Monday, January 19, 2009

WinXP Drivers Installation Guide: For C714TU

Like many other C714TU users, I faced great difficulties
regarding hardware drivers with WinXP. The Compaq HP website isn’t exactly
helpful, especially at the driver download section which didn’t list the
drivers needed. The only savoir comes from their complaints/ suggestion/ discussion board. Even so, there are many mistakes on driver version and broken links which resulted to frustration and making the option for Windows Vista more tempting. At the moment I’m not willing to jump into the Vista bandwagon until SP1 or a more stable and non resource hungry version is released.

Anyways, I’ve manage to clear out every single yellow question mark in the System, Device Manager. The biggest hurdle is not the drivers itself, but obtaining them. Listed are the files needed and a simple installation process for new users

Installation Guide

Install the flowing files according to sequence. Make sure that you have them all download first because drivers 1 and 2 require the PC to reboot. I’ve hyperlinked it, so click to download. (please report any broken links so I can update this page)

1) infinst_autol.exe

2) win2k_xp14311.exe

3) high definition bus driver

4) SP33470 Conexant High Definition Audio

5) SP36089 Conexant High Definition modem

6) SP34152 Boardcom Wireless (Note, i’ve tried SP36684, as stated in the HP helpsite but it didn’t work,. but this does)

Note: The high definition audio drivers and modem drivers is a little tricky. After executing the files (sp33470/sp36089) driver installation will come to a halt with an error message. It’s normal. Being that these drivers are meant for Vista and there are no ‘working’ drivers available for XP at the time this was written. Nevertheless, it still can be used.

Running the Conexant High Definition Audio/Modem files will extract driver files into c:\swsetup\******* by default.

First, go to Control Panel > System >Device Manager.


Right click on “my computer

Click “properties” it will launch “system

Click “hardware tab” then click on “device manager

This will then load the device manager as shown.

Right click on “Unknown Audio Device” and the select install driver

When prompt to access the internet, choose “No, not this time

At the next window, choose “Install from a list of specific locations (advance)

A list of hardware will be listed. Select “sound, video and game controllers

Then select “have disk.”

Browse to the folder where SP36090 was extracted (C:\SWSetup\SP33470) and select CpV30D5a.inf, then click OK

In the next dialogue box, you should see “Conexant High Definition Audio-Venice 5045“. Select it and click “OK”.

You’ll then receive a warning that Windows cannot verify compatibility with this driver, select “Ignore” to continue with the installation of the driver.

Rinse and repeat for modem. This time the extraction folder will be C:\SWSetup\SP36089 and select the SprtHD5m.inf instead.

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