Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy April Fools Day

Its that time of the year again, and here's my Public Service Announcement on a top few pranks NOT to be played.
1) Dangerous pranks which caused possible physical injuries
e.g. pulling the chair away when someone's going to sit, tie shoe lace together, dropping water balloon from the 3rd floor (it hits like bricks)
2) Accident news, especially to/about your loved ones. Some people (especially those with heart condition) might suffer a heart attack or stroke, unnecessarily stress.

Remember: April fool pranks are suppose to be fun and funny. None of the above are.

Here's some inspiration:
Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoax
Amway/MLM Punk

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Earth Hour

A year ago I posted a mini announcement about Earth Hour in my old blog. It's 2009 now and Earth hour is back, even bigger. After watching the propaganda video, I was awestruck but then it got me thinking, how significant is the practice of turning lights off for one hour versus a total change in greener lifestyle.

Firstly, the lightning in my house is powered by energy saving white florescent tubes on electronic ballast which are at least 9% more efficient then regular electromagnetic ballast on the same tubes, and 3 times more efficient then incandescent lamps. So, having me to turn off those lights for an hour is insignificant. As I save much more energy leaving them on versus other household who are still using incandescent lamps or on electromagnetic ballast.

Then there's the issue of plastic bags, namely grocery bags. The trend of bringing your own grocery bags is starting to pickup around PJ areas, namely at upmarket shopping centers like 1U and curve. But it's nothing to rejoice about, last wednesday while getting groceries at Kelana Jaya Giant, I was the only shopper there with a reusable canvas shopping bag. Other shoppers are still chucking their groceries in plastic bags, especially past 40 aunties and uncles who horde plastic bags like insisting on double bag a 'heavy item' (which i think it's totally unnecessary as bag of rice and soap powder comes with its own carrying handle).

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Copyright Issues

More then a week ago, I mentioned that Rosidah came across an unfriendly encounter regarding copyright infringement.

A little googling and I found THIS. Its short and easy to understand for those who don't have a law degree.

And I also experimented the situation in a public forum to gauge average malaysian understanding on copyright infringement. CLICK HERE

Its rather disturbing to see widespread plagiarism, and there's very little one can do about it. Even if one is to use javascript to disable the rightclick, a simple use of Ad Blocker Plus can disable it and watermarks from pictures can be cropped.
But then plagiarism/imitation also the best form of flattery.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rip Front Absorbers

Mileage: 48300km
HPC Sessions: 4
SIC Sessions: 1
Touge at: Bukit Tinggi (3), Ulu Yam(4), Genting(2), Kuala Kelawang(2)
Pot hole encounter: too many to count


The best way to punk a friend you are meeting for the first time after haven't seen each other for a very looooooooooong time
when they ask what's the occasion

reply: " have you heard of Amway?"

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tamil Song Is Strangely Therapeutic

So I was stuck in traffic again at 3pm on the way to the machine shop to inspect on the tube coil-er which i placed an order, for my business. While waiting for the red light to turn green, Fly FM lost signal and all i got was static. so i switched one channel lower 92.3, unknowingly it was RTM Tamil channel. I've no idea what they are singing about, neither can i differentiate between tamil, hindi and any other indian dialect, but i liked it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

[Survival Guide] Surviving Kepong Traffic

I live in BU(PJ) and work in Kepong. Though just 20km apart, it's like entering a totally different country with different culture and ways of doing things even though its the same thing, driving. So, here's a list of survival tips if you happen to be cruising along Kepong town, especially the dreaded Jalan Kepong.

1) When changing lanes DO NOT USE signal indicator
Yes, you heard me right, DON'T use them. Whenever you want to change lanes you should:
i) look at your mirror (left or right depends on which lane you are changing to)
ii) determine if there's enough room between you and the next car in the lane you are changing to
iii) make sure that the car on the other lane maintain his speed (he's not accelerating)
iv) change lane

Every time when I use the indicators to signal my lane change (after step iii) , the car on the other lane will speed up to close up the gap. That's how selfish Kepong drivers are. So, when you see the chance to change lane, take it, don't ask, don't tell. If the guy does rear end you, it's his fault for following you too close.

2) Overtake from the left if you must, and NEVER flash/honk a road hog
Everyone hates road hogs. Undeniably the most selfish act in driving and Kepong never run out of supply of them. Regardless male, female, old, young, driving a bucket of rust or a brand new tri-star, it's impossible to profile a road hog other then his/her driving attitude. They think they own the road, and there's no such thing as an overtaking lane (right most lane). The infamous driving rule "Ikut kiri kecuali memotong" (keep left unless you are overtaking) is forgotten. And there's no use to honk or flash them out of the way because most of the time they will not budge. And if you do meet with a road bully who's hogging the lane, he might make your life miserable by driving even slower and move into your lane when you try to overtake. So the rule of the thumb, see a slow car in front, overtake with whatever lanes available.

3) Beware the Stallers
I'm just going to describe these stallers and let you think on your most preferred choice of action when encountering them. Stallers will cruise slowly (40-50km/h) to a traffic light when it's still brightly lit green. Then speed up when it turns yellow. And passed the traffic light the moment it turns red. Whoever is stalled behind these stallers will have to stop at the traffic light and wait for their green light 60-90 seconds later. It's easy to mistaken them for road hogs who cruise slowly in their own leisure selfishly unaware the inconveniences it cause to others.

4) The Frogger
If you've played frogger you'll definitely know where I'm getting at, pedestrians who doesn't use pedestrian crossing and will even cross at incoming traffic. Such daredevil acts are very common from Carefour Kepong to Jusco Metro Prima as pedestrians dash across the street to catch the bus, or simply for the fun of it.

5) Avoid Jalan Kepong when its:
i) 12noon - 2pm the 4 lanes funnel to 2 lanes in front Kepong police station will be at a standstill as selfish parents double park to pick up/drop off school children narrowing down to one lane (there's a chinese school right after the police station, behind the row of shops). Traffic is also exceptionally heavy at Jinjang Selatan towards KL.

ii) When there's a big political event happening in KL. Roadblock will be set in front of the police station, slowing traffic to snail pace as men in blue stand guard with their automatic MP5 sub machine gun and chat amongst themselves.

6) Beware of cars cutting into your late without use of indicators
See 1

What if GOD is on Facebook

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


3.2KB/sec WTF!?!?!?! Even local hosted sites like lowyat dot net are moving at snail pace.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Films I've seen

I got this tag in my facebook. Since I've nothing much to blog about now, I'll take this opportunity to bump my blog with this post.

Mark the ones you've seen. There are 240 films on this list.

my remark: One thing about this list, it's fairly 'old' as it doesn't have the latest sequel to the complete trilogy/series.

( ) Rocky Horror Picture Show
( ) Grease
(X) Pirates of the Caribbean
(X) Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest
( ) Boondock Saints
(X) Fight Club
( ) Starsky and Hutch
( ) Neverending Story
( ) Blazing Saddles
( ) Airplane!

Total: 3

remark: they missed out Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at World's End, +1 if it's in the list.

( ) The Princess Bride
( ) AnchorMan
( ) Napoleon Dynamite
(X) Saw
(X) Saw II
( ) White Noise
( ) White Oleander
(X) Anger Management
( ) 50 First Dates
(X) The Princess Diaries
(X) The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Total so far: 8

remark: Saw has already reached its 5th sequel as of 2008, and I doubt that they are going to stop there. +3 if SAW I-V is counted

(X) Scream
(X) Scream 2
(X) Scream 3
(X) Scary Movie
(X) Scary Movie 2
(X) Scary Movie 3
(X) Scary Movie 4
(X) American Pie
( ) American Pie 2
( ) American Wedding
( ) American Pie Band Camp

Total so far: 16

( ) Harry Potter 1
( ) Harry Potter 2

( ) Harry Potter 3

( ) Harry Potter 4

( ) Harry Potter 5

(X) Resident Evil 1
( ) Resident Evil 2
( ) The Wedding Singer
( ) Little Black Book
(X) The Village
( ) Lilo & Stitch

Total so far: 18

remark: believe it or not, I did not watch any Harry Potter movies, though i do have a vague idea what's it about reading the summary form wiki.
The Village is the last M Night Shyamalan movie that I watched because it sucked so bad. Sixth Sense was AWESOME, Unbreakable was good but very draggy, The Village is just plain stupid, totally anticlimatic. Then I said to myself, enough is enough, no more MNS movies for me.

(X) Finding Nemo
( ) Finding Neverland
( ) Signs
( ) The Grinch
( ) Texas Chainsaw Massacre
( ) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
( ) White Chicks
(X) Butterfly Effect
( )Suddenly 30
(X) I, Robot
(X) Robots

Total so far: 22

( ) Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
(X) Universal Soldier
( ) Lemony Snicket: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
( ) Along Came Polly
(X) Deep Impact
( ) KingPin
( ) Never Been Kissed
(X) Meet The Parents
(X) Meet the Fockers
( ) Eight Crazy Nights
( ) Joe Dirt
(X) King Kong

Total so far: 27

( ) A Cinderella Story
(X) The Terminal
( ) The Lizzie McGuire Movie
( ) Passport to Paris
( ) Dumb & Dumber
( ) Dumber & Dumberer
( ) Final Destination
( ) Final Destination 2
( ) Final Destination 3
( ) Halloween
(X) The Ring
( ) The Ring 2
( ) Surviving X-MAS
(X) Flubber

Total so far: 30

Remark: I've watched both original Japanese version and Hollywood remake. I still prefer the original.

( ) Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
( ) Practical Magic
( ) Chicago
( ) Ghost Ship
( ) From Hell
( ) Hellboy
( ) Secret Window
( ) I Am Sam
( ) The Whole Nine Yards
( ) The Whole Ten Yards

Total so far: 30

Remark: Did not watch Harold and Kumar go to white castle, but I did watch the sequel, go to guantanamo bay.
Hellboy is also in my movies-to-watch list, but somehow my interest got cold.

(X) The Day After Tomorrow
(X) Child's Play
(X) Seed of Chucky
(X) Bride of Chucky
(X) Ten Things I Hate About You
( ) Just Married
( ) Gothika
( ) Nightmare on Elm Street
( ) Sixteen Candles
( ) Remember the Titans
( ) Coach Carter
( ) The Grudge
( ) The Grudge 2
(X) The Mask
( ) Son Of The Mask

Total so far: 36

Remark: I watched the original Japanese version of Grudge (Ju On). So I guess it doesn't count. Thanks to Hollywood for screwing up The Ring, I skipped any Hollywood remake. regardless The Grudge, Dark Water, Shutter, etc.

(X) Bad Boys
(X) Bad Boys 2
( ) Joy Ride
(X) Lucky Number Slevin
(X) Ocean's Eleven
(X) Ocean's Twelve
( ) Bourne Identity
(X) Bourne Supremecy
(X) Bourne Ultimatum
( ) Lone Star
(X) Bedazzled
(X) Predator I
(X) Predator II
( ) The Fog
(X) Ice Age
(X) Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
( ) Curious George

Total so far: 48

Remark: Oceans 12 was a let down, but they manage to redeem themselves with Oceans 13.
And yes, I skipped the first Bourne movie

(X) Independence Day
( ) Cujo
( ) A Bronx Tale
( ) Darkness Falls
( ) Christine
(X) ET
( ) Children of the Corn
(X) My Boss's Daughter
( ) Maid in Manhattan
(X) War of the Worlds
(X) Rush Hour
(X) Rush Hour 2

Total so far: 54

Remark: how did ET get in the list? I do remember wathcing it, but forgot the details about it.
+1 if there's Rush Hour 3 in the list

( ) Best Bet
( ) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
( ) She's All That
( ) Calendar Girls
( ) Sideways
(X) Mars Attacks
( ) Event Horizon
( ) Ever After
(X) Wizard of Oz
(X) Forrest Gump
( ) Big Trouble in Little China
(X) The Terminator
(X) The Terminator 2
(X) The Terminator 3

Total so far: 60

Remark: I remember watching wizard of Oz when I was in standard 4. it was sooooo long ago.

(X) X-Men
(X) X-2
(X) X-3
(X) Spider-Man
(X) Spider-Man 2
( ) Sky High
( ) Jeepers Creepers
( ) Jeepers Creepers 2
( ) Catch Me If You Can
(X) The Little Mermaid
( ) Freaky Friday
( ) Reign of Fire
( ) The Skulls
(X) Cruel Intentions
( ) Cruel Intentions 2
(X) The Hot Chick
(X) Shrek
(X) Shrek 2
(X) Shrek the Third

Total so far: 71

Remark: +1 if there's Spiderman 3, of all spiderman movies, I like Spiderman 3 the best.

( ) Swimfan
( ) Miracle on 34th street
( ) Old School
( ) The Notebook
( ) K-Pax
( ) Krippendorf's Tribe
( ) A Walk to Remember
( ) Ice Castles
( ) Boogeyman
( ) The 40-year-old Virgin

Total so far: 71

(X) Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring
(X) Lord of the Rings The Two Towers
(X) Lord of the Rings Return Of the King
(X) Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
(X) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
(X) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Total so far: 77

Remark: I have the entire imported version of LOTR Extended Edition.

( ) Basketball
(X) Hostel
( ) Waiting for Guffman
( ) House of 1000 Corpses
( ) Devils Rejects
( ) Elf
( ) Highlande
( ) Mothman Prophecies
( ) American History X
( ) Three

Total so Far: 78

( ) The Jacket
(X) Kung Fu Hustle
(X) Shaolin Soccer
( ) Night Watch
(X) Monsters Inc.
(X) Titanic
( ) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
(X) Shaun Of the Dead
( ) Willard

Total so far: 83

( ) High Tension
( ) Club Dread
(X) Hulk
(X) Dawn Of the Dead
( ) Hook
( ) Chronicles Of Narnia The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
(X) 28 days later
( ) Orgazmo
( ) Phantasm
( ) Waterworld

Total so far: 86

Remark: There's two Hulk, the first was horrible, the second one was good. Real GOOD.
28 days later has changed my prespective on zombie, too bad that the sequel 28 weeks later has lost its omph.

(X) Kill Bill vol 1
( ) Kill Bill vol 2
(X) Mortal Kombat
( ) Wolf Creek
(X) Kingdom of Heaven
( ) The Hills Have Eyes
( ) I Spit on Your Grave
( ) The Last House on the Left
( ) Re-Animator
( ) Army of Darkness

Total so far: 89

Remark: there's sequel for Mortal Kombat, but I don't think that it's worth mentioning since it sucked.

(X) Star Wars Ep. I The Phantom Menace
(X) Star Wars Ep. II Attack of the Clones
(X) Star Wars Ep. III Revenge of the Sith
(X) Star Wars Ep. IV A New Hope
(X) Star Wars Ep. V The Empire Strikes Back
(X) Star Wars Ep. VI Return of the Jedi
( ) Ewoks Caravan Of Courage
( ) Ewoks The Battle For Endor

Total so far: 95

(X) The Matrix
(X) The Matrix Reloaded
(X) The Matrix Revolutions
(X) Animatrix
( ) Evil Dead
( ) Evil Dead 2
(X) Team America: World Police
( ) Red Dragon
(X) Silence of the Lambs
(X) Hannibal

TOTAL : 102

Other movies worth mentioning

Slumdog Millionare (2008): I loved every single bit of it. Though it would be better if the actors didn't speak english at all maintain realism. The chase scene around Myumbai slum is quite breathtaking. imdb

No Country for Old Men (2007): Chigurh, nuf said. (slow dragy movie, but I liked it) imdb

Good Bye Lenin (2003): I know very little about German history but that didn't stop me from liking this movie. imdb

The Color Purple (1985): Another slow draggy movie which didn't only keep me awake till the final credit screening but also keept me interested and concern for Celie's wellbeing. imdb

korean comics

Friday, March 13, 2009

Almost Became Dog Food

More then 24 hours ago I posted a shout out "oddball almost killed a bird, BAD DOG!!!" in my facebook and then left it as it is. like a tweet. Then I saw the forwarded mail "Who Is The Better Mother?" that Rosidah mentioned where one of the picture got her into trouble by the original owner (that's a different story for another time). The forwarded mail inspired me to write this short post.

A few minutes past 7 when we were finishing dinner, I heard loud chirping outside my house. I went to the main door to see what's the commotion about, only to find oddball getting excited, sniffing the flower pots near the gutter. I went over to have a look and saw a small bird hiding behind the flower pots. With oddball caged in her pen, I tried to coax the little bugger out but no avail, leaving me little choice but to pick it up (it pecked my hand, but it wasn't painful) and placd it out in the open where it can fly again. All this while the parents was at the roof of my house chirping loudly trying to distract the the "predators" (me) so the young one can escape. (this is what i thought about when i saw the forwarded mail).

The little bird flew to a low branch on the tree in front of my house and rested a while. Only then did i realize i forgot to take pictures, like what my sister did with her mini national geographic coverage of the similar birdy incident. By the time I got the cameraphone out, I only manage to take this:

Little bird free at last

One of the parent on the roof

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thank You Proton DSSW Programe

I did not think that I'll need to put my defensive driving skills to the test other then track days at Sepang, until last monday when a beige Toyota, driven by a chinese woman (probably in the 50s) decided to cross a busy intersection with fast cars approaching less then 10 meters away. That approaching car was me. Since my neo doesn't have ABS, I did the next best thing, threshold braking and swerve to the side to avoid impact, with another free hand at the horn, blaring away. Its a good thing that I did not remove the bulk from the rear of the car, or else the lighten tail would've snapped during hard braking causing me to spin. And it's also a good thing that my year old tires are still good after track and rempit sessions, thus preventing me from going sideways. To the 50 year old chinese woman driving a beige Toyota, if you are reading this, take a cab!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Demonstration at Istana Negara


They are protesting against the use of English language as medium of teaching for the subjects of Science and Mathematics.

WTF! There were two major demonstration in the past, The Bersih Rally (2007) and the HINDRAF movement (2007) which were addressing pressing issues such as a fair and clean election (bersih) and for better rights for the marginalized Indian community (hindraf).

I question the need of such protest at such magnitude just because teachers prefer to teach science and maths in Bahasa rather then English?

Personally speaking, reverting back to Bahasa for those two subjects is taking another huge step backwards in our already degrading education system. English was introduced to teach those subjects because there was lack of reference materials in Bahasa especially for higher education. I've seen fellow university mates struggle with assignments which require reference to science journals which are in English. And most of the time they will just plagiarize the content without fully understanding the context of their assignment.

pictures form lowyat.net

Thursday, March 5, 2009

[House Hunt] Plam Spring Damansara

I was rather surprised that prices for property in Kepong are almost the same as those in PJ for the same land/built up area. Henceforth I've broaden my options to residential areas around PJ with emphasis on a gated and guarded residential community. One of the options is Palm Spring Damansara. For less then 200k for a 900sq/ft apartment with facilities sounds reasonable. That is until I did a little background check.

Seems like there are major problem with the lack of security.

And lousy management

Maybe it's about time I take a look at landed property.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Superior Black People

In The Flesh

I finally had the chance to see this car for myself at the Kepong Proton Edar Show room. Unfortunately (or rather fortunate for the salespeople) that there's no test unit for me to rempit on the busy road of Kepong Baru.

After closer inspection, i've noticed that the wheels are not flushed with the fender extensions. A more negative offset will be appropriate to compliment the aggressive lines of this budget hot hatch. And they could've chosen better looking rims, like those used on the R3.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Missing Blog Post

Looks like I've been hit with some Blogger bugs. My blog post was missing in the main page. Click for more details

To 'fix' this problem, just post a new post (works if you save a blank post as draft). Its sure a good motivation to create a post or two.