Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mafia Wars is Indeed, Serious Business

It seems that Mafia Wars has become popular traffic puller to this blog. It has been 2 weeks since that last post on how I was robbed by a serial robber in Mafia Wars, and it turns out that putting him on the hit list isn't the best option. Players with really tough attack and defense stats enjoy getting on the hit list as most of the time the would be assassins will fail the attempt, henceforth, free experience points. However I strongly doubt that the vietnamese SOB was that tough, he was just level 45 when I start placing him on the hit list, unless he spent some money buying godfather points to stat up.

So, my progress during the last two weeks into the game has been good. I've beefed up my mafia size by 100. Yeah, I added 100 strangers because my 30 something friends do not play mafia wars. It would've added more then 500 mafias and much faster if I joined the add-me threads and the 501 quick add facebook groups. But I decide to take it slow, and slowly adapt to the growing powers I had coming. Having an army does not automatically make you the strongest. I've beaten mafia families twice my number. Their weakness? Ill equip, as most of the mafias uses weak weapons like .22 revolver and brass knuckles. While I on the other hand, the weakest weapon is the chain gun. Most of the damage comes from limited edition loot which has a minimum of 20 attack points.

Secondly, I've been playing my mafia like how it's suppose to, randomly attacking other players. Before this I was really passive, do jobs, and retaliate those who put their hands into my pocket. Now I attack whoever is in the fight list. Since I've more mafias and up to par attack and defense stats, losing is rare, except for those annoying critical hits which foil my sure win attacks. Another plus point of attacking is the chance to loot items. I've got 5 NVG and 5 bodyguards all form looting, and also enough cell phones to master "loose FBI tail" job.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


After a week long (or more)absence form blogging, I resumed what I enjoy doing most (other then mafia wars) reading blogs. There's so much catching up to do. Inspired by Rosidah's post on sky I decided to post a photo which I took a week ago of the clear blue sky at my workplace. Thankfully the blazing sun was covered behind some clouds, however it was still bright enough for the shot. Picture posted above was only resized, not enhanced anyway with photoshop.

This picture however was taken at St Andrew Church in Ipoh last Saturday while attending Sweetheart's cousin wedding. Departed BU at 8.30, arrived at at the church 10.05, 25 minutes to spare. It took me 1 hour and 25 minutes from BU to Simpang Pulai toll, most of the time doing 180km/h. There is one stretch of the road I was 10km/h shy of reaching the second century mark. Fuel consumption was no different then track day, 13.5L for every 100km. The car was at half tank when we arrived at the destination, double of what normal highway cruise will take.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Maybank Phishing

This is not new, just a friendly reminder regarding phishing e-mails and phishing sites. From the hidden link, it's a telltale sign of a undisguised phishing site. More clever phishing mails will use url that are similar to the original, like misspells, such as maybankk, maybonk and maydank where one will misread and mistook as the real site.

Also this is a good reason to update this blog. if you see my facebook page its filled with mafia wars stuff. So, it kinda explains my absence.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Satria Neo S2000 interior

Found THIS awesome site of the interior of the Satria Neo S2000 rally car.

I really like the idea of the touch screen LCD. It eliminates the use of many light indicator and buttons, hence a lighter car.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mafia Wars is Serious Business

A long time ago, I was harassed in a facebook game, Gangster Battle by some guy. His constant attacks made it no longer fun so I deleted my game profile so that sad SOB don't have a punching bag to make his ego feel big. or atleast pick on someone else.

This time it's Mafia Wars. Some vietnamese SOB constantly robbed my properties for 2 days straight. jeez, don't he have a date or something? Saturday and Sunday are full of this inane obsession robbing my $789,870 virtual mafia dollars per hit. over 100 hits in that two days. I don't mind getting robbed. Hell, my virtual mobsters was iced by someone and i didn't mind, because they played the game like a sane person, unlike this vietnamese who had too much agent orange.

For some reason I couldn't delete my game profile. Maybe the makers made it that way, and I didn't wan this sucker to leach on my abandoned account too. I WANT PAYBACK! So, I did some really desperate measure.

I sold all my property, 90 mega casino, 70 office buildings and 11 valuemart which generated over 21 million per hour. Two properties which cannot be sold and also thankfully cannot be robbed which is the deli and mafia mikes. I also sold most of my inventory, to balance the income and upkeep. I didn't want to have a large upkeep that eats into my savings, neither do i want to have too much income to motivate his attack. i want to make his attack on me as a total waste of time and effort.

Then I put all the money in the bank. Its a good thing that I saved a substantial amount before all this madness. I have now 17billion in the bank at my disposal.
A single hit is as low as 10grand, suitable for that vietnamese lowlife. So, now I'm placing hits on him. it only cost 1 stamina and 10 000 to ice him. And the best thing is i can do that when my mafia is hospitalized. so, imagine having a game character dying everytime resuctated. yeah, i'll be furious too.

revenge best serve cold

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rip Rear Absorbers

Mileage: 48500km
HPC Sessions: 4
SIC Sessions: 1
Touge at: Bukit Tinggi (3), Ulu Yam(4), Genting(2), Kuala Kelawang(2)
Pot hole encounter: too many to count

Technically, these died at least a week before the front absorbers gave way. Due to the sound proofing at the rear, the noise was muffled, and totally insulated when the radio is on.

And I've replaced the front tires too after 6 months of use.

I was in a limbo on which tires to get, the track breed AD07 or back to everyday use PP2. Since it's the rainy season and I no longer visit the track that often, i maintained the use of PP2. It provides fairly good traction on both dry and wet conditions.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

I read with utter disgust how the ignorant people of Pulau Ketam 'deport' strays to an island with a pathetically sick excuse as a "humane alternative" from being euthanize by the municipal council.

Firstly, introducing exotic animal into a virgin ecosystem will upset the biodiversity and balance of the island regardless how small the island is. There are many classic examples of ecosystem destruction from introduces species, such as Australia where the introduction of rabbits for rabbit hunting has robbed of much greenery from that continent. Likewise the strays will consume whatever its consumable in order to survive.

So, what happens when the wildlife/food runs out? They'll turn against themselves. Dog eat dog, so this is humane?

Secondly, death by starvation is far more cruel then lethal injection which knocks off central nervous system, minimizing pain.

No doubt that euthanize strays seems somewhat cruel, it is the best option in handling strays. After all, these animals are not wanted, and given the circumstances that these animals were exposed to vectors and pathogen, which will cause more harm to the human populous, the government is left with not many options.

Those who should really be castaway to a remote island are the irresponsible pet owners who abandoned their pets, which in the end becomes strays.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cross Road

Lately I was in active discussion with my pals in the NoTorque private forum regarding tires, suspensions and the works. It really got me hyped out. The possibility of achieving 3.00 time in SIC is possible with my car as it has been achieved by amateur racers in the Satria Neo Clubsport. On the other hand, my Neo is a daily driven car, given the clubsport comes with roll cage, beefed-up- petrol-guzzling-engine and a stripped interior, it doesn't makes it a very comfortable ride especially long distance, or even short trips. The more logical choice will be built-for-the-public-road Satria Neo R3.

The Myvi was added for the lulz.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another week long silence

It wasn't my intention to take a holiday from blogging. I was infected with flu, not sick enough to bed ridden me, but sick enough to annoy and diminish my mood for blogging.

Right after the post on my muscle ache, I woke up with a bad throat the morning after. Before I know it, I was infected with flu. 3 days of self medication didn't ease the infection, mainly because I left out the most important ingredient of my cocktail of pills, antibiotics.

I have severe gastric reaction to streptomycin which is why I was reluctant to take antibiotics. Furthermore I manage to cure my minor flu I had during chinese new year by taking medication for sore throat with a mix of chinese herbal pills. It worked then, it should work now. Somehow that's not how it work like it suppose to.

So from muscle ache, to sore throat, to flu to throat full of phlegm and now dry cough which I feels is the worst condition to be in. If I'm a cartoon character I'd have probably cough my lungs out. There's once when I coughed so bad that I had a migraine. Fortunately the remedy is warm sweet drinks like a cup of warm lemon tea.

On the side note, my Neo is acting up again, this time is the rear suspensions. It will be visiting the car doctor this sunday, appointment has been made and parts ordered. It shouldn't take long for it to be fixed.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Teres Major

Sweetheart and I subscribed to a week free gym session at Bernard's Fitness Network at Centerpoint Bandar Utama. On the first day I jogged for 15 minutes on speed 8. I was really surprised that my stamina hasn't left me. And I was able to continue where I left off, 3 sets 12 reps 70 pounds bench press

The day after that my thighs were sore and I got boobs. So, being a superman, I did 2 sets 7reps assisted chin ups and 2sets 10reps 70pound back lateral pull down. It felt great until today. My teres major is stiff! and it hurts whenever I need to raise my arm more then 70 degrees. Yes, I can't even stretch my arm at full 90 without grimacing.

I'll stay at home today