Thursday, November 26, 2009

baby hamsters update

Sorry for the lack of updates on the current litter, unlike the day by day update of the previous brood. The first litter is always the most exciting as there are so much things that I didn't know about hamsters or what to expect of them. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean that I don't care for this litter, just not that eager on a detailed day to day update. So, to compensate for the lack of updates, here's a video of them.

I've always wondered what's the outcome of mixing a winter gold with a winter white. And lo behold, my questions answered. 7 healthy babies in a variety of colors.

Only 12 days old and they are already up and about.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


There are two major events that happened this week. Which barely lift my eyebrow, not to mention interest. Since I've nothing much to blog about, I'll blog about these two events that lots of people are interested in, except me.

The first is the launch of the much anticipated Perodua MPV, the Perodua Alza.

Brochure as attached.

It don't look half bad at all. So what if it look like an obese Myvi? The Myvi has been the best selling car in Malaysia since 2006. And I'm sure that your average car buying Malaysian who take looks as the first priority wouldn't mind paying for an Alza without much hesitation.

Anyways, MPVs don't interest me. At least not until I'm in my late 40s, with a potbelly, receding hairline and have bad vision. Until then, I'm sticking with my small nimble two door hot warm-hatch.

Next, is the release of Twilight 2: New Moon


Monday, November 23, 2009

Power Steering Fluid Flush

My Neo clocked 58000km last Sunday and had lots of maintenance work done. Especially the power steering fluid, which was due for flushing many km ago. This is the first time watching a power steering flush in progress. As they drain the old power steering fluid, it replaces with new one as the same time, note the two different colored hose. The darker colored is the old fluid being sucked out, the clear one is the new fluid being filled in. I question the effectiveness of such method as the old and new fluid will eventually mix in the reservoir and also the piping.

Torn sleeve needs replacement. At the moment it's non critical, so I'll delay it till next service.

Friday, November 20, 2009


I was having those nostalgia moments, surfing through cyberspace, looking for games during my era that I never got the chance to play, back then I didn't have the luxury for a video game console, and my PC spec wasn't up to date to keep up with times. Plus distribution of content was very poor because there's on internet back then. Then I came across this:

You are looking at a character selection of the game Armored Warriors. Also known as Powered Gear - Strategic Variant Armor Equipment in Japan when it was first released in 1994. If you are an avid video game player form the 90s, you probably know where I'm getting to next. In fact, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

These characters from two separate video games bears uncanny resemblance of each other, especially Meryl. Characters form Powered Gear looks almost identical to Metal Gear Solid. Or should I rephrase that to characters of Metal Gear Solid looks almost identical to characters to Powered Gear, since Metal Gear Solid was released four years later, in 1998. Both games also have the word 'Gear' in them, and they are about robots. Coincidence?

Powered Gear @ gameFAQ

Metal Gear Soild @ gameFAQ

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Marc's new boomer

He's been talking about it the moment he got his car months ago. And now he finally materializes it when the warranty expires yesterday. A very simple mod of replacing the stock s-flow muffler with an aftermarket straight flow muffler. In fact it doesn't muffle anything at all.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

More babies!

13 Nov 09. (Day 1) Quarantine, the fattest of the females given birth to 7 pups.

13 Nov 09. (Day 1) Mom and dad, Goldie the winter gold hamster, Sweetheart's birthday present. At first I wanted to separate Goldie from Quarantine, as advised by most hasmter breeders. Then I saw something remarkable, Goldie emptied his food pouch in front of Quarantine for her to feed.

14 Nov 09. (Day 2) I have them Noisy's old house, not realizing that Noisy was to give birth too.

15 Nov 09. (Day 3) I wonder what color will they turn out to be?

14 Nov 09. (Day 1) Noisy Given birth, yet again.

14 Nov 09. (Day 1) This time it's a litter of 7 minus one. This is the minus one

15 Nov 09. (Day 2) The remaining 6 healthy babies

[G400] Test of Time

I'm not going to go though the conventional product review like what most mobile phone review does. After all, this phone is more then a year old. What I'm going to post about is what the phone will look like after a year of use. Feel free to click on the high resolution images attached.

These pictures were taken using your out of the mill Canon D646U ex flatbed scanner. It highlights some minute detail like grime, and pox marks. But loses some detail as well, as the Samsung logo is still chrome, not flat like the picture. Another reason for using a flatbed scanner is because I don't have a SLR.

How much punishment has this phone endured? lots, from drops to tarmac, to being handled with greasy hands. This phone just endured it all. There are times when it will auto shutdown, but it was a month ago before I had to reset the phone. It's running fine since then. And this is what the G400 endured a day before this post

A 12-15 feet free fall.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bragging Rights

Seriously, this is getting way out of hand. I don't see the point of bragging to my 501 mafia friends that I've iced another opponent. In fact I've iced more opponent that actually 'killing' them in a fight, which was never publicized. Another nagging issue is that these bragging post takes a while to load, taking away precious time from clicking the 'attack' button on other opponents.

One way, these bragging post serves as advertisement that flood up your profile wall. Now the entire facebook committee knows that you are an avid mafia wars player. And it brings potential players into Zynga's clutches of evil addictive games.

Friday, November 6, 2009

That Gut Feeling

Some people call it sixth sense, others would prefer to refer it to the symptom of uneasy feeling, normally in the stomach like when you chow down too much, too fast. That Gut Feeling.

About a month ago, plus minus a week or two, Sweetheart and I were on our usual house hunt which extended beyond the boarders of Kepong, PJ into the territories of Rawang. The Aman Siara townhouse. On paper, it looks really good.
Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image
And in Google Maps, it's only one KM further form my current residence to work. Not that much a big deal since there's more then three roads to get to work from Aman Siara which splits along the overused KL-Rawang trunk road.

So, it seems like a pretty good deal, plus the price is rather attractive and there's already an online community built up of eager house owners who are of your average working class adult. And not those kind of people who turn their house into a scrap metal warehouse.

So, with high hopes, we made an appointment with a sales agent and visited that place many Sundays ago.

And that's when my stomach begin to sink. On our way there, thanks to my impatience behind a lumbering bus which was trialing a crawling lumber trailer, I overtook those two road obstical, only to overshoot the entrance into the new residential enclave which was very well hidden after the road bend uphill. So, I had to make a U turn at Templars Park, about 700 meters away from Aman Siara. Easy, or so I thought. Not long after overtaking those diesel burners, traffic grind to a halt. There was a minor fender bender on the down hill part of the KL-Rawang road, and Malaysians, being busy body, slowed down to walking pace to have a glimpse of the cars and hopefully getting down the registration number for Magnum 4D or 3D +1 or whatever number prediction gambling boards available. So, that made me more then 15 minutes late on my otherwise on-time schedule, especially on a free flowing Sunday traffic.

We viewed the place for almost 2 hours, visiting from house to house, and even saw several renovated units to get inspired. But all those couldn't shake off that gut feeling I had earlier.

So, we decided to give it a pass.

Four days ago, landslide hit right at the entrance of Aman Siara.