my all time favourite quake3. And since i've been 'disconnected' from the latest tech news, there are noob friendly tips and what to look out for in selecting the right laptop gpu for own needs and budget.

Somehow it makes me feel young again :D

Back to School

My bro and I got us registered for book keeping night class. Been years since I last sat down in a class for lessons. There's no first day jitters like the time during my formal education years. In fact, I was eager for class to begin, so eager that we were the first there.

The advantage of being early is we get to select our seat smack dead center where we got clear view of the whiteboard that spans the entire wall. Meanwhile, the other students arrived later, and some even while the class was in progress. I'm not the only "old" person there, there are two more students who look considerately older, bearing graying hair and forehead that needs botox. But there are lots of younger students which makes up a good portion of the class. And like typical malu-malu malaysians, the front two rows are left empty until the back rows are filled up.

There was a mistake on the course that I register for. I was suppose to attend for bookkeeping for beginners, or the level 1 course, the class that we attended was for level 2, or intermediate. Although we had zero bookkeeping background, the intermediate class was easy to follow like the cash account and double entry. The class was conducted in English and important points were written on the whiteboard with the nicest handwriting I've ever seen. The way the class is conducted is like any typical tuition centers or form school style where student teacher interaction is minimal, important pointers are always written on the whiteboard, and the teacher waits for student to copy them. But then again, its bookkeeping, not philosophical science or any subject that will stimulate the rational and logic part of the mind.

Classes is two hours long, twice a week, every Monday and Thursday.