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Rated M for Mature

I'm thinking of blogging different for 2011.

This blog is now NOT safe for children

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Info

It takes 5 minutes for me to walk from my apartment to Jaya Grocer

Jaya Grocer is 450meters away from the apartment guard house

I can eat 2 hotdogs while making that trip on foot

Ayam brand tuna is cheaper in Jaya Grocer (rm4.40) then 7-11(rm5)

Jaya Grocer is always packed on weekday evenings and the entire parking lot is occupied, don't drive, walk.

There were reports of mugging and snatch theft along the 450 meter road, drive, don't walk.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

2 Weeks without Windows

Although I'm running dual boot WinXP SP2 and Ubuntu 10.10 on a freshly formatted and partitioned hard drive, I've yet to log into WinXP for the first time. I've copied the driver installation over into the XP partition through Ubuntu, somehow I never got around to prep the Winxp. In fact I'm quite comfortable with Ubuntu in just 2 weeks.

So, where has Ubuntu done right?

simplicity, like a mac.

And this is how my desktop looks right now. Very very mac-ish.

If I tell this to the 17year old version of me I'd definitely laugh at myself. Macs are for fags will definitely be the first thing out of my mouth. And then I'd probably go on and on about no games for linux. True about the game part. Though the game library has grown many folds compared to the first time I experimented with linux, it still lacks support form main stream best sellers. This is something that I can live without, not the 17year old me. The fact that I no longer game is the big contributing factor how I accustomed to ubuntu so quickly.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

To Know Your Country Better, Be a Tour Guide.

Over the past months I've been playing tour guide to Carmen, sweetheart's supervisor from the USA. Generally, being Malaysians the first thing that we can think of is shopping. What better way to stimulate our local economy to have foreigners to spend here, right? But then again, why come to Malaysia just to shop? There are other things that define this country then the over abundance of shopping malls and street peddlers.

The first place I can think of is non other then Batu Caves, one of the oldest Hindu place of worship made famous by its 272 steps up a limestone cave and the statue of Lord Murugan. And that's when the questions starts pouring out, what statue is that? how tall is it? is it made of real gold? how many steps are there? what's up there(in the cave)? how old is this place? And that's also when I realized how little I know about that place other then being the perfect place to exercise your hamstrings. Thank Jobs for the Iphone and a full bar 3G signal so I can quickly wiki all those information midway up the steps.

And also thanks to our diverse culture, we were never short of place to visit. Like the Ramadan bazaar at Shah Alam Stadium for coming up first in Google search. Speaking of Ramadan, she is a Muslim convert and is very enthusiastic about the religion and culture. This made my job easier as I was able to bring her to the Shah Alam Blue mosque. Having a Caucasian around is like having one of those multipass. I was given the one eyebrow lifted look when entering the gigantous blue mosque trying to find my way around, but when she caught up with me, the eyebrows turn to warm smiles.
Our visit to the National Mosque in down town KL was MUCH friendlier, probably because they got a steady stream of tourist daily, as compared to the Blue Mosque. And I didn't know that within the compound of the National Mosque is the resting place of 'our' forefathers.

And soon enough, I found myself start doing tourist stuff, like planning a trip to Melaca and visiting tourist hot spots, something which I've avoided all these while as I didn't want to get suckered into these tourist traps as the price of souvenirs and even refreshments are overpriced. Nevertheless, doing tourist stuff at tourist locations is fun, especially meeting other tourist and exchanging greetings.

I've got to admit that without Carmen, I wouldn't bother about sight seeing, or taking road trips to far away places I've never visited. However, going with a bunch of friends does makes things allot better. Theres better company, more people to help make decisions, and also we can order more dishes to sample, something a couple can't do without having those food go to waste.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Russians Does it Better

In a nutshell, Newsmakers is a remake of 2004 Hong Kong Movie Breaking News. It has the same plot, the same story line, same action scenes. The only main difference is, I enjoyed Newsmakers very much.

Here's what sets Newsmakers apart from Breaking News

1) Russians KNOWS how to act.
All character has their own personality and the actors portrayed it very well. This is my first Russian movie, so I don't know if i'm looking at bing time hotshots, or some really talented armatures. Most noticeable difference is how the Russian Mariya Mashkova outshines the cocked eye logo block Kelly Chen in the same role. Though there are times that I feel Mariya a bit over enthusiastic when she boss people around the command center, but at least she shows emotions, scared, excited, angry which is a farcry over the Chinese female Steven Seagal.

2) Russians are more badass.
Probably the way each actors has their own characters, even the baddies. There's this psychopathic crack head with an obsession to record everything with his cellphone which really caught my attention and adds flavor into the movie. Then theres the cool as a cucumber mastermind which is just a carbon copy of the Hong Kong version, nothing to shout about.

3) Better fireworks.
It doesn't look like cheap CGI and they are very generous with bullets, especially for a gang that robs armored trucks. Their arsenal rivals those of a small army, grenades, rpgs, and AK47 with infinite ammo.

4) Breaking News video conferencing is Windows Media Player
At first I loled, then I was put off by it.
Newsmakers uses some interface that i'm not familiar with, so i gave them the benefit of doubt. There's one thing that bugs me though, newsmakers didn't use webcam but cellphone camera.

I'm definitely rewatching Newsmakers again.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Week with Ubuntu 10.10

So, I'm finally getting the hang of it, after installing Ubuntu for the 3rd time within the span of 24 hours.
On the first installation, I messed up the desktop by copy-pasting some code in the internet that supposedly enables glscreen saver as desktop. I've already downloaded the matrix code screensaver so all I need to do was to make it run. Unfortunately it didn't work. All I got was a blank black screen as desktop, the icons are gone and I can no longer right click on desktop to change properties. Sure, the appearance option is in the system tab, but that is many clicks away, furthermore I'm rather accustomed with the convenience of right click desktop function. Since there's no system restore and I don't know how to undo whatever commands I fed into the terminal, the easiest solution was to reinstall Ubuntu.

The one thing about windows which I've never appreciated until now is the system restore and the OS repair feature when booting with an XP CD. Now I've realized how important and convenient those features are. I've always disabled system restore on XP to gain that few gigs of hard disk space, and also because I'm very sure what I was doing, so the OS rarely screw up unless I eff it up big time. Now I wish my Ubuntu has those features so I can experiment with the terminal without fear of having to reinstall all over again. One click on restore point return things back to normal.

I short-cut around the second installation by installing over the existing ext4 partition and in the end I got 2 separate linux in the same hdd. And to make matter worse, it only boot into terminal mode only. And since i'm new to linux, I didn't know how to launch the gui. And that's when I format the drive and reinstall everything. again.

After fighting the terminal temptation, I start using Ubuntu like how a Mac user would. Play dumb. And its rather rewarding. The system didn't crash, and I even manage to make Ubuntu to look like a Mac with just using mouse clicks. No terminals needed.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mid OS crisis

I'm experimenting with Ubuntu, a move forced to make when I got a warning letter from the anti-piracy enforcement agency saying that they will be dropping by for a spot check. Sure I can hide the PC but for how long? Furthermore I wouldn't have to learn Ubuntu if I can get boxed Win7 professional in PJ, but then, the PC is old, so it probably couldn't run it anyways. In the meantime I bought new PCs preloaded with genuine Win7 and Office which cost as more then the darn entry level PC. Good thing there is such thing as 0% interest easy payment.

Anyways, when the word linux is mentioned, one would think a super customized hacker's OS. In fact this is how I picture my ubuntu to look like:

This is how my ubuntu actually look like right now.

On the other hand, there is the ubuntu software center which functions very similarly to app store on the iphone. Just with a simple click and it'll download and install itself. It made life soooooo much simpler compared to the first time I tried redhat 5 eons ago.

Then again, the choice is limited. I still need to learn to compile in terminal for other software that is not in the software center.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Facebook: The Movie

I would have given it a cheesy name, but The Social Network is suffice to identify itself. Afterall, Facebook is THE social network. I don't know the real story of facebook, infact I was reluctant to hop onto the bandwagon when facebook open its doors to others outside its exclusive network, not until almost all my friends are already in facebook and I got repetitive invites only did i budge and see for myself what the hype is all about.

Anyways, the movie is entertaining from start till finish. I'm not sure if Mark Zuckerberg is like the movie Mark Zuckerberg, but knowing Hollywood, accuracy shouldn't be a priority and I left my brain in neutral and let the movie does its magic.

I'm really surprised that they made the movie seems very ordinary. There's no special transformation of character like in the movie 21. There's also no distinctive good guy or bad guy, though I would have perceived Mark starting facebook eventhough he agreed on Harvard Connection as a breach of trust, but... there's no binding contract, or it wasn't shown in the movie.

I guess I've spoiled enough, go watch the movie if you have a facebook account. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Its been a while

Yes, it HAS been a while, a real long while since I last posted. I've wanted to make a few blog post in october, mostly about backlogged stuff that happened the months before, but I guess I've to do it this month instead. Only one post in october, and that post made it seems that I'm dead, lol. Well, I'm always on facebook if anyone need to contact me.


There's LOTS to blog about, especially about some life changing moments. Okay, that's way too dramatic. What I meant was changes in lifestyle and responsibilities. I've became a committee member for the apartment that I'm going to reside in. Yes, going to, as in I've yet to move in. It's 8 months since I got the key and that place is still vacant with bucket of paint and poly filler neatly placed on top of newspapers that carpet the floor. I would've made RM6300 if I've rented out the place sooner. That's enough to cover 7 months installment and part of the maintenance fee. Or I can buy a new 42" LCD TV with that.

Anyhow, back to the committee thingy, think of it as wakil rakyat for the apartment. I know that's not the best definition, but that's what I personally feel like. Whenever there's a complaint, it goes to the JMC when the residents feel the management didn't layan them. Just like DBKL lah.

Speaking of complaints, we have our resident Lim Keat Siang. Like the real thing, he's very vocal and passionate about the welfare of the residents. He barks at the right tree, he barks at the wrong tree, any tree and anything, he barks. There is one time he even commented about how dangerous the pool area is for children with sharp edges pillars that support the gazebo. Now, since you can't see it for yourself, let me describe it. it's not shaped like an ice pick, its square and the corners is like those of a Rubik cube, nicely polished round edge. While a Rubik cube doesn't kill as its made of plastic, these concrete pillars that support the gazebo roof has potential to split a skull open if one decides to run head-on onto the 'sharp' edge like an alpha male ram trying to prove its worth. But then again, you'll need to be four feet tall and must be able to pick up speed like Usain Bolt for that to happen. Even common sense tells that running on slippery pool tiles is dangerous. This is just one of his least ridiculous rant.

Also, he isn't much a looker, so, having to layan him as he goes on and on and on, is not the most pleasant thing to do. I know its a shallow comment, but its true.

When you see a Ferrari revving its engine loudly as it passes by your house waking up your baby that just fell asleep.
You would probably say "bloody hell rich kids, nothing better to do izzit?"

When you see a Vios revving its engine loudly as it passes by your house waking up your baby that just fell asleep.
You would probably say "Typical Fucking Ahbengs"

When you see a Datsun 120Y revving its engine loudly as it passes by your house waking up your baby that just fell asleep.
You would probably say "Old junk also like that also want to bising, NIAMAH, GO DIE LAH!!"

And he also have a personal vendetta against some other tenant which is what I believe fuel his 'passion' and also at the same time the very thing that cloud his judgment. Like reading the bible, some people will interpret it differently then others. And there's this meeting minute that he misinterpret because it concerns the grudge he has against and will rant about it for a good half an hour.

The saying goes, there's little harm done for those who knows nothing, and for those who knows everything. It's those who knows little and made a full conclusion of it does the most damage. well, something like that.

Lucky for me, its only one of him who really take effort to meet up with JMCs. Others are keyboard warriors who rant online and never bother to make anything official during the AGM.

Being part of the JMC does has it perks. The service is better (always with a smile)and my complaints/request will be given priority. Exactly like whats happening now at any local municipal councils. Furthermore I also know how my maintenance fee is being spent, in great detail. The final accounts posted in the AGM barely constitute as a summary, in fact I find it way too simplified. And that's how miscommunication and misconception happens and breeds amongst the keyboard warriors and especially the local LKS.

There's more to talk about, but i'll stop here

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've kept the account for a really long time although I've already migrated to facebook. Since it did not miss it at all, time to say goodbye.

Bout time

The Great Alex Reunion

First off, the so called event is obviously bogus. What caught my attention was circled in red. I LOLed really hard.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Stumbled upon this comic today, which is something that I can truly relate to. What is 'normal' anyways?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Triple Cheese Burger

another food post, noting much to blog on the days when i'm free, but when i have something to post i'll be too busy to even remember to blog about it. ~_~

Before this was the GCB, the grilled chicken burger, which i didn't like at all. so bad that it didn't deserve even negative attention. Just recently, McD introduced triple cheese burger. nothing fancy, they just add another layer of beef patty and cheese slice, so don't expect anything out of the ordinary or out of this world experience.

3 = Awesome!

not so awesome from this angle.

not awesome from this angle too. Taste just like cheese burger.

they even throw in a free mc shaker upgrade for large fries, no surprise, its cheese flavor. The seasoning used tasted exactly like Super Rings. so if you like super rings you'll like it. for me, it tasted cheap as the cheesy and salty super rings flavor is coated over tasteless fried crisp. McD french fries are salted which makes the mix extra salty and some how potato and super rings flavoring doesn't fusion well enough.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Durain Galore

Here's a little post of what happened a few weeks ago. To compensate for the lack of post, i'll fill up with pictures instead. :P

if you are south eastern Asian, or Asian I'm pretty sure that this fruit needs no introduction. Hailed as the king of fruits by Malaysians for its thorny appearance which require a wool glove and a cleaver to pry it open. and its also known for its awesomely pungent smell and flesh that looks like something that you see every day on the pavement, road, grass that was accessed by dogs.

When I have durian, I'd normally go for the best quality, like those being sold in supermarkets. The durians were liberated from the thorny shell and packed in Styrofoam tray and clink wrap where you can see the color of the flesh and also feel the texture by pressing it gently. Having these high grade durians at exorbitant price is like having french cheese. You indulge in the taste.

The buffet that I went however serves one purpose, fill up the stomach with as much durians as possible. sounds like a dream come true for durian lovers, however stuffing down creamy durians which is ridiculously high in calorific value down the throat is more torture then pleasure.

anyhow, this is the first time I had an all you can eat durian buffet. The word buffet is loosely used as being able to eat as much as you want. but the choice of the durians is limited to the fee, rm10 gives you durian kampung, rm15 offers the higher grade and most popular amongst Malaysians D24 which is what we ordered.

I'm no expert in durian quality grading and can barely tell the difference between durian kampund and D24 other then the size of the flesh. The texture and taste of the fruit that came to our table varies like the color of the rainbow. There are those that's dry and tough as leather which was later thrown, and also those that's was watery as if its been sitting in a pond for weeks also thrown away. There are also some rotten ones which was quickly removed by our 'waiters' and replaced with new ones. All the durains were opened infront of us. But all the durians that entered our month were the nice creamy flesh ones, mostly sweet, only two or three of the many fruits were bitter. I like it bitter.

The after effects of durian binge is no other then a food coma

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fine Dining is Not for Everyone

We celebrated sweetheart's birthday at Le Bouchon which serves authentic French cuisine. It was our first try at french food other then the usual croissant and french fries (pun intended).

For the first time I was seated on a table with more then a pair of fork and knives.

the interior of the restaurant was nicely decorated, and the dim lighting really sets the mood. it was a Tuesday evening, and we had the entire non smoking section to ourselves. we sat face to face and the 3'x3' table kept us apart. personally i prefer a side by side seating for intimacy and its helluva easier sharing food, then to reach out with a fork full of salad and thrust it across the table.

reservation was made that morning itself which was hustle free. just call the mobile number on their website and its done. the land line will forward you to an answering machine. since i had questions to ask, i call the mobile number instead. the person who answered Wan, if i'm not mistaken was courteous and quick to respond to my questions. Ive experienced with receptionist who umms.. and ahhs.. when i ask them about their menu. birthday patrons will be given a slice of cake with candle and will be sung by the waiters. or so i was told.

anyways, we had two four course meal, the Rm88 gourmet menu. picture and descriptions as follows.

Salade Niçoise du Bouchon
Nicoise salade with seared Maguro tuna, quail’s eggs, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, baby potatoes and roasted vegetable-lemon vinaigrette

the best part of this salad is the tuna, which i had a hard time identifying. it doesn't taste like tuna and the texture feels like venison but taste like beef/lamb.

Escargots de Bourgogne
Burgundy Snails baked with fresh herbs, garlic and Pastis butter.

not my first time with mollusk but its definitely the first time i had it like this. there's a fancy gripping tool to grab the snails too and i was given a tiny fork with it. as nice as it looks with all the spices and oil, it doesn't taste that good as the meat was soft instead of springy. i like snails springy.

Terrine de légumes Provençale au basilic
Provencal vegetables terrine scented with basil, served with a roasted tomato vinaigrette

another salad not as nice as the first.
Soupe de tomates légèrement fumées, crème de pistou
Lightly smoked tomato soup with pesto cream

taste good, atleast it doesn't disappoint like the snails.
Poulet grillé aux morilles, risotto aux herbes fraiches et carottes caramélisées
Grilled chicken breast with morels mushroom sauce, fresh herbs risotto and caramelized carrots

probably the best thing in the menu. chicken breast nicely done, tough enough to eat like a steak and not too tough when chewing on it. but the sauce is rather bland. caramelized carrots tasted good, no idea you can make vegetable that fun to eat.
Saumon rôti aux poivrons doux, haricots verts fins aux graines de sésame et sauce au Bourgogne
Roasted salmon fillet with bell peppers, sesame Kenya beans and Burgundy wine sauce

Another awesome dish. nicely done salmon and the sauce still tasted bland.

Assiette de fromages de France non pasteurisés, pain et crackers
Assorted non pasteurized French cheeses, bread and crackers

My first try at french cheese. it'd tasted helluva better with wine. but since i was driving and i'm not a wine person, i had to wash down the aftertaste with pain water as the earlier bottled carbonated water finished. there are four types of cheese and one of them is most foul. i've no idea what it was but it looks like it had green mold in it and it gives the most awful bitter aftertaste when eaten alone. with a cracker, it was quite pleasant. mixing with fruits gives different fusion of taste. it was a fun experience, though they could've given more fruits and crackers. taking huge chunks of cheese triggers my gag reflex.

Tarte aux fraises et glace à la cannelle
Fresh strawberry tart with cinnamon ice cream

the best way to end the meal, with something sweet.

each dish takes about 30 to 45 minutes to be served which gives allot of time to talk and stare at each others eyes. the ambiance is quiet with some soft french music, mostly instrumental being played. if it was a diners with comfortable leather cushion where we sit side by side, and play thumb sumo, then it wouldn't be that boring, and it wouldn't be half as romantic as well.

so, about the cake. as we sat through the 3over hours, i requested for the bill and reminded the waiter for the cake. the bill came but not the cake. we waited a little longer and he was no where to be found. I'm not the type of person who bangs on table yelling 'the cake is a lie'. instead i'll go home and blog that the cake was a lie.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That 70s Show: Enter the Dragon

Two post ago I blogged about movies being very weird back then. And by chance I had the opportunity to watch Enter The Dragon by Bruce Lee. Many thanks to the fella who uploaded it into rapidshare.

I've never completed any Bruce Lee movies before.I've watched mostly snippets of it in YouTube like the part where Bruce smash up an office and also the famous Bruce vs Chuck Norris scene. Since it was my first time with Enter the Dragon I wasn't expecting much other then being some kick ass Kung fu movie. And ogle at Bruce ripped abs.

There are a few things that by current standards and stigma that makes the movie 'weird' and there area few to take note off.

Preemptive strike is okay. The scene where the Jim Kelly was approached by two policeman and being searched. Sure the police were racist but that doesn't mean that you can strike a policeman. Even struggling during an arrest is enough to warrant a resisting arrest which makes even the innocent guilty. But then again its the 70s so they probably didn't have such laws and SOP yet.

It's okay to kill if you are the good guy. That the funny thing about old shows. Killing is okay. And Bruce lee is guilty of it. The fight scene against evil henchman Oharra, it was clearly that Oharra was incapacitated from Bruce's kick and was lying on the ground. Instead of walking away like he did many attacks ago, Bruce decided to end it once and for all by stomping on Oharra and snapping his neck as heard by the very audioble crack sound though not shown on screen. Kung fu movies nowadays discourage killing and it's called self-defense for a reason. Defense

Mirror maze was so chic back then. This was definitely not my first time watching movies with mirror maze. And what's funny is, it's actually quite easy navigating a mirror maze when you are in one by looking at the floor looking for the joints where mirror meets floor. It only gives the illusion of someone standing in front of you because of camera work and also because the lack of depth perception as cameras are monoscopic compared to stereoscopic two eyed human beings.

The main villain is always surrounded by idiots. Han was a super villain and former senior student of the Shoalin king fu which inaccurately based in Hong Kong. All his guards in white uniform are no match even for stranded drifters. In the final scene where the drifters were freed, they fought off Han's guards which outnumber them many folds. Bear in mind that Han's guards trained daily. No wonder the Chinese were stereotyped to know know Kung fu.
Speaking of Han, the ending fight scene is LOUSY!!! Han looked like an old man jumping around like a monkey with a garden fork in his left hand. Its hard to believe that Han has any sort of training form Shaolin.

The most powerful weapon is glass. There are two scenes. The first on shown right above where Lee's sister committed suicide by stabbing her abdomen with a glass shard. If she has severed her jugular then it's more believable. Also in the fight with Oharra, he used two smashed bottles, instead of folding chairs which has longer reach and smack with a loud 'pang' ala WWE style. If i were him, I'd go for the chairs.

I only manage to list out five things (in no particular order) that makes 70s show weird, or more accurately Enter the Dragon weird by my standards. I can go on about poor chirography not only in the extras but also Oharra and in that awful boss fight. But I'll let it slip since it is these mistakes that modern day movie makers take note off and make modern day shows awesome.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Heavy Gunner

This entry is bound to happen sooner or later. For a blogger with an iPhone and not blogging about favorite apps is like a blogger not talking about a movie after watching it. Er... it doesn't apply that well here now that I've stopped blogging about movies. Probably the fact that i now less frequent the cinema since getting good seats would need me to get the tickets at least a 2 days in advance. That also means I've missed lots of movies lately, Ironman 2, Shrek4, ToyStory3 in fact I also haven't watch Avatar or District 9 yet. Speaking about being left out. DX

I'm very excited about this entry because it's my fist entry on iPhone apps. And what's best is taking snapshot of the iPhone app in action is so easy as there's already a built in function for that. Just press the home and power button simultaneously and voila, a screen shot is saved in the camera roll folder.

The first app that comes to mind is Heavy Gunner which I've been playing for weeks and have yet to get bored. The graphic is sharp, loads decently fast for a 3D graphic intense game and has one of the best controls. This game utilize both the multi touch and gyro sensor of the iPhone making this game a whole lot fun. Heavy Gunner remind me of the Matrix during it's final chapter where the humans in Zion defend themselves against the onslaught of the sentinels.

The controls is easy and very fluid. There are two thumb pads for each left and right weapon and rotating the turret just simply tilt the iPhone to the direction you want to turn to. There is little depth in the game as missions only varies from killing a set number of enemies, surviving for a predetermined amount of time and killing the final boss. The game will end when health reaches zero. The is an option to upgrade weapons and the battle tank (which is stationery most of the time) that provides some motivation to complete as many levels as possible to earn credits for those upgrades. But once you got them all it pretty much reaches the end of it's shelf life. For a mindless shooter that has fluid game play, solid controls and acceptable graphics for a mobile device, it's a good game worth keeping and also available on Android.

There are other apps worth mentioning, but its time to hit the hay. Will post more about my favorite apps later.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Words that Adults Use

Till today I still do remember the first cuss word I said, and like all 10 year old innocent child, I didn't know that it was a cuss word until being scolded for using it. No it wasn't Fuck. It was son of a bitch. I came upon that remarkable discovery of explicit expression was through TV (no surprises there). Like I said I was 10 back then, and I was watching this romantic comedy on national TV. Back then there were only 4 channels, and just so happen that that is the only channel with an English medium movie. The scene was like this, a man and a woman trying to beat a yellow light only to turn red, both stomp on the brakes but the car skidded towards each other (why is it green for two incoming traffic, I don't know, shows back then are weird), just before impact they yelled son of a bitch! It's the comedic expression that really caught my attention and I thought it meant something like ohmygwad! And I didn't even know what's a bitch, and thought it was beach. Anyways I was given a long lecture about cuss words and that's all history.

Then in my teens during the era of Samuel L Jackson, Eminem, LMF and Limpbizkit, cuss words was as cool as cigarettes and having a drivers license. And that's when fuck is used excessively, like lah. Like "Dude, check this shit out, fucking sweet, dude" or "Fuck man, that shit was tha bomb" or "Fucking sorry for you bro" and my all time favorite till date, "FUCK YEAH!" Amidst the one eyebrow stares form strangers and people within audible vicinity of us fouled mouth teens, it didn't bother me much because I didn't fucking cared.

Now much older and a little wiser, cuss words is overrated, like cigarettes and a drivers license. Furthermore the over dependency on fuck as an adjective limits vocabulary growth. Its like having ketchup on anything and everything you eat, you'll be missing the countless of other mouthwatering flavors available like black pepper sauce, brown sauce and my favourite pickle and mayo dip.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oldschool or outdated?

We have this family mechanic, like a family doctor but he fixes cars, all our cars including my old red kembara, (now sold). What's great about him is that his service is great and reasonably priced. And wants more important is that he doesn't con us into replacing unbroken parts.

There are a few minor setbacks though. A fortnight ago I had my fuel filter changed in my Neo. It was a fairly quick process, jack up the car, remove fuel filter, replace fuel filter, ensure couplings are properly fasten, checked for leaks, test drove, and I was handed the bill, only RM20 labor charge.

Then I noticed something, my fuel consumption has increased dramatically to 80km/10L, or 12.5L for every 100km which is considered high as I've recorded 14L/100km during track days and on KL-Ipoh 1hour 15minute express. On average law abiding days is 10L/100km. So what went wrong? The answer lies in the ECU.

This was my first fuel filter change which was long overdue. In fact I didn't realized that my fuel filter was never changed during the major service at 20,000km. So, the aged filter gets clogged and the fuel pump have to work on overtime to push the fuel through the restrictive filter. When I had the filter replaced, the ECU still thinks that the filter was blocked and used the old mapping which resulted is excess fuel being burnt, henceforth the high fuel consumption.

So, I did what I should have done sine the day I got the fuel filter replaced, was to reset the ECU. Now fuel consumption has returned back to normal with no loss of power.

And here's the funny part, I returned to the mechanic and told him about the high fuel consumption, they jacked up the car again and didn't find any leaks. He was clueless about the high fuel consumption and blamed the traffic jams.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Up up and away

Fuel price has increase yet again, this time by 5 cents. A negligible amount considering that it only amounts to Rm2 for a full tank so I wasn't bothered to queue up for an hour or so just to fill up petrol at the old price. anyway I had about 1/2 tank left, so my savings was actually RM1.

But then, when any commodities in Malaysia goes up, it affects everything else. Cost of goods will increase as cost of transportation increases. In short its called inflation. Our country has been living a subsidized life for way too long. Our sugar is subsidized, our fuel is subsidized, flour and cooking oil too is subsidized. Anything with controlled pricing is subsidized, and this tax allot on the country revenue. And at the same time, provides and artificial comfort to its population. Its like living on antibiotics. Any ailments will be fought off with medication, although its just the common cold.

Inflation is inevitable. Every country goes through it. What makes us, the rakyat angry, is that our elected ministers are living fairly comfortably with their chauffeured Mercedes and Camrys. Appreantly Mercedes and Camrys has more reliable gearbox compared to our locally assembled Perdanas. It is easy to tell the rakyat to Ubah Gaya Hidup because talk is cheap, and that's all they do, talk.

I read this article "Stop Subsidizing Corruption" quite some time ago during the sugar price hike and I find it very good. I wish i can share it, unfortunately I can't find the article through google, nor do I even remember where I read it. It points out that reducing subsidy to ease the governments burden is not the solution to the ongoing menace in our country.

The crux of the problem is corruption.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The iSos

My younger brother entered university a week ago and I was made his official iPhone guardian till he graduates or until he thinks its safe to own an iPhone in campus. After all, its his first time living far far away from home, bunking with strangers, so having a RM2.4k iPhone is big responsibility and the risk of theft escalates when you are in an unfamiliar location.

Don't worry this will not be another iPhone review. In fact, it's kinda late for a 3Gs review when the iPhone 4 was launched weeks ago. Furthermore I'm not an apple fan and disliked their sour grape mac advertisement. Especially this one.

Ironically that's what the iPhone has become. There are just so many apps in the app store and most of them are junk. Probably the only consolation about the iPhone for having so many apps installed is that it doesn't slow down the phone and that the apps load really fast. Then again, it could be the lack of multitasking).

I do like using the iPhone not because it's an apple product, but the convenience of having Internet access on my palm and also the iPhone is really easy to use (and fast too). After all I'm already old and messing through command prompt was days of the DOS and Redhat 4.0 Nowadays it's just Facebook and Waze for me. 6 pages of apps and I only use these 2 the most.

What about surfing? Surfing is great on the iPhone, compared to OTHER PHONES that is. But when I'm within the vicinity of a computer that has internet access, then I'll be using that instead. The ease of resizing on the iPhone is awesome, but the size of the device really does limit its usage.

Which brings me to a new topic, why would anyone want to watch HD movies on their hand held device? This has become an alarming trend of uselessness for many major mobile companies, and it started from Korea. How crisp and clear can a picture get on a 4" screen? HD are meant to be big and proud, period.

Another thing I realized while using the iPhone while behind the wheel, is that I'd much prefer my navigation system separate from my in car entertainment system. Before my iPhone experience I had that thought of replacing my stock stereo with a double din 7" ICE with built in GPS, the whole shebang. But, while using Waze and ipod (which is the only thing the iPhone can multitask) I realized how in convenient it was shuffling through Waze and ipod every time I want to change track. Unless of course the ICE some with steering control for basic commands, play, forward, pause, mute, and by changing the track or volume, the GPS remains on screen. Big plus if there's song name scrolling somewhere at the bottom, small enough that it doesn't block the map, big enough to be read while going 140km/h.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Floaters are deposits of various size, shape, consistency, refractive index, and motility within the eye's vitreous humour, which is normally transparent. They may be of embryonic origin or acquired due to degenerative changes of the vitreous humour or retina. The perception of floaters is known as myodesopsia, or less commonly as myiodeopsia, myiodesopsia, or myodeopsia. Floaters are visible because of the shadows they cast on the retina or their refraction of the light that passes through them, and can appear alone or together with several others in one's field of vision. They may appear as spots, threads, or fragments of cobwebs, which float slowly before the sufferer's eyes. Since these objects exist within the eye itself, they are not optical illusions but are entoptic phenomena.

One specific type of floater is either called Muscae volitantes (from the Latin, meaning 'flying flies'), or mouches volantes (from the French), and consist of small spots. These are present in most people's eyes and are attributed to minute remnants of embryonic structures in the vitreous humour.


The last time I had one obstructing my vision was in my early teens. Then it magically went away. Just yesterday evening, it came back again. Now I have a floating tadpole in my right eye, swimming around whenever I look around. The only console is that it's not dead center on the focal point, but it's kinda annoying seeing a tadpole like floater at the corner of my vision.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Hour at HP Service Center

I was at HP Service Center at Damansara, again. This time, not my C714TU. Its been running fairly well since since the motherboard replacement in 2008 which is covered under its 1 year warranty plan. Now that the C714TU is obsolete, I've to take really good care of it. No more 3D graphic intensive games that will melt the CPU.

It was my cousin's brand new CQ41-214TX that needed a DVD combo drive replacement as it stopped working a month after it was purchased. Having gone through my first warranty claim 2 years ago, I went through the same routine, get a number and wait to be called. However it was not that. This time, there's an extra procedure. I was required to test the machine at the testing counter (previously was a product demo area) before taking a number and filling up the service form. The technician at the testing counter was very helpful and infact all staff at HP service center was courteous. Big thumbs up there.

So, when my number was called, I expected a quick scan the serial number and just drop it off and then come back a week later to collect it. Only to be told that there's stock for the DVD combo drive and it only takes 20 minutes to have it replaced. Happily I agreed to wait. There's stacks of news papers and a large LCD TV to keep me company. I'd be happier if they have retained the product showroom so I can play with the new HP touch or at least surf the internet while waiting. Due to the space constraints, some sacrifices have to be made.

And as earlier said, the DVD combo drive replacement was fast and I sign the release form. However I personally feel that I should be given the opportunity to check the machine first before being told to sign the release form. After collection, I proceeded to the testing counter again to have the laptop tested. It booted and the CD that I poped in can be read. What's interesting is that Vista detected the new hardware when I turn it on. Which means, there's no testing done by the technician after the DVD drive was replaced.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Death mars KL marathon

KUALA LUMPUR: More than 16,500 people took part in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon which took the runners on a route from Dataran Merdeka past some of the city’s historical landmarks.

The event not only attracted marathon enthusiasts but also entire families who took part for fun.

However, the event was marred by the death of a runner, Lim Wei Yee, 25.

Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman said Lim died on his way to the hospital and that his body had been sent to Kuala Lumpur Hospital for post-mortem.

He said the police had yet to receive any report alleging negligence on the part of the organisers over Lim’s demise, which had been classified as sudden death.

Earlier, software engineer Toh Yit Ming, 26, said he was running his final lap on the 10km run when he saw a participant, whom he only knew as “Lim”, sitting on the roadside in front of City Hall before collapsing.

“He was having a seizure. A few runners tried to put him in a recovery position,” he said in a telephone interview, adding that he had told Lim to relax and breathe deeply as he was short of breath and clenching his teeth.

Toh said he, a doctor taking part in the event, and another participant had taken turns to apply cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on Lim when his pulse stopped.

He claimed no medical services arrived until about 15 to 20 minutes later.

“I am disappointed that the ambulance came late when the Runners’ Guide had stated that response time for emergency medical services would be three minutes and that medical aid was available every 5km of the marathon stretch,” said Toh, adding that three City Hall officers standing nearby with their motorcycles had not bothered to help the group.

He said he had to tell a passer-by to inform the officers to call the ambulance.

Toh also alleged that when the ambulance arrived, it did not have an automated external defibrillator or a face mask with pump (to pump in more air into the lungs).

Organiser Golazo Sdn Bhd race director Wes Sakai said they were unable to comment because they were still collecting information on the incident.

He said they were notified that a runner participating in a 10km run had collapsed and died during the race, adding that he was given first-aid treatment on site and rushed to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

“We extend our condolences and deepest sympathies to the family on their loss and offer our support during this period of bereavement,” he said.


Just weeks after the BHP petrol kiosk attendants refusal to help by lending fire extinguisher to a passerby, and now there's another news on nonchalant behavior, this time its city hall officers. Unlike the previous incident where the accident site is a distance away, these three goons are within line of sight of the victim and the group that's giving first aid. But these lazy city hall officials bastards who are within line of sight decides to do nothing other then bum around their bikes like a mat rempit. I wonder, what excuse are they going to give.

I foresee a Fuck DBKL facebook group coming up.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Progress so far

Paid the 3rd month maintenance fees and has yet to move in because progress is slow. Dreadfully slow. With only one day in a week to work on the house, little can be done, especially when some of the sundays were taken up by must-attend events. Preparing the wall for painting is allot of tough work and lots of skill required. Chipping off chipped paint is one thing, skimming and then sanding the WHOLE wall is both tough and tedious. The original wall was a rush job, the skimming wasn't flat and only one coat of green chalk paint was applied. The boarders of the windows were lumpy which took most of my time sanding and reapplying wall fillers and sanding it down again.

The only consolation is that I got good quick dry paint which allows me to make two coats in a day, three if i decides to apply another coat at 10pm.

1 bathroom and 1 bedroom done. Another 2 rooms, living/kitchen area and a bathroom to go.

Work in progress. Current state of the kitchen sink.

And I need a new camera phone. The sensor in the G400 is dying.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Off My Want(s) List

I got a surprise on facebook today when I got news of Mythelogy's newest product, the lighten crank pulley for Kia Forte. Performance parts for Korean daily driven cars is as rare as finding a Rolls Royce emblem in your regular car tuner/pimp up shop. After all, those who buy Korean doesn't appreciate driving, let alone modding their ride.

Korean cars has never been a favorite amongst Malaysian car owners as Korean cars are synonymous with problematic. But then, that was the 90s where workers from those two manufacturers organized protest and strikes on a regular basis, so I'm no surprise that all these manufacturing defects were part of their anti establishment ploy to bring down the company. Also the Kias and Hyundais that infested our roads were driven by drones who has no other choice but to go for the cheapest import as they boycott locally made cars for political, racial, anti-patriotism or whatever reason.

2009, Hyundai launched the 2010 Genesis Coupe. Looks MUCH better then the sissy Hyundai Coupe we have here, and the specs looks really good.

Engine: 2.0 liter four-cylinder / 3.8 liter V6
Aspiration: Turbocharged / Natural
Maximum Power: 212 hp (158 kW) / 300 hp (224 kW)
Maximum Torque: 217 lb-ft (294 Nm) / 263 lb-ft (356 Nm)
Transmission: Six-speed manual (optional five and six-speed automatics)
Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive!!! YES!!!

Sadly, it's not available here.

Then Kia launched their new Koup which is not available here also, but the 4 door sibling is, though Naza.

Pic of the Kia Koup. The Forte has two extra doors.
Engine: Gamma 1.6 DOHC CVVT
Aspiration: Natural
Maximum Power: 124 ps @ 6300 rpm
Maximum Torque: 156 Nm @ 4200 rpm
Transmission: 4AT (Gate Type), H-Matic / Shiftronic!!! BOO!!!
Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive

So it has a lousy slushbox, and it's riding on rear torsion, not exactly sport material, but I wouldn't mind having one for retirement, as it looks good. And I've always have a soft spot for coupes. Especially the E36 M3 and 135i Coupe.

Anyways, back to the main topic, which is about the Forte which I've been hearing so much good stuff about. Weather form the motoring journalist facebook, the papers and even magazines. I was wondering, if it's THAT good. And being a performance orientated driver, the engine output as displayed on the brochure doesn't disappoint, but that's the brochure. Real driving conditions is different.

So, what you get when you have an engine with 156Nm of torque mated with a 4 speed slushbox?


Barely 125Nm at peak point. That's 20% transmission lost, but what's more appalling is the torque curve, and that's coming from an engine with variable valve timing, jointly developed with Japanese Tristar, Mitsubishi.
I know how most campro owners whine about the lazy Malaysian made campro engines with its notorious torque dip at 2500rpm as I'm one of them. And in real driving situations, torque curve and area below the graph is far more important then peak power alone. Comparing my lazy non variable Malaysian made campro, it aint so bad.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Its that time of the year again.

nom.. nom.. nom..

Takumi Delivers Tofu

But I'm no Takumi.

Days ago, this motoring journalist was commenting about how Malaysians in general would treat their city cars as MPVs, in his facebook status. He brought that topic up while trying Honda's new city orientated MPV on a 500++km road trip which he soon regrets.
I on the other hand, got myself a warm hatch something that suits my fast blooded driving nature. I drive to work everyday, and driving is something that I enjoy most, so my Neo is definitely a good drivers car for cheap. However, when duty calls the Neo will be there to serve. Just yesterday I've loaded 150kgs of plastic materials and a mold weighing almost 100kgs into the rear of the neo. That is quarter of a tonne resting on rear multi link suspensions supported by R3 springs and modified stock dampeners.

Pictures because I did happened. I wouldn't put my Neo to such torture unless absolute necessary. And since that journalist ranted how slow and unsuitable that city orientated mpv was, and how poorly it did on the road trip, I thought that it would be fun to subject a warm hatch to the role of a minivan or pickup truck.

There's no fender gap when 250kgs rest on the rear. About a month ago I was considering spacers to make the wheels flush with the body of the car, ala mini cooper style. Its a good thing that I didn't get it done or I'll be scrubbing rubbers.

Driving for 10km with all that load is some new experience. Acceleration is slower, duh, but surprisingly not that slow. I was able to reach safe cruising speed of 80kmh in a 10 seconds which most sane drivers will take to achieve on normal public roads, with all that load, there's no way I'm going for my usual 100kmh. Another thing that surprised me is the rear suspensions didn't bottomed out on speed bumps. Earlier this year when I touged Bukit Tinggi, the front suspensions bottomed out in several bends on the downhill course.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

When Mainstream Media Goes Soft

Its more then a week since the incident, and as expected, it was drowned out by other news, and the most anticipated World Cup 2010. Only Komuniti Kini is making followups.

Fire safety officer of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue department Thiong Ling Hii today said there is no reason for round-the-clock petrol kiosks to put their extinguishers in storage.

Referring to the recent incident which two BHPetrol attendants refused to loan fire extinguishers to save a woman in a burning car, Thiong said by right every petrol kiosk should place their fire extinguishers at the pump island.

“If there are four (pump) islands in a kiosk, they should have at least two extinguishers. This facilitates our firefighter’s job when responding to an emergency.”

Student Florina ak Joseph was burnt to death in a three-vehicle accident last week as bystander Teo Chai Yong’s pleas for a fire extinguisher from BHPetrol staff fell on deaf ears.

The BHP representatives claimed the move by the two attendants was purely out of security concerns because the kiosk at Taman Pertama Cheras has a notorious record of burglary and murder cases.

The petrol kiosk has placed the fire extinguishers outside the kiosk after the incident.

However, the question arose as to why the operators were told to store the fire extinguishers inside the kiosk.

Thiong said petrol kiosks are indeed vulnerable to crimes during wee hours.

“We understand that, that’s why we don’t blame them to keep (the extinguishers) inside when the shop is closed,”

“But for 24-hor kiosks, I don’t see why they want to do so.”

Meanwhile, Teo is pressing the government-linked petrol company to explain the matter openly.

“They said I was not acting calmly and I behaved barbaric. If it is true, why don’t they hold a press conference and let the two attendants to clear their names?”

“(The two attendants) might also explain why did they still being negligence even though I showed them my I/C,”

According to the race steward, the two attendants claimed they do not have access to unlock the kiosk’s door.

“But when I asked whether they can come out if their kiosk is in fire, they replied yes.

“They said they could not see the accident, but I am sure they would see (it) if they had come out from the kiosk.”

Teo said he is irked by the way the company has ‘twisted the story’ and denied its responsibility.

The petrol station in the earlier story was not the correct one, according to Teo, saying the BHPetrol station he went to was one alongside Jalan Cheras and not the one marked by BHPetrol on a map.

“We are not asking for compensation or anything, we just want them to tell the story so that everyone can learn a lesson.”

Teo wore a tee shirt, cap and shorts when he approached the kiosk

A Facebook group has been created to boycott the petrol company. It has attracted more than 5000 members.

BHPetrol has yet to reply till press time.

Anonymous BHP attendant at Tmn Pertama refused to speak on the issue, asked media to contact the PR woman directly.

Source: Komuniti Kini

Those words intentionally bold, BUT i'm not implying anything. Just so you know.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Awesome Italian Space Saver Furniture

Definitely a must have for my apartment.

Chicken Rice for Breakfast

Having chicken rice for breakfast is quite uncommon, like having fish and chips for breakfast, as its a full course meal, rice, chicken, slices of cucumber and pickled vegi soup. And what I liked most, it's served in nice porcelain ware, unlike other shops which use cheap orange melamine plates, like those you find in HK prison movies.

Anyhow, the stall operator didn't tell the reason why she decided to stop operating there, when she told me that she'll move out from the coffee shop restaurant at the end of May. She also didn't tell me where she's moving to. Chicken rice breakfast will be missed.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BHP Saga: update

Small update, or rather the lack of it.

I was eagerly awaiting the news on BHP official press statement/conference which was due to happened on Monday. Since I'm not a TV person, I check on The Star Online every once in a while when I had the chance, furthermore it's easier to source it as reference for my blog then, say, record the TV news with my camera phone and then youtube it.

BHP being a large corporation one would expect professionalism. And I was actually expecting a proper public relations officer to give a statement and to right the blunder of the previous two, especially Abdul Kaiyum, the so called government relations manager with his now-famous-in-facebook "not acting calmly" comment. Instead, they got two executives who refuse to be named. And that's where the credibility and integrity of the company goes down the drain when you get two anons to represent a company with over 3000 staffs.

Komunitikini spoke with two Boustead Petroleum (BHP) representatives for their views on the incident that has drawn public ire and calls to boycott the firm.

According to the BHP executive, who refused to be named, the incident was clearly a case of misunderstanding between Teo and the two BHP staff at the time.

He said that the accident’s location was further from the BHP station, and not by the side of the Cheras highway as previously reported. (The location of the station can be seen in the accompanying Google Map)

“As the BHP staff could not see the accident, then a misunderstanding occurred with Teo claiming the staff refused to hand him a fire extinguisher,” he said.

He did not deny the possibility that Teo’s agitated actions in suspicious conditions might have caused BHP staff to be too afraid to hand him the extinguisher.

In such circumstances, the BHP official said that the staff’s actions were out of caution as the accident did not happen in front of their eyes and the station was far from the accident site, not to mention the lateness of the hour – 3am.

Before this, BHP staff had complained of trauma at frequently being exposed to the threat of rape, burglary and murder.

On a related note, BHP expressed its condolences to the victim’s family on the loss of their loved one.

Komunitikini was told that the victim and owner of the Perodua Myvi involved in the accident is believed to be Florina ak Joseph, 27, a student from Sarawak while the other victims injured have been sent to PPUKM for treatment.

SOURCE: KomunitiKini (view map there)

And then there's the quick reply form Akina Teo, who has revealed his name in full (In your face BHP anons).

Hi there the BHP Executive who refused to be named!

“you said that the accident’s location was further from the BHP station, and not by the side of the Cheras highway as previously reported.”

I am so sorry to say that you dint even investigate this case properly!... See More

the location and map you providing here is not the BHP station that i went to!

you say ““As the BHP staff could not see the accident, then a misunderstanding occurred with Teo claiming the staff refused to hand him a fire extinguisher,”

Im claiming the staff refused to hand me the fire extinguisher?? Great… hereby im challenging your BHP management to show the CCTV recording to the public on how they respond my plea! Better if your CCTV got voice recording. Hear how they answer!! Im challenging you to show it out!!


SOURCE: Facebook

So that's why the two BHP executives refused to be named. They were ill informed, made another blunder and no one can lynch them online like what happened to their other two colleagues when they gave lame excuses over the incident. Or probably they purposely gave the wrong station to mislead the public and try to shift the attention away from them. Either-how, it backfired and was even challenged by Akina to have the CCTV recordings of that early morning incident to be made public.

This is how I see BHP now, 2 apathetic attendants, a nonchalant government relations manager, and 2 ill informed anonymous representatives. Seeing 5 rotten apples rolling out the barrel one after another, I could only think less of the other 2995 BHP employees, after all, worms spread fast.

Why the numbers you ask?

Meanwhile, MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong said consumers should not boycott BH Petrol because of the incident as it would affect its employees who are mostly Malaysians.

He said the company currently had 3,000 employees in the country and a boycott would cause many to suffer.

“I personally feel that a boycott is inappropriate and unethical,” Chong told reporters at Wisma MCA yesterday.

SOURCE: Star (scroll to bottom of the article)

So a boycott that affects livelihood of 3000 people is unethical. But refusing to help which caused a death is not? Taking into account that the statement is made by someone in a political party which I already considered defunct, meh.

What really amazed me is how BHP seems to dig their grave deeper and deeper with really really poor PR. And it keeps getting worse. Its like a company being run by imbeciles. This tragedy, no doubt wasn't entirely BHP's fault, but it has landed them in hotwater in a shallow pot, which they are just incapable of climbing out of. If I'm a stakeholder I'll sell my shares now.

Lastly, the real lucky person who survived this internet hate is the Vios driver who caused the accident. Lucky bastard.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


It was a Thursday morning when I heard about it on FLY FM. The deejays weren't their joyful self, and there's a somber atmosphere. Earlier a caller called up and told a heart breaking story on how a girl was trapped in a burning car, and when the caller tried to borrow fire extinguisher form a nearby petrol station, the attendants there refused. The attendants indirectly caused the girl's death. That's just the summary,

Full story (first person perspective from the caller himself, Akina Teo)

FUCK BHP!!!!! FUCK BHP!!! why? let me tell you!!

this morning approx 3.20am, at Cheras Tmn Pertama roundabout,

saw a freak accident, involving a Vios, Myvi and a Lorry.

im one the first badge who arrive, mean it just happen maybe seconds ago.

Vios believe to be turtle and badly damaged. When im passing by the vios, rear passenger started to pull out the front driver and front passenger.

then when i pass the Myvi, the car was totally sardine. Heard one girl was yelling cos piined inside. I stop my car then run towards the myvi to offer a hand while calling 999 emergency line to request for ambulance and bomba.

then saw fire spark at the engine bay of myvi. while still on the phone with emergency line to provide more details, i run back to my car and drive to BHP station which is just less than 500m away from the scene.

then i request for the fire extingusher from the attendant which is kept inside. There was 4 extingusher on the ground. But the attendant refuse to pass to me.

the BHP attendant claimed dat the door cant be open.

then i shout at him, i need it! i want it! someone is pinned inside the car and its started to burn!

then the BHP attendant keep repeating he kenot borrow and open the door.

then i was like WTF! if ur kiosk is burning can u come out? then he replied yes.

then he still say he kenot open the door. Then he say his boss wont allowed to borrow. WTF!!!

then i started to amuk kicking the kiosk and punching the glass of the kiosk.

i even throw my IC to him say that if im dun return u report police.

i saw i borrow.. if i use it i will pay for it. then he keep on just smile at me.

then he ask another partner to come out. Then i start shouting and yelling at them with bad words saying dat if the girl dies you two are the murderer.

then the 2nd BHP attendant shout back at me.

i demand for their names, i told them i would complain bout them,

then the 2nd attendant copy down my number plate and said that all my acts been recorded on CCTV and he gonna report to police tumoro. I challenged him.

then i drove off back to the scene.. the car was totally burning and the poor girl was burn alive inside.

then i spoke to the Bomba and PDRM how many casualties was inside. they told me one girl.

Then i spoke to PDRM about the incident happen in BHP.. then the policemen also scold with anger WTF with them.. if i could get the fire extingushier.. the girl might be saved.

then the Policemen ask me to go police station to report a cover about the BHP, and he assured me that the stupid BHP wont get to report on me.

Personally i would like to ask, how much does 4 fire extingusher cost? isit more expensive than a life?

would like to ask the BHP petrol station's boss! u cant afford to lose 4 fire extingusher then u better closed down your station!!!! Fuck you boss!!!!

and this is to BHP MALAYSIA!! seens your procedure to keep all safety gadget inside the kiosk... if anything happen during refueling... is your attendant gonna open the door to help? seens he claimed that the door cant be open after hours??


i personally from now on will boycott BHP... i dont know how about you all!!!

gonna give BHP HQ a call tumoro... see what the fuck will they say about this kind of safety measurement they have!!!!!

for the two BHP attendant!!! you are the murderer!!!!!!/note.php?note_id=127900590567573

Having two idiotic attendants causing the death of a girl was bad enough, wait till you see the kind of reply form idiotic higher management.

BHP government relations manager Abdul Kaiyum when contacted claimed that the BHP attendants refused to open the door for Teo as he was not acting calmly when asking for assistance.

Not acting calmly? It's a fucking emergency. I wonder if Abdul Kaiyum will act calmly when his family is trapped in his burning house and his neighbors refuse to lend him fire extinguishers. I bet he'll kill for a even a bucket of water. And of all person, that idiotic statement came from a so called government relations manager who just proved that he doesn't deserved that job. What a fucktard.

Yes I'm angry, not only because of the loss of life, but how even top management were apathetic to such situation. And that's why I'm joining the boycott against BHP. There are plenty of alternatives out there, loosing one would hardly hurt car owners, furthermore our fuel pricing is standardized, it shouldn't be a problem switching.

As for me, boycotting BHP is easy as I've never fuel up in any BHP or BP stations (before the changeover to BHP). It's like breathing, I've been doing it since I was born, and I'll continue 'breathing'.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Its Been A While

Its been a while since my last post and allot has happened since.

Firstly, I've got the keys to my apartment four weeks ago. I do have to apologize for keeping this long secret from all of you, but I thought of making it a surprise with photos and such, which coincidentally I've left the memory card reader at work, so no photos yet.
I bought that place in November last year, right before the revised lending rate and the free moving fees abolish for home loans due to the strengthening economy, which is good for me as I saved at least 4k on lawyer and valuation fees. There are some drama while acquiring the unit as I've almost given up the place when I was told by the bank officer that the old offer was over on the day I went surveying at banks for home loan, but this particular bank officer did give me a week extension to file my application although the rates isn't exactly the best in town, but it's better then most and has less negative review, unlike the 'chinese bank', 'tiger bank' and some other foreign banks with really tight rules on home loans for non landed property.

so, where is this place that I just got? you'll have to wait to find out more. :P

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back to School: Part2

What? there's a part 2?

This is rather unexpected. As much as my enthusiasm got fired up on the very first day learning double entry for various accounts like the cash, purchases, sales account etc, it diminished off rather quickly on the third and fourth lesson where only a single topic was thought on that one lesson, which in my humble opinion, both topics are actually subtopics which can be thought in the very same day. The delay? we spent an hour of our two hour lesson solving exercises. Solving exercises is a very normal thing to do, as it gauges a student's understanding on that subject, moreover hands on experience works best. And like math, accounts is all about practice.
I have time for spy shots

The thing is... having gone through university where the main discipline is a solid preparation before lectures, needless to say I was very well prepared for the second and third lesson. I've read through the notes in the book which is very easy to follow, and did the exercises myself, so when the teacher discuss it, I'll just have to compare answer and make any necessary corrections if needed. The thing that i wasn't prepared of was doing the exercises in class with everyone else. Yes, it feels very form 3.

Friday, March 12, 2010

CH: 25 Random Things-Miley Cyrus Parody

embedding not allowed, so here's the link instead

pretty much sums up how i feel about those inane facebook quizzes which the guys and girls at CH manage to make it sound so fun and lively.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kepong Water Quality

Following are pictures of water filter trapping dirt and sediment straight off the kitchen pipe outlet. Updated weekly

07 March, Sunday
No picture taken