Thursday, October 29, 2009

Harvest Moon for the mouse

When I got lazy blogging, there can only be one explanation. Games! So, in addition to my Mafia Wars addiction, which surprisingly seems to be under control, Country Story from Playfish got me hooked onto Facebook once again.

The one sentence that I can sum up Country Story is as per title, Harvest Moon for the mouse. Compared to other Facebook farming games, Country Story gives you a character which you help navigate the farm. Like Harvest Moon, but with the easy click of the mouse, instead of using two hands working the controls on a gamepad. It basically plays like Harvest Moon series, minus the interaction with NPC and bountiful of quest like upgrading tools, wooing a village girl, getting married, have kids and the stuff that makes Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon.

The only perk Country Sotry have over Harvest Moon is the ability to interact with your fellow Country Story friends. You can help your friends manage their farm by watering the field for them, saving their stamina for other chores like harvesting. Or you can take the roll of a kelptomaniac, stealing crops. No doubt that stealing is wrong, so is killing and robbing in Mafia Wars, it's just a game.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bye Bye Babies

3 Days after naming them, Milo and Milkshake, I've decided to give them away for adoption on October 17. Having two babies growing in an already large adult family won't be easy, especially with space constraints. They'll be missed.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Even more updates: Baby Hamsters

Day 15: The babies handle themselves better with much improved motor skill. No longer that clumsy now and they are eating solid food.

Day 16: They are as curious as their mother as well. Their eyes are fully open, revealing their big beady eyes. Cheek food pouch is starting to get obvious.

Day 17: I opened the roof to check on them. One is buried (sleeping)and the other got up to find for the missing roof. Bulge of the food pouch getting bigger.

Day 18: Day out on our palms. Though shy at first, these babies are quite the daredevil, jumping off our hands without much second thoughts.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mafia Wars Loot List & Combat Calculator by Scott Saunders

Blofeld's Loot List & Combat Calculator is one of those Combat Calculators that is easy to understand without much need of a guide. With its fancy graphical interface I instantly understand what's in my attack and defense equipment list at a single glance. Then roll the mouse over the pictures to reveal the attack/defense stats of that equipment.

There's also an option to toggle text mode by clicking the [T] button. You can revert back to graphics mode by clicking the [G] button.
Stats is also shown, along with a comparison with 'average' players. Nothing new here.

The final two part of the Loot List and Combat Calculator shows excess equipment that is safe for gifting and to be sold to reduce bribes and expenses. This is a really useful feature to have, especially keeping non loot items which affects bribery and expenses to a minimal.


The site moved to:

and it's known as Blofeld's Loot List & Combat Calculator

========== Old Post (October 6, 2009) ==========

I've came across a new type of combat calculator for Mafia Wars while trolling in the Facebook Mafia Wars discussion board today. Click on the link below.

Mafia Wars Loot List & Combat Calculator by Scott Saunders

The way this new combat calculator works is by taking the highest attack/defensive weapons available in your loot, the same way the game choose weapons in a fight. This something different from David Holderness's combat calculator which calculates base on fight results. Since your entire loot is taken into consideration, your defense can be calculated as well, without the need for a friend to tap you and have them e-mail/im the result to you. Saves time, health and money.

What I particularly like about Scot's Mafia Wars combat calculator is that you can modify the loot quantity. Ever wandered what's your attack rating will be like with 501 TNT, 501 Guerrilla Squad, 501 armored state car?

Using Scott Saunders's Mafia Wars Loot List & Combat Calculator

1) Go to your profile

2) Select EVERYTHING by pressing CTRL + A

3) Go to:

4) Paste it in the white box, (CTRL + V)

5) Click on the LOAD LOOT button
6) TADA!

Monday, October 5, 2009

More Updates: Baby Hamsters

Day 09: Still growing. They bury themselves in bedding to sleep. Unlike the adult hamsters which prefer to sleep on the wheel or a cleared out corner.

Day 10: Snowy with her babies. The babies are more active now, although still blind.

Day 11: Finally opened their eyes! but its still a squint. Their legs are bigger and stronger, but still have difficulty walking properly. Doesn't has sense of balance yet or the legs are still not strong enough.

Day 12: Yes, they are still suckling. But I did see the black one nibbling on sunflower seed shell, and yes, they do bite when I put my finger on them.

Day 13: The white one

Day 13: The black one

Day 14: First step on the wheel! They do grow fast.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conrod Comparison Campro 1.6 vs 4g92p

Found an interesting post in ZTH on the different design of Campro conrods and those from mitsubishi 4g92p. Many thanks to ZTH member speed2horizon for taking time comparing the conrods.

broken crank shaft
Somewhat related