Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mafia Wars: The New Stock

In a fight, you are allowed to bring one weapon, armor and vehicle per mafia (including you) and the best will be chosen. That being said, the weakest weapon brought to battles should be the highest available for purchase.

Bonus Weapon
Bonus weapon
Attack 20/Defense 20
Attack 23/Defense 11
Personally, I think that the bazooka is a joke. +3A/ -9D, in net you lose 6 points. Since the revamp of the fight algorithm where defense and attack are no longer combined, it makes the bazooka even more useless. Ironically, the once abundance napalm and bookie handout pistol that was considered unfavorable gift from fellow mafia due to its low combined score, is now superior. In addition to numerous drop able loot with an attack of 30 or more which are easily obtainable through fights, it doesn't make financial sense to spend hard earned C$ on the bazooka even though you are still using 100 bonus weapons in attack runs.
Body Armor
Body Armor
Attack 4/Defense 7
Rebel Sniper
Rebel Sniper
Attack 24/Defense 20
This is by far the best upgrade MW:C has to offer. +20A/+13D compared to the Body Armor. With an attack rating of 24 it even surpass many drop able loot in terms of attack where by the only armor that has higher attack then the rebel snipers are the Guerrilla Squad and Ness' Fedora.
As a defensive armor, there are plenty loot items that are better then the Rebel Sniper though, namely the Bodyguard with a defense of 25, which is available as a free gift loot.
Town Car
Town Car
Attack 10/ Defense 12
Commercial Helicopter
Commercial Helicopter
Attack 18/ Defense 26
This one is a little tricky. Its a +8A/+6D over the town car, however it isn't the best vehicle offered in MW:C. On top of that, with the current promotion of MW:M with lots of insanely high A/D score for vehicles like the track loader, getting the commercial helicopter isn't a wise investment as it get obsolete fast.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Update: Baby Hamsters

Day 05: Babies are getting bigger

Day 06: and bigger

Day 07: and bigger still

Day 08: Their limbs are formed now, no longer the skinny twig like arms and legs. Now they can move about (although still blind), bury themselves and scratch. From this early photos, looks like its one white and one dark hamster.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby Hamsters!

I was about the change the bedding of the female pair, Snowy and Noisy only to find pups inside their house with Noisy nursing the babies. It was a good thing that their house has a transparent roof so I noticed the wiggly pups. So, I removed Snowy from the new mother and left them alone with ample of food and water.

Day 00, 21 September 2009, The day that I found out about the birth. There was 3 pups in the original littler, one later died and Noisy cannibalize it.

Day 03, The pups didn't move out on their own. They were suckling on Noisy and dragged out while suckling when Noisy walked out the house for food, water or whenever she feels like to.

Still Day 03, Feeding time

Day 04, Back into the house. They are now noticeably larger and have a hint of tiny fur growing. They can squeak now.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Your regular broadcast will resume in another month(s) time, or until I find something to blog about. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.