Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mafia Wars: Cuba Revisited

Mafia Wars: Cuba (MW:C) was released to the public about a month ago and it received very unpleasing review from me. However, since there are more achievements to unlock, I was forced to play MW:C to obtain the Havana Hat Trick, International, Like a Hurricane and many more achievements only available in MW:C, and that's lots of skill points being offered.

Speaking of carrot dangling, loot dropped in MW:C is perked way too much compared to MW:NY. The latest hottest commodity is the TNT which packs a whopping 42Atk/20Def (62 points) as compared to the AR15 of only 32Atk/10Def (42 points). Even the special loot gold MP5 30Atk/30Def (60 points) which sells for 25 godfather points pales in comparison to the TNT. Zynga probably wasn't thinking much about it when creating MW:C loot. And I bet there are a few angry players who spent hard earn GF points on something that became obsolete fast.

On the plus side, they made money more relevant in the game. The one thing that I really like about MW:C (other then the IMBA loot) is the ability to obtain disposable loot without going through time/energy wasting jobs for loot that rarely drop. Zynga smartly incorporate it into the business of MW:C , where politico corrupto can be collected every 3 hours for free and also allow additional politico corrupto to be bought with cash. And better yet, the loot is gift-able.

With these little improvements and rewards, I'm playing MW:C more often that I'd like to admit.

Nostalgia Attack

The two games that kept me busy these few weeks (other then mafia wars). These are really old games which brings really good memories of the fun I had when it was the latest and greatest game back then.
Sim City 2000

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mafia Wars: Random Info

Mogul/Fearless Player (without tier mastery bonus)
Stamina regeneration: 5 minutes
Energy regeneration: 5 Minutes

Stamina regenerated in a day (24 hours): 288
Energy regenerated in a day (24 hours): 288
Exp earned from best job: 568
Average Exp form fighting: 864

Mogul/Fearless Player (with all NY tier mastery bonus)
Stamina regeneration: 4.5 minutes
Energy regeneration: 4.5 Minutes (X 2 energy)

Stamina regenerated in a day (24 hours): 320
Energy regenerated in a day (24 hours): 640
Exp earned from best job: 1278
Average Exp form fighting: 960

Maniac Player (without tier mastery bonus)
Stamina regeneration: 5 minutes
Energy regeneration: 3 Minutes

Stamina regenerated in a day (24 hours): 288
Energy regenerated in a day (24 hours): 480
Exp earned from best job: 923
Average Exp form fighting: 864

Maniac Player (with all NY tier mastery bonus)
Stamina regeneration: 4.5 minutes
Energy regeneration: 2.5 Minutes (X 2 energy)

Stamina regenerated in a day (24 hours): 320
Energy regenerated in a day (24 hours): 1152
Exp earned from best job: 2272
Average Exp form fighting: 960

Best job: Settle a Beef... Permanently (Boss tier) 35 energy, 71 exp

So, even if you only have 35 energy, you are still able to earn 568exp in a day. Provided you sit in front the computer whole day clicking at every 2 hours and 55 minutes interval for that job, and fighting at every 5 minutes will generate an average of 864exp (assuming the chance of earning 0 to 6 exp is the same). Then again this is just a rough estimate. Every time you level up, energy and stamina will be refilled to its maximum. Also with energy packs that boost an extra 25% more energy, it rewards more if you have more energy.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rated C for Corny

Everyone was talking about this during one point of the year where I was indifferent to movies, regardless how much it was hyped about. And everyone I know who watched it says it's creepy, scary, and gory. Yes gore, the one thing that I would not give a pass, especially the Saw series.

So, I was at the DVD store one day, and I saw this movie cover

When it says unrated, you know it's got to be good. Nowadays movies are tamed down to suit the weak stomach masses. So, when it said unrated, you know that it's meant for the small niche of blood thirsty fans. Or so I thought.

As much as I like gore, I'd prefer my movie to have some plot to keep me in suspense, like the movie SAW. Sadly the plot in Hills have Eyes is extremely shallow. Mind you that I haven't watch the original 1977 version, but the entire story line was revealed when Big Bob went back to the gas station to get help (not even half way into the movie). Then there's the OBVIOUS look-out-behind-you moments. When the camera is too focused on the protagonist for too long with its background blur, you know a cheap scare is coming up. And also the bad guys always have awesome ninja skills, hiding from the victims until striking distance in an open desert.

Then there's the OBVIOUS I-know-what's-going-to-happen-next moments. For example, the hero tossing his weapon next to the dead body of the bad guy who he killed seconds ago, only to realize the bad guy isn't dead and using that weapon against the hero. Then there has got to be a "good" antagonist like Ruby who selflessly sacrifice herself to save the hero form being shot by the bad guy with the very weapon the hero used against him.

And then there's moments which will only happen in the movies like when the body of Mrs Carter was stolen from the SUV by the ninja mutants, Bobby instructed his lone defenseless surviving sister into the trailer while he heroically track the mutant by following the trail of seemingly fresh blood conveniently left by the body of Mrs Carter who died hours ago. Sure, Bobby has got a handgun, but it's always better to have backup like a big sister with a kitchen knife.

This movie is awfully predictable. However I failed to predict it to be predicable or else I wouldn't be watching this predictable movie.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More reasons to get a 2 door coupe

It's simply "safer" then its 4 door sibling. Click on the link to read more.

Dining at New York Deli @ One U

It was indeed a surprise that my appetite wasn't ruined form the smelly movie going encounter (see previous post). So, after the show, we went to New York Deli for dinner. I was forewarned by Marc that the food there wasn't great, but having passed by that place numerous times in the past, looking at patrons dining on what seemingly delicious food made me curious for a bite.

Sea Food Platter for two:
The girls ordered this and I had small nibbles of the calamari and prawns. The prawns is OK, the calamari however tasted weird. Its tasteless, doesn't has the squid taste under the tempura coating. And the girls complained about the salmon salad being too salty.

Chicken Caesar pizza (background) and Cape-Style Fish and Chips
I've got to give credit to them that they did try to please cheese maniacs with the pizza. The cheese is so thick that it clunk together with the toppings. Tugging the crust will just get you the crust, the toppings and the cheese need to be cut before serving, although the pizza was precut in the kitchen. My only complaint is that they are overgenerous on the mayonnaise, making it a tad too sweet and tasting cheap.

Marc's comment on the fish and chips: breading is too thick for this liking. Tasted so-so

Beef lasagna, what I had that night.
The first time I tasted lasagna was more then ten years ago at Longinus, Taipan, USJ. It was divine, like tasting Ikea sweedish meat balls for the first time. This beef lagsana however did not rekindle that tastebud euphoria I had a long time ago. But to be fair to New York Deli, they did try, the cheese is thick, and very generous with the beef. So much that I think they over did it, as there are quite little pasta layers. The tomato paste can use a little more taste.

Lastly, WK had Juicy burger Supreme, medium rare.
WK's comments: too rare and it tasted like corn beef. On top of that the patty is falling apart. paroably becuase it wasn't cooked enough.

I will not venture into drinks because it's way overpriced. I had root beer (not float) and it cost RM5.90 before tax. I can get a whole 1.5L bottle for that price. In fact, the food price too is on the high side. The only good thing about this place is the quick and friendly service.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter and the Pungent Patron

It's going to be a month since the last update. Much has happened. And what happened yesterday, was an outing with sweetheart, her friend Irene and my two buddies, Marc and WK. We watched the much anticipated 6th installment of Harry Potter, the Half Blood Prince.

As the title suggest, the movie watching experience was most unpleasant. We were seated early and eagerly awaiting for the hall to dim out and for the movie trailers and advertisement to play. Moments before that happen, a fat woman sat next to me on my right. I don't prejudice fat people, in fact I do have overweight friends, this lady however was an exception. The moment she landed, my seat moved, like when you step on the middle of a plank bridging a drain, and having both ends of the plank move upwards pointing the sky, turning the plank into a nice U shape. I've been to the movies many times and the only time my seat was moved was when the person at the back start kicking or shaking his legs out of habit. Not awkwardly elevated my left cheek.

The slightly elevated seat was the least of the problems that I had to put through the 2 hours plus movie. Not long after she got comfortable, I caught a sourish stench. It smelled like vomit with a hint of diarrhea. SHE HAD BODY ODOR! The only console is that it stink just right, not pungent enough to activate my gag reflex, or make me heave, but pungent enough to take notice. For the next two hours I leaned on sweetheart on my left with my sweater tugged above my nose.

Pungent food like durians, the king of fruit is prohibited from places like cinema. The same should be applied to pungent people. They should employ sniffer dogs to screen movie goers and deny access for those with really bad smell. Or at least have them seated in an air tight acrylic case so their odor don't disturb others. Better yet, have some courtesy to watch the movie at the comfort of their own home and not bothering others with their smell.