Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My First Raid at Big Bad Wolf Sale

So my daughter has turned one, and I'm finally preparing for the next big step of parenthood, teaching.

I got a heads up from my sister, the Big Bad Wolf sale expert on this coming event. I woud've missed it simply because the sale is held at Mines Convention Center, a whooping 27km from where I live and for some reason, driving to and from there always seems daunting. Unlike the baby expo at Madvalley Megamall which is almost becoming a biannual pilgrimage for me.

After getting many tips and dos and don'ts from my sister, I finally made the journey to the Big Bad Wolf sale on 8 December.
My first haul
Ironically I did all the don'ts

1) I went on a peak hour
About 3pm on a Sunday. There was already a beeline from the highway into Mines. Spent more than 30 minutes just to get from the highway into the convention center.

2) I park at the convention center
I parked there, lucky me I got a spot not too far from the stairway. The entire place is packed with cars, many were not as lucky as me to get a parking that quickly

3) I browse before deciding if it need/want it
I was told of horror kiasu story of kiasu patrons snatching everything in sight. On the contrary it was rather peaceful and organized. Browsed many books before deciding to pick one up into the box. Mainly because many of the good books were already sold out on the first preview day.

The only reason of going there is because of cheap books. I got a Bart Simpson comic book ISBN 978-0-06-145022-8 for RM3 with the recommended price of USD14.95 The price is that crazy. However many of the books have poor content quality, especially children books. There is one Hestle & Gretel book where towards the end, after killing the witch, Hestle & Gretel looted the Witch's gold and give it to their stepmother to appease her. Personally I find that unacceptable both morally and for any children. Heck even Show White is about vanity, jealousy, attempted murder and cohabitation with 7 men. The evil queen in Snow White was not punished for her crimes and poor Snow White has be to rescued by a stranger's kiss. So much for empowering woman.

The only thing that are worth getting is from the reference section such as picture encyclopedia of world firearms. The history section too has good quality picture books on world war 1 and 2 priced at a ridiculous RM20 each. I would get them for my own personal library, but then again, I do most of my reading online. Almost all my light reading comes from Wikipedia.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Growing up Dad

It's going to be a year since I became a dad. Parenthood is a fun and exciting journey, and no matter how much planning I did, something ought to catch me unprepared.

Now that "me time" is almost non existent, and the lack of blogging and reading has taken a toll on my vocabulary, not to mention grammar and spelling (thank programers for spell check). And blogging now is as difficult as writing form 3 essays for the first time.

It's funny that whenever I've thought of a new post, the content, ideas, presentation, it just disappeared whenever I log into blogger.

Anyways what I REALLY wanted to blog about is how my baby changed me. Funny as it seems that I've vowed not to have children, thanks to public display of tantrums in shopping malls and fast food restaurant.
When I have my baby girl, those public display of tantrums is no longer annoying. I no longer give the "evil eye" for their lack of parenting, but rather "I feel you bro", and give them some space to calm their child. My girl has yet to turn 1, so that gives me some time to prepare for the terrible two.

I also owe it all to my sister for parenting tips, as I was not caught flat footed not knowing what to do when my baby girl is out. I used to be the trial and error during childhood days since I'm the eldest of the pack. Like the time I was the first to experiment with the online university enrollment system. All my peers, and I do mean ALL, choose the traditional way of postal enrollment some even asked me why not use postal as backup instead of putting all eggs in one basket. Blind faith worked back then, and also because the big M was still boss of the country.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Signs of Aging

Not too long ago I had an unexpected departure of my Galaxy Y. Though I had been searching for new phones these past two months, I wasn't prepared for the upgrade to come so quickly. The one benefit of having done my 'homework' so early is that I already had a clear idea what phone to get next. Unlike my other phones succeeding the K750i, all of it wasn't planned, and bought at a haste resulting in years of less than satisfactory ownership.

Long story short, I bought myself a Sony Xperia SP. I wanted the L actually but Aeon Big (previously Carrefour) didn't have it in stock. It is only after I've swiped the Mastercard did I only thought of checking out Jusco instead, and earn an extra 1000 Jusco points.

So having returning to work with a new phone, I was elated like a 10 year old on Christmas morning. I installed all the useful apps that I regularly used, like BBC news, Voice recorder and Call blocker. With remaining 4Gb of space I started browsing the play store for games. And that's when Christmas was over. There's nothing that interest me anymore other than the regular SNES oldies. Unlike the days when I had the Iphone3GS for a few months playing new games every week, the sense of wanting to play has died off. Even casual games like Angry Birds was not installed. I just find it meh. During idle times, I just read the news on BBC or browse Facebook. Long gone were the days playing Charadium on the loo or multiplayer tron during lunch hours.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Parking ramps is not meant for pedestrains

Viewer discretion advised: killing of a child

Driver held after child fatally crushed by car
By Yang Jian | August 17, 2013, Saturday | PRINT EDITION
A WOMAN is being held by police after the car she was driving crushed an 18-month-old boy to death at the entrance to an underground parking lot in southwest China.

The 40-year-old driver’s Audi struck the child’s buggy on Thursday morning at a community in Kunming City, capital of Yunnan Province.

After stopping as it emerged from the car park, the vehicle suddenly accelerated, carrying the boy, his mother and sister for 3 meters before striking a wall.

The buggy was trapped between the car and the wall as the boy’s mother and sister frantically banged on the vehicle to alert the driver.

The child was left unconscious and bleeding from his nose and ear, his mother told media yesterday.

He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital after suffering severe head injuries, a doctor there said.

Police confirmed the case as a traffic accident and said the driver was under investigation.

Surveillance camera footage showed the family taking the buggy into the parking lot at 11:41am, when a black Audi A8 emerging from the lot drove toward them.

The car stopped briefly when the pedestrians also halted to let it go first, but then suddenly accelerated and struck the mother and daughter and crushed the buggy against the wall.

Footage showed the driver remained in the car for about a minute afterward, as neighbors rushed to the scene, alerted by the mother’s cries.

The mother attempted artificial resuscitation on her son.

The boy’s father said the neighborhood’s property management company was partly responsible as there are no ramps for baby buggies to access the residential complex.

Residents have to climb 30 steps to enter the community, a resident surnamed Liu said.

Instead, some residents would go down into the parking lot and take an elevator up into the complex.

The father said the family knew that it was unsafe to take their small child into the parking lot but it was impossible for his wife to haul the buggy up the steps.

A property management worker said notices told residents not to walk in the parking lot, but these were often ignored.

“We have long warned residents not to walk into the parking lot to take elevators,” the worker said.

Everyone is to be blamed for this freak accident.
1) Parking ramps is not meant for pedestrians. See how difficult it was pushing the stroller down the ramp.

2) The driver should not be driving at all. The accident seems almost deliberate. Maybe it was.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Guilty until proven innocent

Many months ago I blogged about how someone contacted me on the pretext of buying china tabs from me. The email heavily resembles a Nigerian scam, stating large quantity purchases, and the reply email was different form the earlier one.

So, I did what I thought was right, posted a blog post to name and shame that would be scammer. And I still think that it was the right decision.

Having found out the public post about him with his email exposed, he asked for that post to be removed. Of course I ignored it. So, he complaint to blogger and blogger had it removed WITHOUT informing me about the removal. No emails, no messages in my google+, no comments in the blog post. Nothing.

So, that pissed me off big time.

I've deleted my google+ account that instant and uninstalled chorme and google maps form my PC. I've sent them a complaint about the blog post removal, but still no word from them.

The next decision was difficult, pulling the plug of banana talk.

I've already back up the content, ready to move anytime.

but as fate turns out, I found a good app at the play store for my daughter and I just have to leave a 5 star rating for it. It's that good (i don't normally give app reviews or ratings) To do so, I need a google+ I feel that it's not fair to punish others for the misdeed of the evil google.

yes, it's kinda oxymoron of me to condemn google by using blogger. it's like having a facebook sucks fan page in facebook itself.

anyhow, screw you google