Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Finally found my USB microSD card reader. I lost it at a place which I would never have thought of, the factory warehouse. It was a good thing that I was rummaging through some old equipments and there where I found it, in a box along with old dusty, greasy machine parts.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Something about nothing

Okay, there's definitely something to blog about other then Mafia Wars stuff. I wish to apologize to non mafia wars player for boring them to death.

I do wish to blog about a not so new food stall at One Utama old wing which sells overpriced porridge and deep fried chinese snacks. Unfortunately I've lost my micro SD-SD card converter along with my micro-SD card reader. So, there's no way I can transfer the photos in my camera phone to my laptop. If you know which shop I'm talking about, my only review is: although over priced, the food is actually great.

Other small tweets and status updates are already mentioned in Facebook, like how I spun out at ulu yam touge course resulted from high speed entry. If i were able to take the full track into the oncoming lane, I wouldn't have spun. At least the brakes works great and the tires are due for replacement in another track session or two.At the start of the touge

Mafia Wars Public Service Announcement 01

NEVER HITLIST somebody stronger then you unless you wish to be iced and have your properties closed down on a daily basis.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Consigliere Job Tier Mastered

Milestone achieved, another two tier to go. sigh.

The good news, declare war is working, for some people though. I still can't declare war on people, but I can participate in them. My thoughts so far:

1) Why declare war on friends? Shouldn't I declare war on people who was robbing me for the past three days? It sounds more logical to declare war against enemy players then friendlies.

2) When I click on the help with war link, I was brought to a fight chart above. The chart above is the result page, the fight chart looks something similar but have "attack" button below the top mafias. The problem is, there is attack button on both parties, that means I can attack whomever I choose. I accidentally attacked top mafia for the friend who requested for the declare war help, oops!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday, Thursday


I woke up and launched Firefox to check on my Mafia Wars like clockwork. Then I saw a pretty information bar with numbers and tiny pictures of loot. It caught my attention and soon I was fighting other mafias in the fight list and the hit list as well (hoping some hitlisted idiot will put me on the hit list so I can gain some exp from failed attacks and whack them again). When the stamina and energy reaches 0, I remembered, I was suppose to ditch this game last night. Looks like my mafia is being ignored by my old nemesis, thus the dull news feed. I guess they finally smarten up to ignore the bully.

While on the way to work, there's an unusual crawl at the KL boarder on Jalan Kepong, right in front the infamous Kepong Police Station where roadblocks are held to inconvenient the rakyat, the federal government way of showing who's still incharge in retaliation to Pakatan Rakyat's street demonstration. This time, it wasn't a road block. The opposite road (heading towards Sungai Buloh/MRR2) was undergoing pipe replacement, and Malaysians being busy body, slowed to a snail pace to watch them replace old rusted pipes with new PVC and cement reinforced ones. Oh, and it was raining too.

Men at work

Once passed that road works, traffic cleared on my lane. However the folks on the opposite lane wasn't aware what awaits them.

Been a long time since I last had hash brown, so I dropped by McD to settle my cravings. Guess what I saw at the counter?

Mouthwash lol! I guess the mouth wash is for those who have coffee breath. And I didn't think that they were serious about it.

I guess they are. Kinda odd having a mouth wash on a food tray.

I didn't use the mouth wash and was on the road again heading towards the office until to be greeted with the same crawl at the same place as yesterday. The work done must be serious because I've never come across pipe replacement works that took more then 24 hours. Most of these pipe works are quick. It's dig, cut and replace, cover up the hole and resurface it.

Work still in progress. They have dug up half a lamp post length about 10-15 meters of asphalt.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Grinding to a Halt

Just got to level 148 today after two days of playing only to be greeted with another 1852exp to next level. This is getting tiresome. I used to get at least 10 attacks a day where I manage to defend them off, thus gaining 10-30 exp. Oddly this past three days my news feeds are nothing but job helps, and helping another mafia as a capo. At this rate, I'll only be able to level up once every two days instead of the usual once a day.

Time to abandon ship.

On the side note, I came across something funny on facebook groups. An Anti Mafia Wars Group. Looking at this group instantly reminds me of Jack Thompson the activist against violent video games. I chuckled, iced someone on the hitlist and then blog about this.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

The babies are all grown up and was displaying puberty behavior of humping and butt sniffing the opposite sex since two weeks ago. Not wanting them to inbreed, I separated the males from the females. It solved one problem, but invites another, rivalry between the two males, Mocha and Nibblet. Who would have thought that these cute furry Winter White hamsters would be so territorial? Especially when they are siblings.

So, I had to separate the two males. Since I don't have that many case to store them, I'd had to make use of what I had, old hamster cages and "jail" Nibblet from Mocha.

On the side note, the females are okay. No fights amongst them but they are getting noisier then usual, which I've taken the liberty to name one TickleMe which I've also given the nickname Noisy. She squeaks at the slightest of things, when her butt got sniffed, when she was rolled over by another hamster, when she was pushed off the wheel by another hamster, or when another hamster walks over her. And she's real fun to play with, I like prodding her belly when she's turned over just to make her squeak.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Brake Fluid Flushing

My once daily ride has now become my weekend car. Not that it isn't a good car, just that there are limitations having a 2 door hatchback ferrying 3 people to work on a daily basis.

I've noticed since two sundays ago that the brakes are softer then the savvy, my now daily ride. And there can only be one culprit, contaminated bake fluids. After confirming my suspicion with the Moe, I then sent my neo for brake fluid flushing at my regular mechanic for a fee of RM25 (brake fluids supplied separately)

I had the brake lines flushed with Motul DOT 5.1 about two years ago when I had the steel braided installed at Links, Sunway. The brake lines were emptied, the reservoir wiped clean and had compressed air run through the brake lines to flush out the old brake fluids. Then new brake fluids were poured into the reservoir which channels into brake lines which were bleed.

The steps taken by the regular mechanic was different. He did not empty the entire brake lines with air. Instead he bleed the brake lines until the reservoir is almost empty, and then filled it with the new brake fluids. Bleeding continues until the new clearer fluids appear from the brake lines connecting the calipers. This method is safer in the sinse no air will be trapped in the brake lines. Having air in the brake lines is dangerous. But the new DOT 5.1 will mix with the old contaminated brake fluids and might not be as effective during spirited driving.

There's only one way to find out, field test, next sunday.